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Tip: When determining a time limit, remember that players won't be as familiar with the level as you are. If you normally complete the level with around 100s left on the timer, others might run out of time on their first try.
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Hi, my name is Dan. I play videogames and I don't really do ROM hacking anymore, I used to do it a lot, but meh.

Oh man I don't play videogames anymore and I make ROM hacks again.
This is Frappe Snowland from Mario Kart 64.
Welcome to the internet, I guess?

People shitpost all the time, it's something that just happens. If you don't like it, then I'm afraid there's not many options left for you.

I see where you're going with this and I can understand it gets annoying at times, but that's just how it is.
Originally posted by Hobz

Can't help but feel like the guy on the right is John Krasinski from The Office.

Unless it's actually him.
Originally posted by Leomon
>parallel worlds as the best romhack ever

To be fair, Parallel Worlds was very impressive. Hacking A Link to the Past isn't easy.

But yeah, this list is very dissapointing, but what else would you expect from WatchMojo.
Okay, so here's a little problem I'm having.

Seeing as this specific sprite uses SP4 for its graphics, I end up with garbled graphics for somewhat "important" sprites, in this case it would be the Ball and Chain.
I was hoping if there is some sort of fix available that would allow me to use these sprites together in the same room.
Originally posted by Erik557
I generally come with level ideas while listening to VGM, though.

Originally posted by Kaisaan Squiddiqui
I could try that, which types of games' OST's do you usually listen to?

This is actually quite helpful. I usually sit down, open up Lunar Magic and listen to a specific song that fits the "mood" of the level I'm trying to create. So if you were to create a ghost house themed level, I'd go with something eerie such as Twilight Princess' Twilight, or if you were to create a colorful, grassy level, a song like this might help you work more efficiently.
Not going to make a thread for my hack just yet, here's a video instead.

So for my hack I've had the idea to have the level end with a credits sequence, seeing as it's a one level hack, I'd figure this is the best way to end it.

I only want the first part of the credits to roll (All the names that are shown as Mario walks on the screen together with Yoshi, Peach and the eggs). The rest should be skipped entirely (Yoshi's House, enemy showcase and the THE END screen).

Is anything like this possible at all?

On a side note, I did manage to get the credits to roll with a simple goal sphere, the only problem is that the music won't play during the credits sequence. Is there any way I could fix that?

Using imamelia's patch now. Works as intended.
Seven years ago I have released a ROM hack which I have worked on together with Hadron and CrispyYoshi. Now, seven years later, and after one week in the making, I am proud to present to you:

The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED

The 2009 version of my hack had a lot of flaws, such as:

- Bad level design
- Bad palettes
- Broken status bar graphics
- Bad grammar
- Lack of ASM/Custom blocks/Sprites
- Custom music broken on Snes9x
- Cheap hits (Narrow spaces with spikes, invisible question blocks)
- Bowser fight at the end

While some of these may not be all too bad, I felt like I had to do it better than I did before, which is why I've decided to remake it.

New additions:
- Multiple midway points!
- Better graphics
- Better palettes
- Fair, more balanced level design
- No more cheap hits
- No Thwomp boss
- No Bowser fight
- An actual storyline that doesn't involve Peach
- Everything works on Snes9x
- Custom blocks, sprites, ASM, etc

Title Screen

Modified Credits Sequence

I've already shown you too much with these screenshots, go play it right now!
Pretty sure you should post these kinds of things in the Screenshots and Videos Thread.
Since the release of the Haunted Desert, I've started on another project. There's no name for the hack as of now.

Here's a screenshot of the current work I've got done so far:

- New status bar
- Reworked vanilla graphics
So we've got a contact tab on all our profiles, however I've noticed there's no field for us to enter our Discord names in.

A lot of people use Discord nowadays, and it's becoming a standard for most of us. Would adding this feature be a good idea perhaps?
Custom usernames are only enabled during special events such as Halloween and Christmas, its main purpose is to give users the possibility to "festivize" their names.

Seeing as Halloween is now over, custom usernames will be disabled until Christmas.
Originally posted by Kagami Hiiragi
What are some good prominent custom computer builders? Until I have the time to make my own, I'm stuck with a budget of 1200 euros. Any recommendations that fit that budget as well? (for future reference when making my own)

I personally prefer this site because it automatically checks which part is compatible with the other, making incompatible parts simply not show up, it also tells you an estimate of what everything combined will cost you.
Hey there! So I don't have a whole lot to show off right now, but after getting some work done I am ready to start a thread for this hack and show off at least the first level.

A lot of the things you'll be able to see on the screenshots and the video can still change in the future, most of the things could either be final or not.

The story is simple, yet rather unique in its own way. This hack won't actually require you to save Princess Peach, Luigi, or any of the other characters in the Mario universe. Purple colored fragments have been scattered across the land and it's Mario's job to collect them all. Only with all of the fragments collected will he be able to progress through the final world, which is a mysterious and unknown place.

There are five fragments (Dragon coins) in each level. It is important you collect them all, because you'll need it for the final world.

World 1: Level 2 (Pipe Valley)
World 1: Level 2 (Switch Caverns)

Do you enjoy my work? Feel free to use this custom made userbar in your signature/bio/whatever.

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Dan's Profile - Posts by Dan

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