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Hey there, it's me, daknus. I have been working on my new romhack called "SMWX: Yoshi Hills" and I wanted to share some screenshots.

By the way, I will post even more screenshots here and sometimes even demos.

The first level pretty much has been unchanged since the first demo. Just changed some graphics and removed the sprite status bar. I prefer minimalist staturs bar.

Here is a good example. (That midway point is about to be replaced, I have been moving to a blank ROM to undo some patches that glitched out the internal emulator. They worked well on Snes9x tho.) There are changed goombas, their behavior is like classic ones from SMB1 or 3. I also changed the blocks. (Credit to iStuffJB, link here)

The title screen has been also changed. No screenshots because of the new ROM. I will need to copy it from the broken ROM.

Custom feather and fire flower graphics. (didn't use the fire flower yet)

The overworld has been pretty much overhauled, thanks Gamma V for your overworld graphics.

I still need to fix that level icon on the tree, it looks odd.

UPDATE 13/11/2016 - Testing a new gimmick for a new level. Made with Blockreator (I have zero ASM knowledge), GPS, YY-CHR and Lunar Magic (of course)

UPDATE 14/11/2016 - Ripped the font from SMB3 (more likely SMB2) and replaced the normal SMW font with this one.

That's all screenshots I have. I will post more over time.

- daknus
Originally posted by niko
gamma v makes beautiful graphics, no queston, but there are uverused, extremly overused.

Thats the reason why i make my hacks with the style 85 % vanilla levels, 15 chocolate levels with gamma v graphics, the biggest reason, there are beautiful and very easy to use (espescially in levels).

I said before on smw central this is a decent and good hack and give u 3 stars with the reason its very short and there are minor issues in the first version (yoshi eats a berry and the place without there is light green, the rest of the tree is dark green)

Keep up the good work.

I know that Gamma V's gfx are overused, but I prefer these because they look a lot nicer than the vanilla ones. I rarely use full custom tilesets in levels tho, only if I am not satisfied with the vanilla graphics.
I have a pretty big problem inserting a song, what AMK shows is

File: MACINTOSH PLUS 420 - Port by Wysey/MACINTOSH PLUS 420.txt Line: 22:
The specified sample was not included in this song.

I don't know what to do. I tried looking in the .txt file, but it doesn't seem like there is an issue.

Here is the sample/instrument part of the txt file.



	@16 $FF $F0 $B8 $01 $80
	@16 $FF $EE $B8 $01 $80
	"3+2.brr" $00 $00 $7F $05 $46
	"sine.brr" $FF $E0 $B8 $08 $00
	@1 $FA $E0 $B8 $03 $00
	"2+3.brr" $FF $F0 $B8 $05 $45

Line 22 is

	"3+2.brr" $00 $00 $7F $05 $46

I am so confused. Please help!
I have a problem while making slopes in a custom tileset. When I try to walk onto the slope, Mario just walks through the slope. What can I do to fix this?
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