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*Causes B.B.Link to yell: "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"* XD

*Inserts your evil clone*

Oh, so it was a misunderstanding. I see. >_>

Originally posted by Thanatos
And yet again, you manage to leave out the positive things and only talk about the negative crap.

Given the amount of users who don't do anything useful it can sometimes cloud my judgement. Sorry for that.

But at least you managed to improve yourself since you posted in Acmlm's Board. You have potential.
*Gets mikeyk, Mior, Carol, BMF, Mattrizzle, smkdan, smwedit, Necro, Schwa, SNN, and other SMW hackers*

*Inserts Kefka from Final Fantasy 3/6*

*Gets a question: "What's a poring?*

*Inserts Smallhacker with a huge army of robots*

*Gets a house filled with garbage*

*Inserts a worldwide empire*

*Puts it on Winamp and listens to the tunes*

*Inserts S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. and metalgearhunter*

Boing, stop being useless like that. That's why nobody likes you. -_-

To everybody:

Check the Featured Hacks, there is a reason why such section exists in this site. Check them out and play. :P

Unless, everybody has already played them all. :P
Stuntman/DollarBill is the perfect example of his parent's biggest mistakes ever. Seriously, what were they thinking when they had him? >8(

If he's going to harrass/stalk users, then why did he put his e-mail address in his profile? Doesn't he know that someone will use that to track him down.

He's the most worthless user. He should be IP banned.

In other news, the lamer known as Stuntman got permabanned. YAY! :D

Let us rejoice, shall we?

*begins to dance*

Originally posted by 2731yugeip
Someone probably set a timer that kicks you every nanosecond. :o

I don't know why they would do that to you of all people, though... D:

*insert conspiracy theory in here*
Find this line:

MAP16_NUM1 = $0132

If you look at the Direct Map 16 Access in Lunar Magic, you'll see that it's the value for the brown "used" block. It can be changed to any block or custom block that ranges from $0000 to $0FFF.

Also, it's movement can be activated if Mario is standing over a block that behaves like tile 132.
Originally posted by Daaa77
There is more of a chance of some random spammer becoming Admin.


*punches Daaa77*

It's more likely that the hack will never be updated/finished since the author is probably busy with life and also lost his interest in SMW hacking.

Who knows? >_>
*The emulator crashes* :(

*Inserts Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy 5*

Originally posted by metalgearhunter
I for one think that this is a great hack.

You are SO wrong. -_-

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. and metalgearhunter: You have proven that you're the worst team hack ever. Because you ignore people's advice, you don't read the Hack Submission Guidelines, you don't correct glitches, you don't even test your own hack, etc...

Seriously, why do you even bother?

You may as well end up as a bad example of team hacks.

Sorry. :(
*Gets a nasty emulator crash*

*Inserts barneyzhen to the vending machine* XD

Black Yoshi, this thread is for asking help when you get stuck playing hacks, not for inserting dynamic sprites. <_<

Read carefully next time.

*Gets an interrogation mark*

*Inserts S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s password*

Originally posted by Must
Where can I find an ASM disassembler?

Your answer lies right here.</font>

Unexpected end tag (</font>) at 242, expected </a>
Originally posted by Must
It doesn't seem to be working. It needs to be able to read .BIN files for Blocktool.

Oh, then try this:

-Click in File and where it says "New proyect".
-Where it says "Type", change it to "All files".
-At the dialog that says "Warning!" click Yes. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen.
Originally posted by Must
But what are the BRKs for? they show up in random places and sometimes seem to go on forever...

Originally posted by Ersan's tutorial
BRK: Software Break:
Break pushes ALOT of stuff, then automatically Jumps to $FFE6. It is more of a debugging thing, no game uses it. Here is the stuff it does:

* the status register is pushed onto the stack
* the interrupt disable flag is set.
* the decimal mode flag is cleared.
* the program bank register is cleared to zero.
* the program counter is loaded from the break vector at $FFE6-$FFE7.

You can describe that opcode in 1 word: USELESS.

There should be information about submitting custom sprites. Something like this:

Q: Can I submit custom sprites?
A: Yes you can. Make sure that they aren't glitchy or cause any crashes.

Q: Can I submit custom sprites from other people?
A: If the author has make them available to the public, then you can submit them with the author's name.

However, there are cases in which the author doesn't want them submitted to this site or any other site. Because:

-They are unfinished and in progress.
-They are only for your own personal use.
-You can only download them and not distribute them or upload them someplace else.

If that's the case, then you should respect the author's wishes.

Q: I found a bug in one of my custom sprites that I submitted, can the old version be deleted and be replaced with the new version I submitted?
A: Sure, as long as you specify in the description or by sending a private message to a staff member that's in charge of that section.
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