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Tip: Add decorations to the overworld. Don't leave large empty grass or sea regions.Not logged in.
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Oh,crap.The creator has a more fancy userbar.Oh well,at least the other is fancy too :)

Originally posted by Azureblade49 in a lot of videos
Vanilla Dome 4!
Aside from the fixed errors,I see you further polished and decorated the submap.Great work!
Looks good,but,on the second screenshot,I suggest you change the structure of the sealed room.Using Donut Bridge pieces just doesn't seem good.

EDIT:Oh god,I'm a spelling nazi :O
I'm stuck there too.What do you mean,"Don't try to enter the pipe if you're clipping."?I don't understand.

The hack is really good so far,however :)
Aside from the errors the others pointed out,I think I have some more.The Shelless Blue Koopa and the Rexes have some weird palettes.And,have you applied the Fade Fix patch?

Aside from that,the music is awesome,and the level looks very unlinear,and that's even more awesome.
On that level,nothing even touched Mario,and I waited so that the P-Switch would run out,but I found no way to enter the pipe :(

EDIT: I actually made it.What I did was wait for the P-Switch to run out and enter with a cape,THEN it worked.The only complaint for the Big Boo Boss Battle(B.B.B.B.),is that the Eerie generator kept blasting me on the face,right at the beggining :(

Still,very good :)

ZOMG DOUBLE EDIT: I just got past Cactus Desert 1 and the newly opened path glitched out!That's BAD!

SORRY,BUT TRIPLE EDIT: I think those(sorry for my stupid English) sands that make Mario sink were supposed to SLOWLY drive him into oblivion,right?

QUADRUPLE(?)EDIT: There's some Major Slowdown on a lot of areas,and,on the Cavern Ghoust House,if you accidentaly kill the Birdo on the Big Boo Boss Battle(B.B.B.B.),it's over...
I am 12 years old.
Oh crap,this got regected.Manuz,I think you should see the Hack Removal Log.

There were only two parts,and I think I have a suggestion for the second.

In Cactus Pyramid,simply place a pipe that leads to an area with side exit enabled just before the path of green blocks.

I also suggest you try to fix the glitch on the pipe that leads to the Boss Door,or put it on a Read Me,because it would be so much better.
Graphics are nice.

Two things on the second screen:First,add some decorations,and,second,I'll correct your text for you:

"Welcome back to Dinosaur Land!Looks like Peach has been taken again...and Bowser has total control!It's up to you,Luigi."

Ball n' Chains were attacked by Badspritememoryman(that was crappy,but don't ask).
Invisible blocks aren't good...if overused.Be careful.
Looks good,but it's plain and lacks decorations.Also,on the second screen:Please don't tell me that's level 104 edited.
Amazing.Simply amazing.Great graphics and superb level design.However,as the others stated,there are some palette issues,flying berries,and the climbing net + bullet bill 1-up trick.

Also,on the seventh screenshot(the one with Sumo Bro fire),doesn't that cause slowdown?

Well,this is looking amazing so far.I am SO going to play it when it's released.
I forgot to mention,but screenshots 4 and 6 have a messed up status bar palette.
The levels are really nice,good job with the BG Brrrrrrzer :)

But...I think you should call that a Ghoust SOMETHING,not a Ghoust HOUSE,because it really isn't a house.Oh,well...

The title screen.Giga Baby Bowser at the BG(looks like adult Giga Bowser) and normal Baby Bowser at the FG? o.O

Also,can't you have a fancy title screen text?I know it's not a must-have,but it's a really nice addition =]

Overaal,it's good but some strage things I pointed out o_O
The level looks great,but I have some complaints:The Midway Point bar palette is nasty.It seems strange for me that the waterfalls come out of nowhere and cutoff into the water,but that's just me.

Also,I can't see how that music fits for the OW,but it's only my opinion.

Aside from that,it's great.Keep it up :)
Nice logo,awesome BG...BUT,is that water on the first screenshot of Birdo's Lake 2?Because,if it is,it doesn't look like.It seems part of the BG.
Darkening the FG would be a good idea.Also,the status bar palette on the first Birdo's Lake 2 screenshot is messed up.
It looks great.I have only one complaint actually.On the OW,near the brown part,there are some 90° degrees,which is unnatural.And,if you look closely(well,at least I saw it),there are some bright green dots on the top-right corners of those 90° degrees.
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Thundahack's Profile - Posts by Thundahack

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