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Two more things i encountered.

*ON/OFF Blocks dont reset to the ON State when Pressing Retry

*Retry Prompt shows up in the Bowser Fight '1C7' and is kinda bugged
Originally posted by Galaer
NeXuS15 entry - your link in Rules and Submissions doesn't work.

Thanks for letting me know, fixed.
Really Enjoyed playing the level, and definetly looking forward to the stream :)

Beat the Level today in 13:48 minutes without savestates, if anyone wanna watch me play it here is the Video

Thanks a lot for making this demo :D
Donut Plains!
cant wait to see this one finished!
Thank you very much for doing this. it looks awesome!
Hack Moderation Log - NeXuS15

Total moderated: 19

Accepted: 14
Super Sheffy World by westslasher2 (17/5/2018)
Super Sheffy World by westslasher2 (28/5/2018)
Claustrophobia by NaroGugul (12/6/2018)
Hackers Dreams : Pipe Dream by jesus (6/7/2018)
Backwards Mario World by westslasher2 (23/8/2018)
Gaijin Mario by Morsel (05/9/2018)
Super DGR World by Sweetdude (7/9/2018)
Ninja World by VLSkoot (8/10/2018)
Ninja World by VLSkoot (13/10/2018)
Akogare Mario World by Mega (4/11/2018)
Baby Kaizo World by Nowieso (6/11/2018)
Super Slim World by duders (9/11/2018)
Baby Kaizo World by Nowieso (26/11/2018)
Akogare Mario World by Mega (9/12/2018)

Rejected: 5
Claustrophobia by NaroGugul (10/6/2018)
Super Goat World by megoleto (17/7/2018)
super mario world cool by supermariogame91 (23/7/2018)
Super Boke World (Demo) by BokemoB (26/7/2018)
Ninja World by VLSkoot (10/10/2018)
File Name: Claustrophobia
Submitted: by NaroGugul
Obsoletes: Claustrophobia
Authors: NaroGugul
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Claustrophobia is a "1-screen" levels kaizo hack.

Notice this is not a real "puzzle" hack, but due to the nature of 1-screen levels it may present puzzle features.
The intention here is more to test the players skills than his ability to solve problems, even though theres a lot of figuring out to do.

You will find 3 playable modes:

A short tutorial just to show some custom stuff you may find in the hack. I highly recommend playing it before entering the levels.

Its the normal game with an open overworld. You can play the rooms any order you want. Will have to fight a boss every 8 beaten levels. 96 rooms/12 bosses total.
** Important: Bosses will keep appearing on unbeaten levels until you beat them. So even if you press start+select to exit the boss and enter another unbeaten level you will have to fight the boss again and beat it to save your progress. They will not show up if you enter a level that has been beaten already.

This mode will select either 8, 16 or 24 random rooms to play based on a given number sequence. Can be used for a fun race with friends or maybe for some random practice.
Two-player mode can be used for fun team races (Alternate players every death).
(Notice that some levels have higher probability of getting selected, and theres a very VERY VERY small chance of getting some levels repeated.)

About the 2-player mode:
Due to some weird bugs the two-player mode of the "normal game" was removed. So even if the two-player mode is selected the game will remain as a one-player game.
Tutorial and race can be played by two players, alternating players every death.

With all that said, intermediate and advanced players will probably have the most fun of it.
Beginners will probably have a hard time figuring out what to do or perfoming it.
But don´t get discouraged, beating this hack will raise your kaizo skills by at least 360%!! Guaranteed!!

Be warned:
There will be all kinds of BS
There will be jank
There will be tight spots
And I hope theres at least one or other thing you have never seen before


Version 1.1

- Overall, made the game a bit less tight and hopefully much more enjoyable / less frustrating
- Added L+R reset/suicide

Version 1.2 (more detailed log inside the zip file)

- More nerfs
- Patched wallclips and double spinjump deaths
- Removed fireballs from boss 12
Removed by author's request.