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Originally posted by supernovamfgg
No reply? Anyways the final version is here!!

Download [25.9 MB]


You can create your own DLC using GML in the txt file!! Having problem creating one? PM me!

the link isn't working.#smw{...}
ok so here's my request.

I want Spike the dragon to be a playable character.
and yes he's from MLP.

well, the reason why I asked that because it's for my ROM hack.
and also for
well, it's snowing.
and everyone is trying to celebrate Christmas! #smw{>:|}

I know because 4 years ago I watched Garfield and friends. #smw{:|}
and there was an episode that Garfield is celebrating Christmas in the Middle of July. #smw{O_O}

does anyone do like that? #smw{o_O?}
Just thought of something

can you make a Super Mario World Underwater Theme
but the tune is Call Upon the Sea Ponies?

Hopefully, you can make it. pls.
Originally posted by AntiDuck
Actually the real question is, how come you haven't celebrated and put up decorations for Christmas like I have yet?

well, I don't know why that happened. but I'll ask my parents.

Originally posted by Sockbat Replica
It's a preemptive strike against the War on Christmas! The best defence is a good offence!

I am not Offending anyone.
I really love Christmas.

Originally posted by Taffy
Apparently that's what it's like in Australia.

Anywhere nesr the equator is warm most of the time.

This means we're in Australia!

ok then how come Australia doesn't snow?
Originally posted by zacmario
I thought Christmas always comes in July.

It sometimes in July but always December
Ok I know it's Friday and 13th is not DAT GOOD!
It's like pure torture.

and also I drew this as like me today (13th of Friday)

*sigh* I don't know what am I going to do.

and also are you freaked out like mine? or are you just had bad luck?
Let me know.
oh... you mean that guy who made ads?

If so then could any of the staff unban him right now?
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by Tarkan809
and also are you freaked out like mine? or are you just had bad luck?
Let me know.

No more bad luck than any other day of the year. Superstition is fake news. Black cats are good luck and if one crosses your path, pet it.

Oh, that reminds me, I have a ladder I need to walk under, and I will step on every single sidewalk crack on the way to doing that.

are you not that superstitious at all?
Originally posted by Katerpie
I never believed in this **** at all. I'm not superstitious either. I have a black cat but it's not like it will cause bad luck.

have you ever learn about superstitions since you were a child or a student?
Originally posted by Katerpie
Originally posted by Tarkan809
have you ever learn about superstitions since you were a child or a student?

Yes, but as I said, I never ever believed anything bad would happen.

ok. Just making sure because you said that you don't believe what you learned.
but... I understand.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Originally posted by Tarkan809
are you not that superstitious at all?

Actually there is one superstition I wholeheartedly believe in, and that's the one about breaking a mirror being bad luck. It's bad luck for your wallet and your skin.

yeah... 7 years...
You know I heard that before.

I think it's from an episode that somehow...
what was it called?

shoot I can't even barely remember.

but thanks for giving out a good example.
Originally posted by Face
13th post in the thread, oooooOOOOOOOooooooo! And you guys DON'T think the illuminati exists?

13 posts? oh no...
Originally posted by Face
Don't worry. Now there's 15.

oh. thanks.
Originally posted by kamekku14

Ha! Good thing that I've survived the dreaded Friday the 13th today. Pah!

Well, Good Job!

Originally posted by FPzero
My dad was admitted to the hospital at 3AM because of a very high heartbeat. Thankfully, it appears to be under control now and back to normal and he'll probably be back home within the next 24 hours.

Happy Friday the 13th to me, indeed.

oh! sorry to hear about your father.
I hope he gets well soon...
I really wish for the hammer suit in SMW. although there is one hack that has it.
and it was showed on Gamegrumps an vonesause.
ok ok..

I know I love dragons...

when I was like 8-9 in Christmas I had DragonTales books...
and every night my mother read them as a bedtime story.
well until I was 11. my mother stopped reading them.

I had like that my mind had kept it.

but a years later in 2018 I just saw this video from Odd1sout
click here to view this video

but I don't know about growing up without a cable.

but somehow nowadays I still kept that memory in my head...
don't know how am I going to do but...

I almost got confused while writing this.
but I'm not making it up.
Santa! I'm so glad to see you.
I know how poll of this.

but I think all of the them.

because i want to be nice.
I wish to have Mario maker to the switch.
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