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Originally posted by Galaer
4th dragon coin vanish and reappear only when starting level from midpoint. Checked on snes9x and zsnesw with the same result.

Fixed! Thank you. Made some changes to the level, too. :)
This hack is like if JUMP hated itself.

edit: evangelion guys. pls
oh god the underground submap music
this is the best c3 no doubt

edit: I've only seen 3 so far so I wouldn't really know anything but its good is what im saying k bye
Diddy Kong Racing - Wizpig Challenge


Preferably sampled. If unable, feel free to just do unsampled. :)
Really enjoyed this game, has a ton of good tracks in it.

Track Name: OMORI - By Your Side
Sampled? - Up to the porter
Audio - Here
Note Ref - Here

Good luck :) Thanks to anyone in advance
Name: Wario Boss
Type: Sprite
Description: Eh, this might be kinda complicated. I'm making a joke/VIP style hack and I really want an over-the-top showdown against Wario at the end but I haven't much ASM knowledge. I suppose it doesn't matter which graphics you use as long as he's bigger than Mario. I want the fight to center around Mario dodging shoulder bashes and ground pounds and stuff. Considering he'd be an end boss go all out on difficulty.
Really nice song from a good game.
Doesn't matter if it's sampled, whatever might sound best.

Piano Roll
Currently trying to use this dynamic sprite in my SA-1 hack. Works as intended, gameplay wise, however, I'm running into a GFX issue. It just ends up looking like a jumbled orange mess every time. Any idea what this might be caused by?
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I didn't figure BSNES itself would be the problem. Works great now!
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