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On my most recent playthrough of SMW, I noticed something that really bothered me. Namely this:

If Mario is small and riding Yoshi, when he turns towards the camera to do the peace sign, the top part of his head is misaligned by two pixels to the left. In the above image, the sprite above the O is what it should look like. I'm assuming that to fix it, you'd have to edit the part of the code that tells the game where to put each 8x8 tile of Mario's sprite, but I don't have any knowledge of ASM and I have no idea how I'd fix it through hex editing. I tried looking at the ROM map and didn't find anything.
Level #25 (and the rest of the "TEST" levels) work fine, you just have to change the background.


Originally posted by TheBiob
I'm suprised that I can't find something like this in the patches section

I was surprised too. Seems like a pretty simple fix. Thank you!

One small question, is the patch only supposed to work with a 512 kb unheadered ROM? Anything else I tried corrupted the game. Sorry if that's a stupid question, I've been away from SMW hacking for a few years and I don't remember much about ASM patches.
The tricky thing is that some of the smaller pieces of Mario's graphics are in GFX00 (and those are still red even if you're playing as Luigi, but I digress).
Ah, seems like the .sfc extension was the problem. Thanks.
Originally posted by Final Theory
I think if you delete the message box sprite that also works. Not 100% sure though.

Wouldn't that just make you stuck in level C5?
Just out of curiosity, where are the Luigi graphics stored in SMAS+SMW? I couldn't seem to find them. Does Lunar Magic not export them?
Originally posted by Ladida
i believe theyre stored uncompressed in the ROM. so just open that up with YYCHR and you should find them

I see! Thanks.

Originally posted by TheBiob
Luigi uses the same graphics that mario uses the only difference is that the palette is green rather than red. Here is a patch to have separate luigi graphics.

Unfortunately, that patch is not perfect because it only adds separate graphics for GFX32, so when Peach kisses Luigi and he blushes, Mario's face is overlaid onto him (here's what I mean; bottom is correct). That's an easy mistake to make though, since Luigi's GFX32 is right at the beginning of the SMAS+SMW ROM, but I can't find his GFX22 or GFX24 graphics (the ones that contain him blushing). Does anyone know where they are? Edit: Turns out the blushing sprites for Mario and Luigi in SMAS+SMW are actually the same, they're just not properly aligned for Luigi in the patch, which MarioFanGamer fixed below.
This is a really old thread, but I was wondering the same thing. I looked into it using this disassembly of Princess Peach's sprite and the original Thank You message should be something like this. If I made any mistakes please let me know.

Mario's$$ adventure is over.$$$
Mario,$$$the$ Princess,$$$Yoshi,$$$
an\\\\d$$$ his friends are$ going
to take a$ vacation.$$$$$$$
I didn't have a question. I was posting the answer in case anyone else needed it.
I just tried out the patch. It gave a "This freespace appears to be leaked" error. I tried to apply it anyway, and this happens:

It works now, but I think you mixed up the small and big Mario/Luigi sprites.
I was already using the OW Counters patch and SRAM Plus, but that still didn't achieve exactly what I wanted. Here was part of my original post that wasn't in the proper request format where I explained this. I deleted the post because I was afraid I might be breaking some rule of posting a request twice.

Originally posted by me
I'm trying to figure out a way to add a feature to the game that keeps track of when all the Dragon Coins are collected in a level, and being able to recollect them again once the level is completed. I was able to achieve a similar effect by using this patch and then using SRAM plus to save the collected Dragon Coin data to the save file, but you're never able to recollect them, even if the game is reset.

Additionally, the OW Counters patch doesn't seem to work with this patch (Mario moves too fast and the counter for the level he's traveling to isn't read correctly?) which is another reason I made this request.

Edit (like a year and a half later lol): Deleted the request because I achieved what I wanted using other patches anyway.
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