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Before I start, I'm terribly sorry if this is not the place to make a thread like this. I'm new to the site and I didn't get the hang of it yet.

Basically, I applied the "Extended Extended OW Level Names" patch using Asar. Asar said that everything went fine, and the patch was applied succesfully, but since then the level names are either completly trashed, or don't show up at all. I renamed yoshi's house to "Start Point" but it displays like this:

And the next level doesn't have a name yet so I just called it "Level 1"

But the name isn't even showing up.

I've looked around the forums before making this thread but I didn't really find anything similar so I assume that I just did something wrong...

If anyone could help me I'd be REALLY thankful.
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
did you rename them in Lunar Magic or in the patch itself? Because the patch has longer level names, it bypasses Lunar Magic. You have to open the ASM file and type in the names there. There should be comments helping you to find the place but it should look something like this:

db "                        " ; level 000
db "                        " ; level 001
db "                        " ; level 002
db "                        " ; level 003

That actually explains everything. I didn't know that it bypasses LM. Thank you for that! :)
I'm not an expert in helping people with roms but it might be the rom that you're using. LM does prefer .smc so if your rom is .sfc it might be what's causing it.
Originally posted by DDC ecil
I'm using a .SMC, but it looks like the problem kinda fixed itself!

I just changed what I wanted in the overworld, saved it, then restored the ROM to before I did the change to the overworld, saved a level, and it worked for some reason!

Thanks for all the help!

EDIT: Nevermind. It didn't work after all. I'll just have to live with a spelling mistake. :(

EDIT: Is there a Hex Edit/Patch I could do to speed up the fade in and out to a submap/overworld map? I looked at the RAM Map and saw the following 2 addresses that may help: $7E1DE8 and $7EC800

Well, there is a hex editor tool, but you'll have to get some help on how to use it. I'm sure that someone will show what to look for.

The tool: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=4625
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