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Hi everyone, my name is Intuition and I came from I mainly came here looking for graphics for my SMBX episode and thought I might as well register here for the lols. So hi everybody!
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Thank you Polar-Gon Express, and rest assured that I'll do my best with my episode.
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Why thank you, I used to go under another name that sort of stick with me for many years on the SMBX community, and I intend to change that, so better start here fresh with this name before I get more fangirls than needed :v
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I ignore if this question has been brought up before or not, and to be honest being this site so big and different from I don't know where should I ask this either, so if this thread doesn't belong here please let me know.

So I'm working on an SMBX episode and I planned to use stuff from these forums, but the thing is that I remembered from a couple of years(?) somebody used graphics from someone in here, don't remember if credit was due or not, and that person, including the site itself, was having issues with SMWCentral for it. Correct me if this is wrong or ill-sourced, but I'm creating this thread precisely because I don't know the full details.

The thing is that I wanted to use graphics from a certain user by the name of Alessio for my episode, but the thing is that I noticed he hasn't been active since 2014. That brings the question, could I use his graphics? Since he isn't active I can't really ask him for permission, or rather I wouldn't expect an answer anytime soon. This question applies to any kind of resources I get from this site.
A pair of flip flops. That's it. Oh, and LOVE!
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Do not worry, I planned to do that from the beginning. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't get my hands dirty in using stuff without permission, glad to know that is not the case.

@eva is cute: Also, those are cute avatars you have there. I used to use anime-related avatars, maybe I should go back to using them again once I get the hang of post styles, I suppose it sort of works like list styles on MyAnimeList.
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Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that one out Leomon.
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I haven't updated my list styles in ages. In fact, I don't even think my manga list has style whatsoever, not that I read that much manga to begin with, I've always been an anime guy myself, exceptions being when there's bullshit animation like filler ending, so on and so forth.

Anyway, here's my list.
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Welcome to the forums yipee. Have a nice one here.
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Well considering I just joined I'd say for resource gathering purposes. If that changes or not will depend on how pleasant my stay here actually is.
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Originally posted by Skewer
Be sure to read the quotes. Not "horrible" as in a complete monster or something similar. Like... I know I'm a "horrible" person because when I win a match on a competitive online RTS, I save the replay and binge watch the replays of my victories: myself (and my partner) absolutely owning the enemy through cheap tactics or similar, pissing the enemy off and smiling about it.

I personally don't think that's a horrible thing to do. Trust me, I've done worse things myself.

I'm a horrible person because I want to have the last say in the matter, always, regardless of it being beneficial/helpful/relevant or not.
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I have a question regarding the importing of graphics onto Lunar Magic. I've made a whole overworld sprite sheet and I was ready to use it. But I notice that some tutorials say you pixelate in certain programs that modify the tiles in SMW. Is there no real way to import a sprite sheet without the need for such a program? Pixelating everything after being done is offputting.
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What I mean by sprite sheet is the set of graphics that I need to import into Lunar Magic.

SnesGFX seems to be what I was looking for. I'm going to give it a try and see if it works.
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Welcome to my chest of wonders! I'll be updating this thread every so often with new and exciting graphics. These are no ports however, although I may do it at one point. Anyone is invited to do it only if credit is due. With that said enjoy!

This is something I've been working on this past week. I'm quite proud of what I came to make. I don't really know how to reformat it so it's compatible with Lunar Magic and to be honest, I'm sort of losing interest in doing so because of how difficult it is for me. But I thought I might as well post this here for everyone else to see it.
Custom Overworld GFX

It's been a really long time since I've drawn anything, but in the past two days I've been on some kind of rampage and I swear I aren't done yet. These three tilesets are the results of two days of work.
Zelda Rupee Tileset NEW!
Custom Cave Tileset NEW!
Custom Castle/Fortress Tileset NEW!
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Glad both of you like it. I'll probably use SnesGFX, but like many other programs, I have no idea how to use it. Is there perhaps a tutorial on how to rip it with it?

Originally posted by leod
Actually looks neato, it's way too rare to actually see completely custom overworld graphics, at most people might add new ones to the existing vanilla set.

Is that so? I might consider making more overworld graphics then, and maybe even importing my whole SMBX GFX Pack's graphics to Lunar Magic. I'll have to see if I can use SnesGFX to begin with.
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Originally posted by "Intuition on"
Hello, everybody! I made this thread to announce that you can now add a custom progress bar made by me on your level/project threads. Its use is obviously optional, and most importantly easy, as with changing the number on the image URL the appropriate progress bar will be shown on your post. Keep in mind that this system depends entirely on TinyURL, and some people not only might be unable to see it but unable to use it be their way of using their site changing to a limited amount of time only. Until this time comes, however, you're free to use this progress bar I made.

How to set the progress bar:
In order to set the progress bar you must use the following URL in between image tags:

N stands for the numeralical representation that is the progress you want to show. If N were to be 83, and you replace the N in the URL with 83, sure enough, there you see the proper progress bar you need.

IMPORTANT: If a better way of implementing this progress bar happened to arrive please switch to that method instead of this one due to how insecure in fact is.
Looks really neat. I like the design of the X. Although I can't help but think of MMX when I see that. :v
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Originally posted by leod
Looks pretty nice, and A+ for effort for legitimately making, uploading and shortening 101 different images when you could've made it render programmatically instead.

That doesn't make it any worse, it's just blowing my mind that anyone could have this level of dedication!

Thanks. This was mainly made for which didn't account for a decent progress bar extension. That's why I made it raw.

Originally posted by Hobz

hmm... doesn't seem like you added all the numbers. It's very pretty though!

Why would you even count past 100%? This ain't a screwed up game completion ratio.
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I really don't know where to post this, so if I happened to post it in the wrong forum please move this thread and inform me so that I'll know for future issues that I may come across.

So I've been playing VLDC9 as of late and I've almost completed 3 of the worlds. However there's one issue that has stuck with me since the very beginning, and that is that ZSNES will crash every now and then. The game will freeze, a window will pop up saying "ZSNES doesn't respond" and it will close down.

This hasn't been a problem to me personally because I always keep a save state prior to entering each level so that if I'm forced out and my progress doesn't save I can still go back to where I was. However, as I entered one of the levels in the Beach Level, I think it's called "Hotel", I run down to the secret exit and upon entering a door it crashes again. This is however not linked to my random crashes, it always crashes upon entering that specific door. I can't complete this game without getting all exits so I decided to finally give in and ask for a solution. Is the ROM buggy? Do I switch to Snes9x? What can I do to fix this issue of mine?
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Intuition's Profile - Posts by Intuition

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