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Hello Maik , a question, in the old section Hack removal Log, I found a hack called Mario's Real Enemy, going to do it again with new graphics or being an old hack removed to let him lose permanently
predict Alex NO will resume the series Master Quest and you will get to SMW MQ1000 and Beyond,Golden Yoshi will resume the series SMW +,
and will continue creating SMW Plus 7,Smw PLus 8, SMW PLus 9 and Beyond same thing with the series smw2 +,Smw2+4 will be completed,later there will be SMW2+5, SMW2+6 and Beyond, also after completing HACK 4 Golden Yoshi will create HACK 5; Hack 6, Hack 7; Hack 8 Why not coming until Hack 10000000
I predict that one day I'll play SMWCP10 or JUMP 3 , VLDC67 will be released in 2074, I predict that I will play in SMW2+5, VLDC47 released in 2054,I plan to play VLDC75 and even VLDC3983 and beyond over to VLDC2000000000000000000000000000000000000
the look in section SMW hacks
How many exit should have in full version?
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