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Originally posted by JohnCena's#1fan
seriously though, why do you guys live in another country?

It's the internet's fault. No wall or barrier can stop the internet from spreading around the world. It allows every user from every country to use it.

Didn't everybody tell you that? :P
Originally posted by MrCheeze
Seriously, though, it got deleted because of major suckage.

In my opinion, YouTube videos aren't that great because they spoil the level.

Since you're new at this, I suggest that you lurk around the site, play the Featured Hacks to see how they use proper level design, overworld, gameplay and also read the rules so you won't get in trouble with the staff and get a bad reputation.

Since you're from Quebec, Canada, make sure that your posts are understandable and have a lot of content.

That way, people will respect you and your hack.
Originally posted by Kelgis
You people have luck, here in Brazil we don't have snow, even in the winter :(

Believe me, you don't want snow, because the cold temperatures aren't worth it. You're much better off with the current climate.

Where I live, we have showers, winds, fogs and lower temperatures in winter. Since I live near the beach, it's much colder. :(
MrCheeze: Let me guess? You think sometimes. XD

Bio: It's nice to see your ASM skills in action. I'm sorry that the users around here are too newbish for you. Don't worry, just reply to users who show intelligence and help them a bit.

I hope that your HDMA engine is finished.
Originally posted by DarthRiko
I know I am more intellegent that what I was, so it doesn't include me.

I don't think so, just ask a staff member. :P

Back on topic, this place is almost the same as before but some users like Glyph Phoenix, Dispari Scuro, Mericles, smkdan and some users who I can't remember have potential and they have shown intelligence than any of the registered users.

You should really learn from their examples.
Originally posted by internoob
No its bad enough pac is here the last we need is Davros D:

Let me guess? You're still afraid of him? XD

If you don't let go, then people will use that against you.
Cashtioga ^_^

I bet you can't do mine.



Remoga. ^

Ouch. XD

Guy Who Lacks Witty Namecalling ^

Sorry. :P

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