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Originally posted by ErsaniO²

It's not like is a bad thing. :P

I'm sure smkdan and FPI are going to do a great job in moderating the choosen forums.

In other news, Boom.dk is back as a regular user. But you probably knew that... or not. <_<
I'm going to post the ones that are interesting.


Big No
Big On

Tatrion is a mod:

Admirations To
Radiation Most
A Martini Stood
A Artist Domino
Domains At Riot

Nuclear weapons:

Unclear Weapons
A Uncleaner Swop
A Cleanups Owner
A Pawn Enclosure
^ Temo que no lo es. ^_^

v Gets bored easily.

^ Nope. <_<

v Has an avatar that everyone can steal.

^ Nope, I'm not russian. :P

v O'RLY?

All you need to do is download (if you don't have them already) the Normal or Custom Shooter (fix). The asm files and cfg files should be placed on the 'shooters' folder and inserted anywhere in C0-CF.

In the Normal Shooter asm file, look for this:


If you check the Add Sprites Window in Lunar Magic you'll see that $1C is the Bullet Bill. The $1C can be changed to any value from 00-C8. However, not all of them are supported and any value above C8 will cause a crash.

In the Custom Shooter asm file, look for this:


If you inserted a Missile Bill as sprite $17 then it will generate that sprite. The $17 can be changed to any value from 00-BF. However, not all of them are supported and any value above BF will cause a crash.
Grenade is probably scared of your avatar. :P

If that's the case, then that means he's superficial.

Originally posted by Pro 3
this is advertising?
its a question

Yes, it is.

Also, you should fix your grammar and learn proper english.
Originally posted by Wraith
Tatrion is acting strange like that.

Nobody knows why.

I think the World of Insanity has finally gotten to him. :P

And since he's part of the staff, that will only increase his "sticky random threads" much more. >_>
Originally posted by andy_k_250
Did he actually make a single post that made everyone hate him?

Actually, it's every single post that made everyone hate him. :P

At first he was simply telling every newbie and/or n00b what to do correctly in SMW hacking with a bit of his personality. But now, it's just plain annoying the way he does it. In my own opinion, I think he's doing it for postcount++.

It's better to just ignore him and his posts.

Originally posted by AtomicShroom
Barely anyone donated because most of us are teenagers without credit cards. :P

And those who have credit cards prefer to keep the money for themselves. >8P
The description on these Ram Addresses need to change:

$7E:1504 12 bytes Sprites Throw timer
$7E:151C 12 bytes Sprites Related to Vertical Sprite Direction Table
$7E:1528 12 bytes Sprites Chargin' Chuck Hit Count
$7E:1534 12 bytes Sprites Unknown Sprite Table
$7E:1594 12 bytes Sprites Unknown Sprite Table
$7E:1626 12 bytes Sprites Unknown Sprite Table

They appear to be multipurpose since they aren't limited to a single specific action. Depending on their use, they can either be:

-A hit point counter
-A sprite counter
-A fireball hit point counter
-A timer counter
-Check the sprites vertical position
-Check the sprite position
-Check and increase the sprite state


$7E:1558 12 bytes Sprites Unknown Sprite Table

$7E:1558 is the "Time to disable contact with shells"

$7E:163E 12 bytes Sprites Jump timer

$7E:163E is probably a "Multipurpose timer".
As punishment for not reading properly, you will now lose -10 from your IQ.

See what happens? >8)

Tu no eres el unico quien puede teclear en otro idioma. :P


You're not the only one who can type in another language. :P

Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
So guys I have grammar.

Cool, eh?

*spin kicks Boing for thinking that he's cool* :P

Let's stick with the "ignore Boing" plan. If that ever happens. >_>

Last night my throat hurt a bit, but after taking a good night sleep, it suddenly disappears. So there's a lesson in all of this.

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. and metalgearhunter:

What Buu-Huu/Lady Bow said is true, it seems that you take every new custom sprite that's available without testing it properly in a level. Your hacks have glitches, bad palettes, bad level design and your "team" is getting a bad reputation because of this. It seems that you're always rushing to submit your hacks without playtesting your levels properly and checking what bugs they might have.

I suggest that you don't submit your hacks until you learn how to fix the various bugs that they have. Also, lurk around to see the various threads that might have useful information, especially the "Hack Submission Guidelines". Play the featured hacks so you can see how they use plots, level design, exgfx, custom sprites and custom blocks properly.

Take this in consideration. I'm being serious.
Originally posted by Orbis
And Kyoseron is not a "he".

And we have evidence of that:

Originally posted by Kyoseron's profile
I read the entire generated rant, and I'm surprised at how well it describes me as a person in real life. :D The only real flaw, however... I'm not a he, dammit. >:(

I marked that last part in italics. ^_^
*Gets removed from the site due to bad colors* ^_^

*Inserts pieguy1372's threads*

Pieguy1372 and Amanda/Wraith/Unas, careful, the staff is watching you. >8)

Originally posted by Thanatos
No, he hates idiots, which sadly, make up more than 50% of all users.

Then I guess you can explain why you got this custom title at the old smwcentral:

Originally posted by Thanatos/Omega's custom title
Hello! I like to troll because I fail.

Of course, that was last year and you got forum banned for a few days. But a couple of weeks ago you were tempbanned for "blocking" the ads.

Which means that everbody is vulnerable to bans if said user isn't familiar with the rules and/or the personality of the staff.

If you don't want the staff to hate/target/insult/use you, then you should not do anything that will allow them to take advantage of that situation. You don't want to get an embarrasing custom title if you say something retarded do you? >8)

It's much better to just lurk around without the need to ask questions than to do something that you'll regret later.
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