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1) So you die instead. #ab{:P}
2) They worked as intended but it filters your links to TvTropes because it isn't trustworthy anymore.
3) But it gets taken away from you, due to new policies which forbid you from getting prizes if you are linking to TvTropes.

I wish:

1) That Sokobansolver finds out that TvTropes was actually a front for ISIS. #ab{o_O}
2) That ThePat545 posts' are the number of tortures he's gonna endure. #ab{¬_¬}
3) That Falconpunch gets sued for mentally insulting the refugees.
^ No, I'm using Google Chrome.
< I should really update my old music ports to updated standards.
V Has the strange feeling that he's inhuman? #ab{:P}
Alas, getting medicine will cost you a lot.

^ Yes, due to a certain event on Tuesday.
< Is ocuppied with other stuff to forget about Tuesday.
V Fears a repressive dictatorship?
^ I got the original console, if that's what you mean.
< Thinks that Skewer over exaggerates the situation, sometimes.
V Thinks the same?
^ No, I stay out of politics.
< Tries to stop procastinating.
V Thinks that ninja boy should become Shinobi Man?
^ Not really.
< Just ate teriyaki.
v Likes food with barbecue sauce?
"Do you know how I died? I went to place called 'Disarray' and I failed many times to pass it. LOOK AT ME NOW! They say that's nothing compared to a place called '1F8', that it makes 'Disarray' look like child's play: Living things moving, exact precision skill, vertical warps, ceiling and floor moving, enemies used for jumping and catchy music. Needless to say, dying at 'Disarray' was in my case merciful. Therefore, I can't let you continue. So I'm going to stop you, the only way I know..."
^ Only the warm and stale ones.
< Still feels a bit hungry.
v Fears having gained a bit of weight?
1) Erik557, MarioFanGamer, RPG Hacker
2) Dan, RussianMan, ThePowerPlayer
3) imamelia, LX5, Vitor Vilela
4) leod, MarioFanGamer, RPG Hacker
5) GreenHammerBro, Kaito, niko

6) aterraformer, Gamma V, worldpeace
7) worldpeace
8) Golden Yoshi

10) aterraformer, Gamma V, worldpeace
11) Eevee, Gamma V, Kixune
12) 6646, Sinc-X, tcdw
13) Ersanio, LX5, Vitor Vilela
14) anonimzwx, Katrina, Vitor Vilela
15) anonimzwx, RPG Hacker, Vitor Vilela

16) 6646, Gamma V, LX5
17) 6646, FuSoYa, LX5
18) Gamma V, JackTheSpades, LX5
19) JackTheSpades, RPG Hacker, Vitor Vilela
20) danwaleby, M A R I O W O R L D
21) Lui37, superwiidude, TLMB
22) LX5, TLMB, Vitor Vilela
23) Falconpunch, HuFlungDu, MercuryPenny
24) Big Brawler, KDeee, VilelaBot
25) Masterlink, MrDeePay, The Courier
26) Kaito, niko, Skewer
27) danwaleby, M A R I O W O R L D
28) Erik557, Ersanio, Hinalyte
29) danwaleby, Kaito, M A R I O W O R L D
30) Najeraldo, RanAS, Sokobansolver
31) Falconpunch, MercuryPenny
32) Falconpunch, Ladida, Raidenthequick
33) Falconpunch, Ladida, Raidenthequick
34) FuSoYa, Kieran Menor, S.N.N.
35) Ersanio, Koopster, TLMB
36) Cynook, Dan, Luansilva12
37) danwaleby, M A R I O W O R L D
38) MrDeePay, Raidenthequick, Skewer
39) Falconpunch, Koopster, MercuryPenny

40) amhunter, Skewer, Kaijyuu, HuFlungDu, Katrina, imamelia
41) Falconpunch, ThePat545, Kaito, niko, Lightvayne, Leomon
42) Falconpunch, Ladida, Golden Yoshi, Raidenthequick
43) danwaleby, Falconpunch

44) LX5, MarioFanGamer, Vitor Vilela
45) LX5, MarioFanGamer
47) eXcavator, Kipernal, p4plus2

48) 85973
49) 1371414
50) 14495
51) 13926
52) 13782
53) 14221

54) danwaleby, Kaito, M A R I O W O R L D
55) Hobz, Veck, Wavee

My own "joke categories":

56) Most likely to forget his wife's anniversary: Kaijyuu, Lightvayne
57) Most likely to end up sleeping on the couch: Kaijyuu, Lightvayne
58) Most likely to ask for the bathroom: GreenHammerBro, MarkD, Raidenthequick
59) Most likely to overthrow an american dictatorship: imamelia, LX5, S.N.N.

60) Worst ranter: danwaleby, Kaito, niko
61) Worst english teacher: gabriel33250283, Roberto zampari, Vamperumbra

62) Unlikely to catch a reference: GreenHammerBro, Kaito, MarkD
63) Unlikely to catch Sokobansolver's laptop: Final Theory, LDA, ThePat545

64) Makes a campaign without time for proper grammar: Hinalyte, Leomon, Raidenthequick
65) Intimidates the voters: HuFlungDu, Najeraldo, Skewer
66) Tampers with the votes of the Mosts 2016: Hinalyte, Raidenthequick, Vitor Vilela

67) Wants to eat at the Euphoric Mushroom Backyard: danwaleby, Kaito, MarkD
68) Screams like in Root of Yggdrasil: Najeraldo, Skewer, The Courier
69) Would make real life plants move like in 1F8: Ersanio, LX5, Vitor Vilela
70) Would do 1F8 again blindfolded: 6646, aterraformer, worldpeace
I predict that:

-Najeraldo will end up screaming (probably by accident) just like in Root of Yggdrasil but he's going to have competition.
-GreenHammerBro is going to make a thread claiming that he discovered America. #ab{:P}
-Jesse the Scientist is going to be arrested for unethical experiments.
-Raidenthequick will eventually stop being quick.
-ninja boy will finally become Shinobi Man.
-Sokobansolver will finally resolve that Sokoban just to make his username more meaningful.
-worldpeace or someone else will make a harder version of 1F8 called 1F0 that requieres extreme pixel precision and a way stronger will to continue. #ab{O_O}
-Vitor Vilela will end up making AMK Player.
I'm not sure about SMW breaking rules aside from some bugs and glitches that can be fixed.

But I would question (Sub)Levels BF, C3 and 1C0 in the original game. What are their purpose? Are just there without any bonuses or any significant relevance to the game? They can easily be skipped with no problem.

Also, Level 117 (Chocolate Secret) only has a single Yoshi Coin as far as I know. Which isn't that much of a reward besides a shortcut to Wendy's Castle.
I admit that I never got to know eXcavator personally but his sudden death at 20 years of age was surprising to me. I guess death can come unexpectedly.

You touched the hearts of those who did know you. You were a better person than I could ever be.

My condolecences to his family and close friends.
^ Wrong.
< Can't decide what to do next.
v Takes vitamin C everyday?

1. But your brain now itches.
2. But you can easily be broken.
3. See the previous granted wish. #ab{:P}

I wish:

1. That the poster below gets transformed into his/her avatar.
2. There weren't many bots at the site.
3. That M A R I O W O R L D gets jailed for a crime that he will eventually commit in the near future. #ab{:P}
Originally posted by HuFlungDu

Its a joke category. Why do you have to take it seriously and jump to conclusions? #ab{:P}

I don't hate HuFlungDu and Kaijyuu, its basically just jest. Just like some of you did with Falconpunch voting him as biggest otaku in the past. Don't try to deny it. #ab{;)}


Yes, I did send that PM to Losoall because I needed to vent what I was keeping inside me and call out on some of his questionable acts. I only did it because I felt that the staff wasn't doing anything about it but at the same time I didn't want to bother them about something this trivial. I did sent a PM to an administrator about it last year, but now I'm not sure if it really got any results. Hence what I did last month due to my sometimes impulsive/hasty nature.

But given what I heard what happened to eXcavator recently, I realized that the PM that I sent last month just wasn't appropiate at all and that this feud was meaningless. So out of respect for eXcavator's passing, I decided to apologize to Losoall for that PM that I sent and try to make peace with him.

I'm doing this out of my own free will and not due to pressure from the staff.


Sorry for any interruptions, you can continue with your conversation.
@Losoall: To tell you the truth, I kinda deleted your reply to my PM. But I still decided to apologize.

But saying "salty" everytime and possibly bragging about private matters in a public thread isn't exactly helping your case. So let's agree it was both our fault for taking it too far and letting other users/staff members get caught in our feud.

The thing I did with Koopster was because due to a bad experience with another user but it wasn't settled.

That thing with Raidenthequick, let's just leave it in the past. It doesn't matter now.

But I would like to make it clear that with HuFlungDu and Kaijyuu it was just basically just a joke/jest. No need to take it seriously or jump to conclusions. Even Skewer knew about the joke categories.

eXcavator's passing did give me an epiphany about how continuing this feud wasn't worth it at all. So let's end this with dignity.

@Everyone else: I'm sorry if this feud or what I personally did to you has caused you harm in any way. It was my impulsive/hasty nature that sometimes clouds my judgement and makes me do rash decisions. I'll try to do things slowly and be more rational from now on.

Let's enjoy the rest of this thread with peace.
No, what I meant to say that it reminded me of a certain user. But you know what? It was still unfair from my part to compare him to that user, Koopster has shown to be a great user but I was bitter, tired and distracted to even see that.

Sorry, my memory isn't what it just to be. I'll go edit my previous post to clear up any misunderstanding.

What happened between me and Koopster was done months but it still wasn't settled.

@Koopster: I apologize for any misunderstanding from my previous post or what I might have done intentionally or unintentionally in the past. It was unfair to compare you to that user but you have shown to be an exceptional user.

I guess the past experiences are affecting me in ways I didn't even noticed. It's affecting my judgement and how I'm typing.

I just need to let go of the past.

@TheCourier: I apologize for this, I guess I shouldn't be posting while I'm still tired both physically and mentally.

I don't expect any apologies, just want to let this go.
Does anybody know the name of the song that plays in Spire Fort from the hack Luigi and the Island of Mystery Remastered?

It's really good and catchy.
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