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Is it a GFX I can overwrite, or is it somehow necessary? If it is used somewhere, is there a workaround that would let me use this space anyway? IE: Using normal characters for it.
I am trying to install this reusable P-Switch, but can't install it with any tool, no matter what I try! I really need something like this for my level but it won't work. Can anyone help me?
I have not had any luck. I think I inserted the blocks, but act as says it creates an infinite loop, so I don't know. The graphics are just as annoying. I really need a proper tutorial for this, do you know where I can find a good one?
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Can you tell us, what you have done to insert the blocks?

So I use GPS, and added the blocks one by one, because there was no list. I told it to make them act like their ID, because I wasn't sure what else to put there, and then when I looked at them it was still on 130, the gray cement block. So I assume lunar magic tried to correct an error. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe it would help for you guys to try to install the patch yourselves so you can see if there is a problem besides my inexperience.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
What you tried is to make the blocks act as itself which doesn't work. The only ones which do that are the original blocks (first two pages) for the (obvious) reason that the code is already included with them.
By default, blocks should act as either 25 (air), 100 (ledge) or 130 (solid), depending.
Okay. I've tried leaving them on 130, but that doesn't work either. I just can't figure this out. Maybe you should try the patch so that we can figure out if it's a problem with what I'm doing or something else, because I've had some success with other patches.
I added the blocks to the list, then inserted. Did not work. Will try again. Once again, I think someone else should see if the blocks work for them to rule out bugs in the p switch.
Name: Message box bugfix
Type: Code
Description: When Mario changes levels using a pipe, the message blocks and message sprite still use the messages for the original level. This causes problems when you want to have special dialog in a bonus level. IE: Put a message block in #1CB, travel there from #105, and the message block will use 105's messages. I can't think of any adverse effects off the top of my head, so I would happily use a fix for this.
Originally posted by TheBiob
Originally posted by Queman
Name: Message box bugfix

The main problem with this is that 1CB for example is a sub-level so it doesn't even have any info box text associated with it. I'm pretty sure a patch for having text for sub-levels was already requested so here have a simple 'fix' for non sub-level if you're using uberasm

LDA #$xx

where xx is the number of the level you want the message to be taken from in 13BF's format

You can use this conveniente thing to find the 13BF format of the level. (Just replace the 106 with the level it'll say 'Bad input' if it is a sub-level)

If you really need a message box from sub-levels you'll have to wait until someone codes that.

Okay, I don't need a message block from sub levels. There are a lot of unused level numbers that just have test written in turn blocks in them that I can use. They don't have to be actual sub levels. Also, what uberasm modules do I need for that fix?
I'm installing the Shift-F8 fix for sprite 19, but since it switches C5 and 1C5 when starting on a submap, I'd like to switch them. Is there an easy way, or existing documentation, on what levels warp to 1C5, as well as any overworld entrances if the exist? Also, is there maybe a version of that fix with a built in work around for that problem?
Name: Better Sprite 19 fix
Type: Code
Description: A version of the Shift-F8 Sprite 19 fix that doesn't make 1C5 the intro level.
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
Not worth the effort. You can literally just copy level C5 over to 1C5 and vice versa and be done with it.

There are still problems with this. 1C5 is a sublevel and can't get a message box message, and as such you can't use an intro text.
It would also help it there was a copy of sprite 19 that worked with both message box texts and didn't have this draw back.
I was wondering if there are any unused shooter/generator sprites. I'm using Romi's Spritetool to insert a respawning P-Switch, but can't find a sprite I can replace. Can anyone clarify how this works?
Ok, but it asks me to choose an ID. How do I make Lunar Magic use a custom sprite's id if there is a vanilla one already? Whenever I insert it, it uses whatever is at that value in the original game. To clarify, the thing I'm inserting doesn't use graphics. I believe it is supposed to use the default P-Switch graphics.

EDIT: Figured out, sort of, how custom sprites work, but it still doesn't work correctly. LM says it's undefined for each extra bit.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
That's only what Lunar Magic thinks. It can't automatically detect whether custom sprites exists or not. You need external files for that (SpriteTIP for automatic though manual works too).
In fact, you can change the graphics of an orignal sprite or even recode it and LM still thinks, it uses the original graphics or is even the original sprite.

Your custom sprite still exists in the ROM, assuming you inserted it correctly, that's it.

Except the internal emulator thinks the same thing. And in fact, that is how it behaves too.
I inserted it at C0. I think I may be missing something to define an extra bit.
Originally posted by TheBiob
Originally posted by Queman
I inserted it at C0. I think I may be missing something to define an extra bit.

You define the extra bit by pressing 'Edit > Insert Manual' and then enter Command: C0 and Extra Bits: 2

I figured that out. I mean I think that I need to specify a bit in the asm or cfg. This is made even more confusing by the fact the the P-Switch shooter uses an extra bit.
I'm having trouble inserting this respawning P-Switch. It won't behave correctly in the internal emulator, even when the rom is saved. I was wondering if someone could try it themselves to see if it a problem with the sprite or how I'm inserting it.
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