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Like the thread title says. Anyways, it was in regards to sprite E7, apparently it had some interesting relationship to level mode 0x05, one normally listed as 'do not use.' IIRC, there was something in that thread about the level changing modes mid-level, going from a horizontal level to a vertical one, though I cannot recall the thread nor where it was. Does anyone remember this thread, or can anyone find it? I have tried, and cannot seem to locate it.

It means more to me than you think; I've completely lost my programming muse, and this at the very least it helping me get it back
Since MWR and Tweaker don't edit sprites about C8, this is due to the sprite data tables being split into two parts, with >C8 elsewhere in the ROM, I am wondering if anybody knows where this second part of the Sprite data is. The reason I'm asking is, I need to get a specific ASM address for sprite EC, which unfortunately isn't in the editable/viewable list of sprites.
Thanks, that should give me what I need.
specifically, 01462 and 01464. Those were accidentally submitted by me, thinking I'd clicked RAM map- just letting you guys know they shouldn't be there, and I have no clue what they do.
That title screen looks all right to me... just using layer one or two instead of layer three. Haven't checked it with any utilities, but a lot of the antialiasing on the edges uses colours that look to my eye like they match colours used in the fills for that logo.
It's an SSBB bug.
You could just patch the routine where it sets mario's Y velocity to 0 if you're on ground to hurt him if the Y velocity is over X amount right before it's changed.
..haha, wow, forgot about C3. Go figure, I just got my motivation/inspiration back.

I guess I'll just have to take a few screenshots or a video or something.
<object width="425" height="349"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="349"></embed></object>

A little ASM hack I did. Autoscrollers are fun~
Okay, so here's a bit of a stumper that I couldn't find the answer for on google:

Can anyone get custom music working in the No Yoshi intros? I wrote a little hack to alter the music in them if it's the castle BGM, and it works- however if I try to use Custom Music it fails miserably, crashing the SPC700 (and subsequently SMW later).

So, has anyone gotten custom music working in SMW for the no yoshi screen?

Here's some relevant info: The hack is just a compare-then-rewrite on the accumulator and stores to the SPC700 music controls in RAM.

it's at PC 0x193B headered, slightly altered from stock to this byte string: 22 B1 AB 90 EA EA EA 22 C0 EF 04

the first JSL is to the Addmusic Hack, which -should- afaik upload the SPC data, and the second is to my music changer control, which changes the music and that's it.

EDIT: It appears that whatever'd causing the issue is a lot more obscure than I thought, since both the No yoshi intros and the normal levels are loaded by the same routine.
Uh, isn't bowser used to break down the marrymore door? Since you can't create NPCs on-the-fly with events, bowser's there so he can be used in that sequence, he's not something from beta.
No, you can't. SMRPG's ROM cannot be expanded normally, since it's already at 4 MBytes. A complex ASM hack using the SA-1's bankswitching registers could overcome that and allow an 8MByte ROM, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
I've looked through the ROM Map, all.log, and other disassemblies, but I haven't found everything I'm looking for.

My question is, I need to find the locations of the pointer tables for level data (all parts of it) and all the graphics and ExGFX files in-ROM. I've found the tables for the level data on the ROM Map (these are valid after LM's been used, right?), but I still haven't been able to find the pointer table for the graphics. Does anyone know where this table is or has anyone had better luck finding these tables than me?
I tried that, but whether I subtracted the header or not I couldn't find the pointer tables that way :/
nono, I mean in finding the address of the pointer table for the GFX/ExGFX files.
..That's where the pointer tables start? If so, thanks.
..Ah, I've found the tables with a little help.

Turns out, the pointer tables to graphics are really screwed up, and are split into three 51-byte tables.

the PC Address is *with* a header.
PCAddr Length Description
03B92 51 Bytes Low Byte, GFX pointers Table
03BC4 51 Bytes Middle Byte, GFX pointers Table
03BF6 51 Bytes High Byte, GFX pointers Table

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