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Originally posted by Orbis
Tell me why people are banning themselves?

I have no idea. :P

Bad luck man would win because you have skills and you can be a bit evil sometimes. ^_^

Also, A Yoshi is simply way nice to the users. I don't see any signs of himself getting into a fight and he would just probably just try to talk himself out of the fight.

Edit: Beaten. -_-

Potatoes because they are hard, unlike tomatoes.

Amanda or DarthRiko?*

*Yes, they are the same person but different alter ego.
Originally posted by Boing
To Blynd I decree... A BOOT TO THE HEAD!


*hits Blynd's head*
Do you think Lady BloodRose should be banned for questioning the staff's authority? ^_^

Originally posted by Blynd
Threads complaining about the staff: I like the staff. And people have already expressed thier grief before you. And this forum is a privilege, not a right. In other words, you deal with it or leave. (Don't make a thread about that either.)

You are right.

In my opinion, it's completely retarded to whine and/or complain about the staff. If you don't like it, then leave quietly without causing drama or posting about it. Chances are, that the user is simply in a bad mood then later comes back and later regrets what he or she had said about it.

If some users (like a certain "Lady") learn about this fact, then maybe the "complaining about the staff threads" will stop.
$7E:0015 Controller data 1 (01=Right, 02=Left, 04=Down, 08=Up, 10=Start, 20=Select, 00=R and L, 40=Y and X, 80=B and A)

$7E:0016 Controller data 1 (one frame)
Same values as above.

$7E:0017 Controller data 2 (00=Right, 00=Left, 00=Down, 00=Up, 00=Start, 00=Select, 10=R, 20=L, 00=Y, 40=X, 00=B, A=80)

$7E:0018 Controller data 2 (one frame)
Same values as above.

I hope it helps.
Depending on which specific button you're pressing or using, it will check $7E:0015/$7E:0016 or $7E:0017/$7E:0018 on either controller.

Also, to manipulate the controller data you need to examine this simple code:

LDA $15 ; You can change $15 to $16,$17 or $18
AND #$xx ;xx = controller values
BEQ RETURN ; You can change it to BNE

[insert asm code in here]


You can check the code of the sign blocks from the Custom Blocks section to see how it works.

</font></a>Right here.</font>

Unexpected end tag (</font>) at 93, expected </a>
wierdboo10, stop filling your posts with ignorance or you won't get any help from the users and the admins will ban you.

Originally posted by Boing
It was Supertails...

Mmmm... Lawsuit anyone? ^_^

But yeah, I hope we all learn a lesson. We should investigate properly before jumping to conclusions.

Ok, some of you wanted a Big Boo Boss disassembly and here it is:

Big Boo Boss</font>

Also, here's a minor fix to the Lakitu Boss and the red Spiny Egg:

Lakitu with Spiny Eggs and Spinys 1.1</font>

It fixes a minor bug when the Lakitu Boss has been hit from the sides with a shell type enemy causing it to be defeated instantly and also fly across the screen. It also fixes a minor bug with the object collision that the Red Spiny Egg had.

I didn't noticed these bugs until now. >_>
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Originally posted by B.B.Link
I have a question. With the Latiku boss, do you know if theres a way to change it so if Mario jumps on it, he takes damage. In my hack, in order to stop someone from jumping on him, I had to set invisible blocks above the Lakitu Boss, and that feels tacky to me, so I was wondering if anybody knew how to change that.

Find this part of the code:

LDA $7D ; \ if Mario's y speed < 10 ...
CMP #$10 ; } ... sprite will hurt Mario


Remove these parts of the code:


JSR SUB_STOMP_PTS ; give Mario points
JSL $01AA33 ; set Mario speed
JSL $01AB99 ; display contact graphic
LDA #$28 ; \ sound effect
STA $1DFC ; /
LDA #$01 ; \ Set stunned state
STA $C2,x ; /
LDA #$20 ; \ Set stunned timer
STA $1564,x ; /
INC $1534,x ; increment sprite hit counter
LDA $1534,x ; \ if sprite hit counter == 3

LDA #$04 ; \ write frame to show
STA $1602,x ; /
LDA #$02 ; \ set sprite status
STA $14C8,x ; /
STZ $B6,x ; no x speed
LDA #$10 ; \ set y speed
STA $AA,x ; /
RTS ; return


LDA #$0C ; \ time to show semi-squashed sprite = $0C
STA $1FE2,x ; /
LDA $157C,x ; \ change direction
EOR #$01 ; |
STA $157C,x ; /
RTS ; return

Jumping on the Lakitu Boss will now hurt you and spin jumping will bounce you off unless you have the "Don't use default interaction with Mario" unchecked.
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
I must say, metalgearhunter and I have really outdone outselves.

Yes, you created a hack that doesn't quite follow the guidelines.

Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Please, say anything you like about our Team Hack.

To tell you the truth, both of you still need to learn about making hacks. You should probably play the Featured Hacks so you can ask yourselves a question:

Why are they featured?

Once you know the answer, then you should compare your hack with the Featured Hacks.

Yeah, I found this forum by checking the Online Users while a full moderator was checking here. ^_^

*goes to post somewhere else* >_>

Angry German Kid gets punished by losing access to the computer.

Do you think the staff should do?

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