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Does this power-up not be put together?
It is a pity...

I am happy and me put a "Frog Mario" and "Super Ball Mario in the next update.

It is good even if there is a "Poison Mushroom".

But it will change the story a little, but is "Marin pop sprite" of the LX5's production, and use the sprite tool, "subroutinedefs.asm: error Could not open file" and turned in will fail, the subroutinedefs.asm file do not you forgotten?
Thanks! MarioFanGamer.

Was successful was put a patch(subroutinedefs.asm) in the root folder of the sprite tool.

Now we try to use to their new work.
I want you to tell me the detailed use of the Marine Pop sprite.
Detailed person, thank you.
Kuribo's Shoe

Is it possible to use this power up together ?
NameBravely Default Asterisk Theme
Isn't it put on by a thing like this?

The "vegetables" which have come out in SMB2 are attacked, in an item.

How about in the subject when renewing next time, as well as "Frog suit"?
How about this kind of powerup in 3.0 version?

"Bucket Mario"

It appeared in the game "Mario and Wario" released in Japan.

As treated as a minus power-up and blindfolded, I think that it is okay to reverse the functions of the left and right, the A and B buttons, but what about it?
If I use this power-up patch for the SA-1, I will black out, is there any countermeasure available?
There is a serious bug in this sprite.

If you insert this sprite and try to play the stage, Mario freezes and you can not perform any operation.
As a solution, it is necessary to leave the stage once.

Can it be corrected?
This tool and this powerup tool
Can I use it together?
The idea for the next patch
How about Mario & Wario's bucket Mario?
I think it would be interesting if you put a bucket and the direction key is reversed.
This powerup has a serious bug.
When getting a P-balloon, the graphic does not display correctly with the Mario Hammer, Boomerang, and Penguin.
Please improve.
I tried this street
Penguin Mario only crouched and became a balloon.
Is something wrong?

Originally posted by mariofreak4500
Originally posted by Vash the fairytail
This powerup has a serious bug.
When getting a P-balloon, the graphic does not display correctly with the Mario Hammer, Boomerang, and Penguin.
Please improve.

Hello, there is an easy fix for these!
You'll want to open up powerups_files/powerup_misc_data/tilemaps.asm
You'll see a bunch of code tables in the line of text.

First, we'll fix the Penguin suit. You'll want to go to line 129 and you'll see this line of text.
db $3D,$3E,$3D,$7F,$7F,$2A,$3B,$25	;9

Change the value $3B to $29. The line of text should now look like this:
db $3D,$3E,$3D,$7F,$7F,$2A,$29,$25	;9

That should fix the issue with the Penguin suit. Now for the Hammer and Boomerang Suit, it won't even require modifying with the tilemaps.asm (though you still could if you wanted to.) Using YYCHR, you can simply copy each powerups' corresponding balloon tile (they are in their gfx files, just not on the correct tile) to the 32x32 tile 3B (last page, third row, rightmost tile). The tile (outlined in red) should have placeholder graphics that looks like this:

Save and then insert powerup_gfx.asm via asar again. Hope this helps.
What about adding Bunny Mario and Flying squirrel Mario in the next update?

Also, as a serious bug, hitting a block with poison mushrooms will cause Rom to crash.

Then using this groundpound patch, there's a bug that causes Mario to fly somewhere.

Then one more.
Can you fix the smiley coins that Yoshi creates by eating pink nuts that are not displayed properly by introducing this power-up 3.41?
I think it would be interesting to use this patch
Would you like to adopt it at the next update?
Name:Bravely Default asterisk theme/His Name is...(kano mono no na ha)


midi data→

Sampled: Yes

It is the lowest game famous in Japan.

Description: Request Pidgit from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese name: Dodriquez from Super Mario USA). Please make it so that the carpet can be taken away by defeating Pidgit.
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