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Tip: Take advantage of easy to install Patches in your hack. The No More Sprite Tile Limits patch should be considered if you're encountering glitches where Mario and/or sprites are turning invisible.Not logged in.
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"It's against the rules to post sites linking to commercial ROMs."
So where do I find a link to a non-commercial ROM?
any chance of Kuribo Shoe?
I'm talking about Question 2 in so I decided I wanted to ask for a non-commercial rom instead.
Both this and this work fine but put them together, and duck walking causes the charge for hi jump to cancel.
how about an overworld editor that allows you to quickly erase and insert tiles, change change the size of the overworld, merge the tilegroups of the overworld, streamline the process of defining pathways throughout the overworld.
without creating messed up graphics as a Dragon Coin is collected?
I just tried this instead, and it works, unlike IDCS. So I'm using that instead.
00 boomerang_bro.cfg
01 boomerang.cfg
02 hammer_bro.cfg
03 classic_goomba.cfg
04 classic_blue_koopa.cfg
05 classic_green_koopa.cfg
06 classic_red_koopa.cfg
07 piranha_sideways.cfg
08 shyguy_blue.cfg
09 shyguy_red.cfg
0A thwomp_left.cfg
0B thwomp_right.cfg
0C venus.cfg
0D venus_upsidedown.cfg
0E firebar.cfg
0F roto_disc.cfg
10 roto_disc2.cfg
11 shell_bro.cfg
12 giant_goomba.cfg

is this the sort of thing to put in the sprites.txt file, and are the hex numbers supposed to be edited into the cfg file names as well? Also, what is supposed to be done with the shooters/generators? Should they be in the same sprites.txt file?
Do the powerups need to be inserted with sprite tool with specific custom sprite numbers other than the standard 00-BF?


[ode]10) If you already have a "mario_hammer.bin" in your hack, skip this step.

Open powerups_files/powerup_gfx.asm and paste this line in the file:


Change the X with a (decimal) number, this is to get an index that will be used to change the GFX automatically (or manually via modifying some RAMs)

After doing this, go to powerup.asm and search with Ctrl+F "Prot area" without quotes and paste this in that place:


11) Open powerups_files/powerup_misc_data/gfx_index.asm and change the value in the table (tables if using 2 players) with the index that you gave to mario_hammer.
Your GFXData table would look like this if you inserted Boomerang Suit powerup in the slot $05 and you inserted mario_hammer with the index 1.

;mario gfx
db $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$01,$00 ; powerups 0 - 7
db $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00 ; powerups 8 - F

;luigi gfx
db $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$01,$00 ; powerups 0 - 7
db $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00 ; powerups 8 - F

is it supposed to say Mario_Hammer in 10 and is the db edits misplaced in 11 (this is Boomerang readme).


[cde]Note that this pointer table starts at $06, so if you want to paste the "get powerup" code of this powerup and its slot is, for example, $04, you should add 2 to the slot number

(powerup slot)+2 = pointer index</pre></div>

Am I supppsed to put this stuff somewhere in the [coe]other_patches/get_powerup_codes.asm</pre></div> file?

Also, how am I supposed to copy over the [cde]Graphics/GFX01.bin</pre></div> files when doing [ode]Replace the files from the main patch with the ones included on this zip file.</pre></div>

mod edit: quit stretching the tables
Can I please have help with these issues?
Here you go

Note: there might not be very many tile options available right now. If you want more added, ask me, and if enough people want it, I'll probably add it.
Is the Ice Flower like the New Super Mario Bros or the Super Mario Galaxy version?

What is the Rocket Mushroom? Is it like the Propeller Suit?
This great thread deserves to always be on first page. Lets get it back where it belongs. Also, these bug fixes are amazing.
Like if a hack required players to walk across invisible platforms to get through certain areas of the hack?
If you plan on adding multiple custom powerups, you still only need to have one copy of each routine folder item; all of them are the same.

Also, if one wants to get this patch to work with better powerdown, do they need to do anything other than changing the value in the general powerup_defs file?
I got the Ice Flower and the Raccoon Leaf working, except that backgrounds and graphics are not working.
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