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Thing with SNESGSS is that it doesn't (AFAIK) actually make MML files directly, just SPC. So you're going to need to convert it which breaks the looping.

Here is a link to the software through my onedrive.

To not get pianos from the MML file you need to define instruments/samples. The AddMusiK should have a help folder containing HTML files to assist with that.
Originally posted by Pinci
something something I couldn't finish due to aram


I really wanted to finish it in any way I could, but it was impossible, I made a lot of chorded samples but only 5 of them barely made it in.

Also volumes may be unbalanced because... well, it's unfinished.

I wouldn't be so stingy with channels..... Well just saying channel 8 is unused lol. A good faithful port, probably screaming for sample swapping I bet.

Originally posted by Wavee

Since I'm here, I might as well show this off. I think I showed this off a while back? I never completed but since I'm back I thought I may as well complete it.

It's a little bit "soft", probably because of SMW samples but definitely nice.

For my contribution is Mario Power Tennis:
SPC Port:Original
At the time my selection of synths weren't good so opted for a trumpet section. Implementing sax solo pitch bend nuances fell through since I didn't want to use more memory (being lazy too.)
Are those Square (e.g Seiken Densetsu) strings? Sounds good overall but the strings feel too thin. Think it's a good idea most certainly.
Originally posted by Theultimate12
Welp, might as well show one of my ports that`s NOT a WIP, so... here you go, I guess.

Kevvviiinnn Original: Stage 39 (X2 Style)

Would be on your tail for a certain something..... but that aside not a bad interpretation. We're friends on YouTube, I'm "EnumeratingW7"
Originally posted by Pinci

I was going to put hihats and crash cymbals in channel 8, but they won't fit in aram.

So you LITERALLY ran out of room huh? Gotta be something to sacrifice (is what I say) but no matter what it's still impressive!

Originally posted by Pinci

Also good port you've got there, but it's TOO loud, hi-hats get desynchronized a bit sometimes and the chorded samples from #0, #1 and #3 aren't the same synth as the original (the original uses synth strings)

The original instrument is closer to synth brass actually (unless you apply a "brass-like" envelope.), I sampled EWQL 2 Trumpets thinking they sounded better than the meager synths at my disposal.

I always normalize samples (before BRR conversions) so thought 5C (versus say 7F) would help, or you meant not enough dynamics? Generally I sample outside of SNES titles, the strings were in fact redone (EWQL Violins) compared to an earlier revision (the sax was a cello before.) Appreciate the feedback, good to know.

Originally posted by Pinci

Well it's apparent you're good at this kind of stuff. No complaints here!
Maybe I should dig harder but there are some noob questions to be asked. Sometimes a simple yes or know will work.

1. Increasing the number of animations for a sprite? Most seem to contain 2 frames so it sounds like an ASM job.

2. For custom bosses/boss behavior you perform ASM?

3. Using ASM, is it better to write your own program or fiddle with known SMW stuff?

Curious about making a hack but want to use a lot of custom graphics. I don't formally known 65c816 ASM but took a class with mips assembly so it's fairly readable. I know there are a lot of patch that simplify some jobs (Luigi having his own gravity) but just in case anything comes up.....

If anything wondering how hard #1 is to do if there isn't a readily available patch.
Originally posted by mario90
1. If you're talking about increasing the animation frames for the original sprites, yes its gonna take asm. Specifically lots of hijacks and patches for every single one you want to change unless its been disassembled then you can just insert a copy of it with sprite tool

By lots of patches & hijacks you mean that per-sprite or just the overall amount of work? Thought the animation was like a pointer to an address in VRAM (tile) that gets updated.

Originally posted by mario90

2. This is worded oddly. Do you mean to say that do we program bosses using asm? If so yes.

Sorry about that but you interpreted it correctly!
Originally posted by mario90

3. I'm entirely unsure of what you mean by this.


Worded that horribly. It should be for someone looking to learn/dive into 65c816 ASM is it better we write basic SNES Programs or look at/fiddle with the code from Super Mario World. Thinking the former, when I look at some patches some things don't make sense because I don't know which register is which.
Thanks for the answers everyone!
Originally posted by mario90

By registers, if you mean the addresses and such being used that's what the RAM Map is for.

Most likely, haven't looked at "complex" SNES stuff recently but that's probably it.

As a newbie don't really wanna start off complicated but just wanted to know some "tidbits." The most I've done are DSP register writes with MML or MML editing. In regards to the hacking area anyway.
Assuming the MML is the same in both AMM/AMK then the "header" is actually an echo buffer declaration. The actual line with the problem is most likely line 21

Originally posted by MML
21. $FA$18

Which 2 instruments sound weird, are they drums? The line is located inside Channel 01 (#0) so try doing this...
Originally posted by MML
21. $FA $02 $18

I'm no expert but insight would be helpful.
EDIT: Comment out the $FA
;$FA $00 $18

I took the time to run it through AMK and it looks like to me the sample loads ($F3) are incorrect on channel 4 & 5. Unless you want me to tell you which lines try this.

I don't know how they got the weird effects on CH4 & 5. Thought it might be pitch modulation but..... that didn't work so out so well. Long story short (solution) it was doing sample loads on at $9 and needed to be $24.
Making a song but I noticed that when running it through PetiteMM some of my parts end up desyncing. The fastest notes are 16th notes. Maybe there is something that will help the program behave better?

For now I'm just going to dig through the MML and find the issue but if anything I'd hate to have to reconstruct it from scratch, at least an unfinished song anyways.
While it didn't work per-say, it did mean I overlooked the CMD. The no quantize option helped (but alas not perfect) so going to gander at reducing the dots.

If desync still occurs I could just fix it manually since I noticed they occurred after multiple dots e.g
and certain ties, which I noticed
d4^1 != d1^4

Perhaps I need to update AMK (still on ver. 2)


Edit: Even with no dots there is still issue. A little work isn't going to kill me though #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by G.D.

If I had a gripe it'd be the SMW Power Snare but that aside your Crash ports have been great as always, didn't have a PSX sadly lol.

This contribution is an unfinished original. The drums are experimental (needs to be redone, CH6 can be muted) and the score is incomplete. However the point of the SPC was to see how well I could perform with AMK 2 and achieve a phony SNES orchestra sound.
Goomba Garden Beta:MML
It was a success so time to finish.
Originally posted by HertzDevil

A work in progress done from memory (except not really since I did this on the Game Boy before). I am a bit surprised that I could not find it at this site's catalog. Vanilla samples only.

Super Mario Galaxy - Battlerock Galaxy
SPC - Source MML - Generated MML

Galaxy is another great game I've yet to play. What you have so far though is very polished and nice.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny

it's a pretty good composition but the pizzicato strings are less than pleasant to listen to right now

Didn't even notice xD
The tuning was simple oversight, dropped the multiplier 2 points (from 3) and forgot the sub mult. However think I'll just make new pizzicato strings and try them out.
For listening purposes I updated the SPC on Onedrive but I'm a music tracker (Milky,OpenMPT) so many changes aren't reflected.
If you're still accepting stuff I'd like to take a swig at it. Only issue would be someone making a "sideways" port. Never worked with SMW's instruments and failed when doing so (PMD Surrounded Sea.) If someone can do that I'll certainly try to muster up something.
Do you think you can give me a reference? Example being a youtube video to let's say SMK Vanilla Lake.

I misread the post and attempted to make ice music... Asking for a reference since they act like a constraint. If you wanna give me one then I'll try the Ice Map Theme.

This is the "SPC Blank"(custom instruments removed) of what I was working on. Nearly finished, the drums were commented out(likely sound weird with all the synth waves.)
Originally posted by MercuryPenny

and it sucks less than this song i made last year

if you need an actual musical reference, i don't think the scope of my vgm knowledge is large enough to give you one lol

Maybe I'm missing something but not sure why it needs to be redone since it fits the theme well. In any case when working (knowing it's a ICE MAP) it'll be something shorter and simpler.
Originally posted by Theultimate12

will it be able to indeed detect loop points in the MML and loop the song without any problems?

In your case the SPC-->MML breaks the "original" looping. Therefor if the generated MML's loop is broken then there isn't much that can be done about it... No program can fix it unless there is enough data in the generated file.

More contributions, a rejected piece of music (lesson learned, read posts carefully!) SPC:IT
It's 92% done, the remainder being polish and a better loop. Stole the Pan Flute (accidentally) from the infamous Microsoft GM Lib (subset of Roland SC-55) but otherwise similar DSP setup to GGG.
The IT [FLAC] sounds awful because in the IT->MIDI->MML->SPC A LOT of data is lost (mostly from PetiteMML) in contrast to some other methods. I cut losses by "gimping" the tracker source file.
Word needs clarification, or show a video!
Okay Ice Map for reals. SPC
Channels 6 & 7 cannot be playing simultaneously. Basically a workaround to a syncing problem so one (either or) needs to be muted. Channel 7 is more accurate but missing a note; whereas 6, while seamless, does not transition properly.
Applying an off beat is one solution, and likely.

If this piece is a go-go then I fix it up, e.g aforementioned problem, and make an easy-to-edit MML. Instruments are from DKC.
The AMK readme goes on to say for $EF.
Originally posted by AMK
Which channels have echo, bitwise (76543210)

My assumption is that, being 8 channels, all the possible combinations for echo channels are 256. $0 being none and $FF all enabled but is there a not-so-computer science explanation of how it works? I know of bitwise operations but it's not specified and it's still unfamiliar territory.

Basically I'd say something asinine like
n = i | 0xFFFF

where i is the input (8-bit signed integer.) Unsurprisingly wrong so maybe something for simpletons? Indirectly I could find the right values however it'd simply be nothing more than a roundabout method.

EDIT: correction
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