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I was not expecting to be on the top 10

My 10th level rank actually made me wanting to do more gimmick-based levels in the future

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Numbuh 4 Island

Userbar made by Green Jerry

For now on, most of my future projects will show progress each mouths

Super Mario World Future

New base rom have just been released
it includes lemmy boss fight
revamp toad houses
and MORE!

Very Early Entrence To Peach's Castle

Redesigning 3-Castle because screw the Magikoopa gimmick

World 3 Lemmy Boss Fight

Revamping an toad house

The Green Plumber Adventure's

2-1 Cyan Kingdom WIP
Section 1
Section 2

2-2 WIP (SMWFan2020 made this level)

Sadly, Young Boi is resigning due to him not making enough updates. Because of this, I'm going to add applications for writers who like to join and help finish Super Mario World Future because my writer skills are kind of crap.
How to join,
Ask me by PM
ended on 15th April
also it you like to join and help as a writer, you will be part of the future team.

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43th place! that a disappointment. I'll guess I should have a more better 4s ideas and gimmicks next time.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

I've got the same thing as well too but with this error.

Again it could be my internet or I using Microsoft Edge to download it

Maybe you should upload the hack to a other file sharing site like mediafire.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

So I use the 3-digit patch (Minimalist Status Bar) with the shop blocks included but when I hit the 1-up shop block it cause the icon at the bottom to have a letter d which is actually used in the title screen. Pressing select just show the 1-up as normal but is there a way to change the tilemap for the 1-up icon (D)

Also it this the right thread to post this?

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Welcome To My Third Future Direct or my new name for directs

The First C3 Box of Progress

I change the name because i think the name is a bit lame and a bit too simaller to Dazio Vee Von Team Nightmare Direct.

This is a series where I'll show you things about my projects, Hacks and more.
I think people possibley know that already

The Theme of this C3 Box is: A new hack for the Super Mario World Future series

That right, a new hack will be made for the SMWF series

the new hack in question is made by theorangebronzedaisy and me who is also working on his hack super princess daisy and the name of this hack call Bowsette Conquest.

Yeah, It about bowsette but don't worry, it not mainly an meme hack it a normal hack

Sadly though, We made only of the have a few overworld maps done not levels seen it is in early devlopment.

I am now going to show more progress of Super Mario World Future

We only have screenshots again

Jumping and Spining Goomba over Kabu sprite

The shop is now in the game it may change though.

The shop also has a secret basement (Spoilder)

6-A Deep Of The Spinys (%10 Unfinished)

It worth knowing that ThePurpleMario hack The Green Plumber's Adventure didn't have a single thing that was worked on and SMWFan2020 is not coming back on discord and maybe SMW Central until June 2021 due to him having the finals (which mean high school exam) so for now on, I will work on TGPA or aleast have some progress done during ThePurpleMario finals.

also if my hack get finished, I will submit most of the resources made for the hack like graphics or asm to be released.

Feedback would be nice.

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[email protected] I couldn't opening it because VLDC12 is invaild.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

I hope some of the hacks get released after a very long time of development for some of the hacks that i follow.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

The C3 box it include the progress of SMWF so far and a new hack in the works

We have a few more staff members now

codfish (He make Graphics)

Dispace (He makes levels)

Dark Prince (He beta testing this hack)

However we have one user that is resigning.

We have resigning Blind Devil due to his inactiveness

More progress will be show next mouth however you see some progress done if you enter my toad64 dimension discord server.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Note: (My English isn't the best)

The Smash Bros Characther to SMWC Characher thread is now back. seen new characters like min min from arms are now playable, I'll updated this thread to include the new characters.

In This Thread anyone can replace a exist smash bros characters to SMWC OC Character.

1: Any OC like a user or a artwork of a OC on SMWC are allow
2: Any OC from SMW Romhacks are allow
3: Any OC from other websites like MFGG Or SMBX Forums are not allow.
4: Make sure you use the link to the image so I can see your OC
5: You can change your mind about your replacement at any time

Here the SSB Ultimate Roster that you can replace
Mario = Dark Mario Bros
Donkey Kong = SNN
Dark Samus
Yoshi = Golden Yoshi (Echo Fighters lolyoshi and yoshifanatic)
Kirby = Superdjsteve54
Pikachu = Giftshaven
Luigi = Toad64 (YES IT ME)
Ness = Koopster
Captain Falcon
Peach = Falconpunch (Echo Fighters Pink Gold Peach aka Rilla Roo)
Bowser = NeXuS15
Ice Climbers = Noivern and Impetus (Echo Fighters 1UPdudes)
Dr. Mario
Young Link
Mr. Game & Watch
Meta Knight
Dark Pit
Zero Suit Samus = Zekrom PKstarship
PKMN Trainer
Diddy Kong
Sonic = Sonikku
King Dedede = Matheus2653
Toon Link
Mega Man = Vitor Vilela
Wii Fit Trainer
Rosalina & Luma = Gloomy
Little Mac
Mii Fighter = Shy guy
Palutena = Wakana
Bowser Jr.
Duck Hunt
Cloud = Kekcroc
Ridley = smkdan
Simon Belmont
King K. Rool = Von Fahrenheit with a monkey brain of Diddy Kong
Piranha Plant
(NEW) Hero
(NEW) Banjo & Kazooie = 1UPdudes
(NEW) Terry Bogard = Hooded Edge
(NEW) Byleth
(NEW) Min Min = idol

I know it not smash theme for this c3 but i did this for fun
There are going to be a lot of yoshis isn't it

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Your hack look very cool.

I like hacks that change the game graphics and looks to something like a indie game so am very interested for this hack

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Yellow Team need to rise up!

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Originally posted by Amine Retro
The world map number icons look distracting, you should either remove them or make them more subtle. But i like the shop, it's cute! I also like the secret unlockable, pretty nice so far

Edit: forgot to mention it but the world map's colors also need some consistency, and some of the graphics are pillowshaded

I'll might change the smb3 icons to just numbers.

Also what graphics that you said are pillowshaded.

Originally posted by Ruberjig
This could use more work design wise, but these are good setup ideas.

I'll wonder what good setup ideas that you are talking about but thx.

Originally posted by Darolac
Hey Toad64, I would like to contribute a bit to your project since you said that feedback will be appreciated:

The purple trees here look weird and out of place

This tileset looks boring to the eye and pretty barren, because most of the "solid" tiles are one color only.

Besides from that, I think that you have to work with your presentation. It's a bit difficult to even know how many hacks you are presenting here, and the whole thread is a bit confusing. I would have also liked to see a bit more of the level design on your hacks. The OW design seems interesting, but a bit busy on some sections.

Good luck on your projects!

I'll might change the palette for the purple trees to make it look more pink.

I'll try to recreate the crazy cap shop in smw apart from the costume and stickers which is why the tileset look one color only.

I'll try sorting out the presentation for posts and threads in the future. I do understand about how many hacks that i have which can cause some confusion due to my presentation and i will try to fix this in my future presentations.

I'll agree about your opinion on focus on showing off the level design more and i will tone down the busy sections of the overworld for a bit.

Anyway thank you for your feedback.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

This is a pretty well made remaster for a hack that I totally didn't ripoff on.

I was stupid at the time so i sorry about. F#ck my pastself

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Can you draw toad64 my oc but in grassed power form.

I wonder what your art style will look like with my oc.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Draws me (Toad64)

Userbar made by Green Jerry

I'm a bit sad that you cancelled what-a-blast but i guess SA-1 and life issues are the reason. You should backup your hack next time if you are working on a another project.
Unless you back working on what-a-blast in 20XX but the project is completely restarted but that is extremely unlikely

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Originally posted by TheMorganah
Originally posted by toad64
Draws me (Toad64)

Enjoy yourself, Aniki

This is priceless!

Userbar made by Green Jerry

1UPdubes I prefer short & sweet with vanilla on top

Userbar made by Green Jerry

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toad64's Profile - Posts by toad64

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