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Wow,looking awesome :).I can say one thing from the OW:really cool,well-detailed and all.
You mentioned there would be custom blocks and sprites.I'm looking forward to that.
Also,what kinds of ASM do you have in mind?Maybe some custom bosses?

Overall,this is looking really nice.Keep it up... :)
Screenshot #2:There is a yellow level hanging off the island,and it looks...werid O_o.

Screenshot #4:There are little white spaces at the sides of the pipe that look weird.

Screenshot #6:Those blocks kinda cut-off the,uh...Cutoffnessman?

Screenshot #11:Weird fortress hanging off the island thingy.

Also,as some mentioned,please change the OW sprites for Mario,making it look like Wario.

What's up with the status bar?Isee yellow in all screenshots,except for one,where it's orange.Well,dont see a major problem there.

Those problems looks real good.Fix those and it might be great.
The hack looks good,but the status bar is a little messed non-underground levels,it's going through different green tones...

Overall,not bad.I like the hack's style.
Screenshot #1(with Mario,Yoshi,the koopa and the lava):There aren't any Vertical Fireballs in that level,right?

That would be a major problem.That aside,the overworld needs a little work,like removing some trees in that forest(?) area.And i think the island should be more natural.

Also,as some stated,you should fix that red piranha-plant stem.

From the in-level screenshots,it looks good,but,as i said,there shouldn't be a level with Yoshi and Vertical Fireballs.But if there aren't Fireballs,then that's no problem.
The new Mario GFX looks awesome,great work.The OW is cool from what i can see.Also,hope you guys can get everything right with no problems so this isn't delayed.

I'm looking forward to this...

EDIT:Bowser gets captured?Lulz...
Looks very interesting,a well-designed and detailed OW,good level design,and awesome graphics.Keep it up,this will be a great hack :)...
Yes,aside from the status bar,it looks like a good graphical/BG improvement...This looks good.
Originally posted by MrDeePay
Originally posted by AppleCore
Originally posted by Keyblade Master
so far judging from what I seen.this hack almost minmics SMB1,all you need is the smb1 screen scrolling sprite from the package(which is a bunch of sprites made by a few japanese hacker for everybody to use) you might want to ask around and even ask a few Moderators for the package.

Was going to put that in, but it seems to odd for some of my levels as i got mazes that Mario/Luigi needs to go back and forth.

To be fair, you can take the NSMB route and put the SMBScroll sprite in all levels BUT those you're talking about. Hell, if you want, you can make a separate "Challenge Edition" of SMBML that comes packed with the original.

On another note, I can't help but wonder what the purple Koopas and Spinies are.

Yeah,i noticed the purple spinies,koopas,and,if my eyes don't fool me,there are purple piranha plants.What are those?
Very good screenshots.That boss also looks good.Let's just hope this keeps up :)
Megaman enemies?Cool!I love Megaman games (even though I only played one of them).Also,as Neko stated,making the brick blocks blue would be a good idea.

Let me see just one thing:

Pink Koopa=Yellow Koopa.
Pink Spiny=Humm...Buzy Beetle?
Pink Piranha Plant=Like those from SMB3?Or those from SMW?
Pink Cheep Cheep=Rip Van Fish

Am I right?
Looks good.Nice choice of palletes in my opinion,and a OW that matches the theme.I just have one question.Does the title screen menu cut-off the "The Legend of Pirra" text?If it does,that's a minor (?) problem.
These are some bad things in my opinion:

Summer Island 1:There's a level edit (gap you can duck + Banzai Bill),then there's this boring,berry-collecting field of nothingness.Then,there a vine and invisible coin blocks.You could hit the invisible coin blocks,so you climb without losing Yoshi,but it took me a few tries to get it without Yoshi falling.

Summer Island 2:The first part is just a lot of cement blocks.Then if you take the star,there's this really broken way to get lives.Then,invisble coin blocks again.To make it into the rope,you could Yoshi jump,or you could Bullet Bill jump.Of course i bullet bill jumped,because i didn't want to lose my Yoshi.After that,it's over.Really short.

Summer Island 3:Level edits,too short.That's all.

Summer Island 4:I know it's incomplete,but you could have donemore than just putting gaps.Also,this level was attacked by Cutoffnessman!

Summer Island 5:See above.

Summer Secret:See above.

Iggy's Tower:It's not even a tower.You just removed the fences and the ceiling.

Hilltop Resort 1:Broken way to get lives,broken way to lose lives.Also,TEST level=NO!(for me,at least :))

Why is the vault an evil castle of doom? o.O

But i like the OW,custom blocks and NPC's.

Awesome.Really good gfx.Nothing more to say by the moment.
Ok then.Rapid the Hedgehog,AWESOME gfx.
Good to know you fixed it,and,i love that FG/BG.Are those caves based off of the ones on DW?Because i remember seeing them.

EDIT: I have the same opinion as Brrrrrzr,you should at least change the Toad House a bit,so it isn't the exact same thing as the ones on DW.
That's quite the fun hack :),I've managed to get 4 exits and found one bonus room.Oh,and thanks for the info at the readme,or I would say you needed lots of work on the OW,but that's fine.

I really liked this,and I look forward to the full version,wich will probably be a lot better and more fun.That's good...
From the latest video:

The OW COULD use some more decorations,but it's fine that way.

The level: video stops at one point and doesn't load anymore o_O,so,only one thing.Giving a feather/leaf at the beggining isn't good,because the player can(unless you stop him) fly through the whole level.

Also,for assistance(spellcheck) at locking hacks,check out the F.A.Q.
Good to know you fixed the title screen and status bar,but,as snowguy stated,you should change the palette of the fence near the yoshi coin,and add some background on the cloud/mini-ledge part.

Other than that,the ExGFX looks good,i liked the OW a lot,and making every level name unique is a good idea.Custom sprites too.

The hack is fine,just with some minor problems.Also,what does Kyougi mean (japanese noob detected :O)

Looks like a good hack :D,but,as Brrrrrrzer suggested,you should change the background on "March of the Koopas",it's kinda oddly-dark.

Also,are those waterfall thingies on "Goombas on Ice" animated?Becaused it would look neat :)

Overall,good screenies.
Wow,the ExGFX in this hack is great so far \o/,the backgrounds too.I would also like to know if the jellyfishes are ExAnimated.

On another note,there's one thing on the second screen:Is there a white block coming out of the platform? O_o

Oh,the status bar on the first screen needs to bew fixed,as snowballben just said.
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