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Hello everyone! I'm Davin, also known as "Platinum Lucario" on many websites and forums. If you have seen me around on other forums and websites, you might remember me quite well. ^^'

Anyways, about me? I've been into ROM hacking since I first discovered about it with Pokémon ShinyGold back on PokéCommunity forums back in late 2007. I mainly research ROMs, but I also like to experiment with them. I have been doing a bit of that with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (especially with it's unused content). I've also taken interest in other series as well, such as the Mario series.

What really inspired me to come here, was FrikeTheDragon's Super Mario 64 2: Around the World hack, Lukitu88's Super Mario 64: Star World hack and Kaze Emanuar's SM64: Last Impact hack. Upon discovery of the forums, I also noticed another sequel hack by skullkid64 called Super Mario 64 2: Days Through Darkness. And I honestly think these hacks are just absolutely amazing and I certainly would like to see them in their completed form. ^^

If anyone wants to talk to me, feel free to do so. I promise I won't bite, in fact I'm extremely caring. Anyways, it's really nice to meet you all! ^^
I honestly think this is an amazing tool for map editing in Super Mario 64. And there's just many things that everyone wants to see in future releases of TT64. ^^

I also would like to ask a question. Will Toad's Tool 64 ever become open source? Most ROM hacking tools have been made open source so that they can be updated and picked up from where the developer last left it as, as well as different forks of the project can be made. Where as, with tools that don't have a source code provided will never continue once the original developer stops developing it and anyone who relies on the tool will have to wait years and years for some other tool to be developed that would surpass it. Which is exactly why most developers import their source code onto Github and licence it under the GPL v2.0 (or GPL v3.0), so it can become widely available and maintained 24/7.
It looks very nice! I certainly am looking forward to seeing more maps being done in the future. ^^
I'm thinking about using this new program at some stage. But I have a question.

Would it be possible for the extender program to use compression? Because if the program needs to decompress the data, it should be able to re-compress the data as well (to save space on the ROM).

I'm thinking about developing a ROM hack in which I'd like to run it on actual hardware as well.
I have one idea that you might like to try out as well. Skyboxes that use Cubic Mapping instead of Parallax Mapping. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time uses Cubic Mapping for it's skyboxes.
While I was comparing other 3D Nintendo 64 games with Super Mario 64, it really seems like Super Mario 64 is pretty much the odd one out when it comes to skyboxes (due to using Parallax Mapping).

But that actually got me thinking. What if, Super Mario 64 used Cubic Mapping?

From what I can see, most 3D Nintendo 64 games use Cubic Mapping for their skybox. Would Super Mario 64 look better with a Cubic Mapped skybox (like the one in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)?

I'd really like to experiment with something like that, but I really don't know where to start.

Any advice would certainly be helpful. I need to know where the location of the global ASM code for skyboxes is, so I can change it, and then I'll be able to also change the skybox for each level as well.
Originally posted by KingKoopshi64
I would highly recommend making this a ROM Hack of SM64. Because if you make it a Unity game,

Nintendo has a higher chance of shutting it down than a ROM Hack. Not only that it won't feel like a N64/DD game at all.
I mean look at this? it looks like Mario would of looked like that in Super Mario 64 2 since it looks closer to his SM64 appearance. I will only play it if it's a N64 game since it would have a better feel then a brand new engine. I'd rather wait for your project then seeing it get shut down for all of that hard work. Besides making it a ROM Hack is less work than a brand new engine. I can wait for a very very long time.

The modeling looks really good too. IMO I think it looks like the best sequel of SM64 you have made.

Originally posted by Amazee-Dayzee
Ultimately it is his decision in the end and while I will be sad that it is no longer an SM64 game, it is his creation and he can do what he wants with it. That being said, I noticed the SM64 hacking community seems to be getting smaller and less hacks are being made that aren't short hacks especially after Skelux and Kaze finished their masterpieces. They left SM64 hacking but still hack. I'm also getting a bit worried that BroDute might hang it on soon and his hacks are also good. That's just me but feel free to do whatever you feel is best.

Originally posted by KingKoopshi64
I know but I am just suggesting and concerned Nintendo rarely goes after hacks more then actual new engines with there characters though that's only the american ones doing that because of there laws since UK and Japan never do that. Because I hate to see his project get shut down for all that hard work for programming. It's not just because i want it to be 64 styled in the end I am certainly aware it's his project.

Yeah true Skelux stepped out from SM64 hacks now and moved to SM64DS and SM3DL hacking. Kaze is still doing minor SM64 hacks and that is fine too. I do little SM64 hacking like the updated SL64 but it was just for hobby reasons. Let's hope Brodute doesn't leave the SM64 hacking community either.

Actually, I'd just like to point out that Nintendo only issues DMCA takedowns and C&D notices only if the content or the website it's hosted on (including YouTube videos) is monetised. And by 'monetised', I mean trying to make money out of content through adfly links, YouTube videos or even any ads on the website (including Google Ads). Reggie Fils Aimé confirmed this about a few weeks ago. In that article, he said this:
So, I think there needs to be clarity in what the line is, and, in our view, the line is when an initiative crosses from being an homage to something that is monetizing our IP. We allow homages to exist in a variety of different ways. And, for me personally, as a fan before I was an executive, I understand the attraction that you could have to our IP. But, when it transitions to something that... now, you're trying to monetize, you're trying to sell, you're trying to profit off of, that is what broaches or breaks through that line for us, where we have to claim our IP protection.

So as long as fangames (whenever Windows executable or a ROM hack) is not monetised. Then you're perfectly safe!

Personally, I'd love to see a Super Mario 64 sequel as a ROM hack, rather than a Windows executable, but again, it's up to the developer.
Originally posted by Pilzinsel64
A new update is up!
This update adds TT64 compatiblity. It is enabled by default and can disabled in 'Options'.
TT64 compatiblity reduces the max number of areas from 8 to 4. Also it reduces the object limit totaly.
Full Changelog, see down.

You can make a quick update if you goto 'Options' and 'Updates'. Click on 'Check for updates' and the update will be downloaded and installed full automaticly.

Btw, this update will be the last big one while i'm working on a better new tool which will include and replace the SM64 Area Importer.


- Added option to Settings: 'Enable TT64 Compatiblity'
--> Enables compatiblity wiht TT64, but if you once used v3.0 of this tool for your rom without, you never will have the full TT64 Compatiblity.
--> For TT64 Compatiblity there should be only Area ID 1 to 4 (that means 4 Areas count). Also there should be a object limit of 187 objects per level, otherwise TT64 crashes.
--> The TT64 Compatiblity is enabled ba Default! You can disable it in 'Options'.
- Several UI improvements
- Minor bug fixes

Fantastic! Thank you for the update. It certainly will help anyone who is using TT64 or some other old editor.

But I have a question. Do you ever plan on making SM64 Area Importer open source? And do you plan on making the replacement tool for SM64 Area Importer open source as well? It certainly will help keep the project alive if it is open source, just saying. ^^
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Platinum Lucario's Profile - Posts by Platinum Lucario

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