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I've been messing around with Mario's GFX a bit and have noticed one or two glitches that were not present before. Most notably, the top tile of the end-of-level victory sprite for both normal and super Mario. As opposed to the normal victory pose which works fine, the top tile moves over a few pixels to the left when the goal tape is cut when riding Yoshi.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?
But I've played a clean rom and don't see evidence of the bug in gameplay or in the GFX.
Ah, I'm sorry, upon looking at the original GFX again, I noticed that the sprites were actually drawn to get around that error. I'll just have to redraw those poses.

Thanks anyways.
Here's a quick (and likely stupid) question. What's the Hex Code for a standard "?" Block? I'm trying to create blocks that will spawn different sprites via Block Tool, but haven't seen the base code for it anywhere.
I'm still trying (and failing) to learn ASM, so I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this, but I'd like to change the tiles a custom sprite uses in its programming, so I can use custom sprites that make use of the same tile(s) fit in one level.

Can anybody help me out?
Originally posted by TLMB
You could either remap them by chaning the code in the custom sprite's asm file -or- You could just edit the ExGFX of the Custom sprite by using any graphics editor, even the one in Lunar Magic.

Well, my problem is I have two sprites that both require the use of a particular tile, so just editing the ExGFX wouldn't really help.

And as for rewriting the ASM...I'm really having a hard time understanding how to actually do it.

Specifically, it's Davros locked door sprite, which requires a tile used by a red/blue/yellow Yoshi egg.
How does one use them in a level with the lines appearing as garbage? After editing some GFX, they won't appear correctly even in levels where they were originally.
I've edited numerous GFX files, including GFX16 where the lines are. I didn't touch any of the line guides though.
I didn't use ExGFX for that slot, and even if I use an unedited GFX file, they still won't appear right.
Can anyone do a NSMB Mini Mushroom? Like, a Poison Mushroom that removes Mario's power-ups rather than hurting him. Preferably in 8x8 size.
...I'd hate to make this sound like an "is this possible" thread, but I've been wondering if anyone has a method to separate Fire Mario's GFX from Super Mario's...Or at least some alternative that can give that appearance, like swapping the tilemaps assigned to power-ups.
Well, Layer 2 should be set to constant horizontal and vertical scroll for an auto-level to work correctly.

If those certain blocks don't work after setting that, you should give some examples of what those blocks are.
The movement looks very strange. It's more like random leg movement than walking.

I would recommend trying any new new GFX out in-game before releasing it publicly.
Absolutely brilliant.

...And I've been wanting a Joe the Shark sprite too. =D
I've noticed that Yoshi won't fly correctly when he eats a blue shell if the ROM address 5B05 is set to 16. The wing GFX/SFX and everything work, but Yoshi won't fly, or even jump maximum height.

Is there a way to solve this without changing the address back to normal?
Fantastic work. I bet this would be great for shoot 'em ups.

If you could work the MP count into a bar, like the air meter, I bet ICB would love you.
If I can cancel my request a few pages back...I'd like a disassembly of the Super Mushroom, preferably with the init routine so it's ready to be inserted. I have a few ideas I could try with it.

Also, if you can possibly edit it so the sprite would take place of an unused sprite, similar to the Poison Shroom that comes with Sprite Tool, that'd be just peachy.

Simple, just make a copy of one set of power-up+projectile asm and cfg files, and change the former to produce the ice blast sprite & display a different tile for an ice flower.

I've been trying this myself. This has great potential for new power-ups. All you really need is a Mario-friendly projectile, like smkdan's Marine Pop ammo.