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Oh,crap.The delay of an awesome hack,one of the worst things that could happen. :(

Still,it's good that you saved the graphics,but having to redo the levels and the OW sounds like a pain in the ass.

Man,i would be pissed.Well,at least some things were saved,and that's good.Well,it's not going to stop you,so it's not totally bad news.

Storyline: Epic!A really good storyline with Luigi's feelings and memories.Epic!

Title Screen Music: Epic!

Intro level music: A sad theme for a sad Luigi :(...Epic!

OW: Really good, matching the theme everywhere.

OW theme: lol,catchy...

March of the Koopas: Really well designed,a P-switch race and hoping on Koopas.The palettes on the image looked bad (too dark) but in-game they were great!Also, Luigi,the Toughest!

Goombas on Ice: Very well done,good waterfalls,good enemy placement, nice graphics, and it ties into the storyline!Epic!

Sunshine All Around: Short!:( But it was well designed with good graphics.Love that FG/BG.Really cool.

Overall:Your hack is EPIC!And AWESOME!And every other thing i can use to describe this as good!


EDIT:I played Goombas on Ice again,and,in some slopes,i was able to put Koopas and Goombas through the platform.You should fix that.
Originally posted by The metal Makina
By moment there is only this, though I'm working on caped mario (rocket mario maybe?) and I'm starting with some levels..

As he said,he is currently working on the levels...
Oh,crap.I hate JELLYFISH OF DOOM mazes.I think they're actually kinda hard,and putting it in the second world is just a little bit off of the difficulty curve.But that's just me.

Anyways,about the Toad House.The changes you made are good,setting it apart from DW.But,I don't know,that gate looks kinda weird in my opinion.But,then again,it's just me.

That "shower-like pipe" is a good idea,but the top of it doesn't look good(there's a white line on the top).

Also,on the screenshot with the fire-spitting piranha,why is the grass on the ground yellow,and why are the bushes orange?

Oh,and for the Morton Koopa picture,i think you should make a portrait for it,because it looks really weird to have a boss enemy stuck in a block(that's what it looks like).

On another note,my congratulations to Brrrrrrzer for the background,it looks awesome.And my congratulations for you,Manuz,for the awesome graphics you're putting on this hack.

Oh,and,is it just me,or,your hack is kinda based on DW?(FG/BG,second world is a desert,etc...)

Originally posted by Manuz
It's a Morton painted block...

I know,but it's still kinda weird in my opinion...
This is looking great,but there are some things I don't like.See,I don't know if it's just me,but,on the third level,I don't like those pipes.I don't know,but it seems they're a little too(I know this won't describe it,but I can't think of any other words)unreal and cartoonish.Just my opinion.

And,on the fifth screenshot,the eyes of that hill look extremely weird.It seems like a man with a bad yellow eye .Strange,but that's just me.

Are those water-top tiles made by you?They look nice.

About the map:I think you should make a new one,not just twaek Yoshi's Island.I think it would be a lot better.

Overall,awesome work.Keep it up :)
Great work,I don't see any bad things so far,so it's an awesome work you have right there.The Koopa Cape OW is very nice,I like it a lot.And,for the player to NEED the coins is a creative idea.

The palletes and graphics are really good too.

Overall:Fantastic so far.
Those are some nice graphical choices right there,such as the classic power-ups and the Mario GFX.Custom music and bonus rooms are a really nice touch.Level design looks great,with good enemy placement.And,even if short,it's still really good.

Overall:Awesome work,a very nice hack.
The new Forest FG looks good,but,as you suggested,making the vines bigger would be better,because,if Mario climbs it(such as in screenshot 4)it wouldn't look like he was climbing it at all,his hands would not contact with it.

So,putting some fancy leaves on the sides could be a good idea,an/or a bigger vine for the main part itself.

Otherwise,those palletes for the tree are looking good.The land too,looks great.

On another note,you mentioned you would need coins for power-ups,keys,springs,and other secret stuff.Are there going to be more "normal" itens in the shop?Also,are the shops going to be inside the levels,or are they gonna be on a seperate level?Just out of curiosity.
Very well,if it's supposed to be like that,then it's quite nice.Also,do you have any ideas of a new OW(submap,or main OW maybe?) to show us?Because that would be nice.

EDIT:How is your team hack going?I don't see many updates on the thread.
Nice choice,putting cheaper power-ups on later worlds.But,I have a question: You said that there would be no free power-ups,so,the hack isn't going to have any midway points?If there WILL be those,then I suggest making them a Little hidden,so that the player doesn't get a power-up easily.
Very well,I will pattiently wait for the OW/submap screenshot,as I want to see how well your OW design is.
St. Luigi COULD make two userbars,one for the creator,and one for the supporters,but,I think that's unnecessary,because you DO support your own hack,Manuz.So,making a userbar with a "Legend of Pirra Supporter" text would be the best choice.

On another note,your OW design is really great,Manuz.I'm looking forward to the next worlds.
Good to see you flip your munchers :)

And THAT'S new!A Big Boo Boss Battle (B.B.B.B.) with a Birdo to provide you with projectiles!Very creative!

Huumm...The Emerald part of Precious Cavern looks good,but don't overuse munchers on the ground/blocks,because it can get boring quickly.

Nice job,keep it up.
Yes,that would be the case.I suggest using your idea,putting them on harder/longer(and secret?)levels,but you could make them a reward for a medium-hard puzzle.
Good idea,Alcaro.I didn't know there was such an offset.Still,is the hack going to have puzzles and/or prizes for them?

Originally posted by ItsSnowyTime
- If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

Huumm...Is that even possible?

Originally posted by ItsSnowyTime
- American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating 1 olive from each salad served in first-class.

Wow,just wow.

Anyway,I found this somewhere,dunno if it's true or not.

Originally posted by Someone
- Pigs can't look at the sky.

I've read that one about the hamster,and,a few minutes ago,i read something abot kangaroos having pink milk O.o

I've once read that dolphins recognise(spellcheck)themselves in front of a mirror,and I think that's true,because dolphins are intelligent...i guess o_O

Also,yes,fun facts are awesome.
I would savestate,take a test,fail,and load.
I would savestate,run around school like a retarded idiot,load,and repeat.
I would savestate,hack into the school system,change everything,wait 3 days,and load.
I would savestate,do something that I'm not normally allowed,load,and repeat.
My favorite quote is:

"Hey,Ms.Alwayskidnapped!I'll kidnap your FACE!" - Mr.L

That just made me lol.
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