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Its quite rare to see a hack here going above or at 60 exits.
Thats what I'm here for!
Me and Simsam are working on an unnamed hack thats somewhere above 60 exits, and were taking a different approach to an exploration hack. Its kind of a choconilla hack, with ASM and shenanigans like that but with more of an original theme and level design. We're striving for a release by the end of the year (that sounds like a lot, but were both dead slow. the screenshots below are in the duration of november '16 to current day. more time during the summer will open up more opportunities.), with some demos coming. Overall, were hoping to give a nice adventure for Mario and his bro Luigi.
SA-1 might happen, depending if its wanted and if the sd2snes team adds support for it.
Some screenshots, in no specific order. Some are older than others but these are all the finished products.

(thanks Dan and Link901 for the snow koopa sprite)
Feel free to give some criticism, as this is our first hack (but not our first time toying with lunar magic!)
HUGE credit to the other guy working on this, Simsam, for lots of small graphic and Map16 work. He's done some great unreleased work in the past and I'm seeing that in his work now.
huh, maybe i'll actually take part in this one. very exciting!
= Magical Commute =

Mario took the wrong route home... Can he make it in time to see his favorite TV show?
Good luck to everyone submitting for VLDCX!
hoh boy i am finally fucking done and now i can do other things
im not new, i just lurk around and sometimes talk on the discord channel. i'm steven, and ive been romhacking for a good while now. im just starting to learn asm so i hope to make some neat contributions here.
theres nothing wrong with using zsnes, but if you test your hack with it then its probably bound to be broken in some way or another. imho, zsnes is shit, but its ui is beautiful, so if you really wanted to keep the zsnes feel you should probably use zmz.
I'm trying to put in some HDMA. It looks fine in Effect Tool, but in game it looks extremely choppy.


The gif is full speed. It doesn't look like it.

Could anyone figure this out? Thanks!
Battle Royale

So, about two hours ago, I heard that OLDC was almost over. I took that as a challenge and made this. It has some cutoff and maybe its not very attractive but I really like it. Enjoy~
awh, this is cute.
ngl i’ve been secretly hype for this hack for a while now, so i’m def playing this when i can.

nice trailer too lmao
patch doesnt work on a vanilla smw rom.

looks like its a mystery... #smw{o_O?}
in the latest patch (2.0) theres a debug coin farm? probably not supposed to be there.
yep, downloaded a new rom and it still didnt work.
bandicoot has won c3

jokes aside this is really good so far. the quality of all the levels is nuts. gg
i was wondering what was up- thanks guys!
find it ironic that the odyssey gimmick is making its way into fangames and hacks around the internet even though the game itself isn't even out

this announcement hit me like a bus while i was scrolling through smwc in class. this is amazing work. now go cap bowser because he cant do shit about it
as expected tbh, if i remember correctly i did the level in like an hour before the contest ended.

grats to winners
id totally be interested in a yildc because it’s fun to pronounce because i’d like to learn a bit more about yoshis island and golden egg.

i’d be down for cldc too; it’d get rid of my excuse for not knowing much about asm.

this has me excited for next year. can’t wait for everything to happen, guys.
Making this thread to organize everything relating to this mysterious hack. From what it looks like its definitely an arg. I'll edit this with relevant stuff as the thread goes on.

Here is the tumblr post that dissects pretty much everything in this rom and more. If it’s not here, it’s probably there.

A quick recap;
- This is based off of the Human Souls ARG, in which two people (named Eric and Rachel) incompletely upload their minds into a computer that resides outside of this universe before death. This computer is called The Cube, and is the only computer of its kind. I reccomend you join the Game Detectives discord for more information.
- Super Spice World was added on Friday the 13th, 2017 by user Randomiser, and created by the fictitious Pangent Technologies.
- A mirror of the original patch can be found here. (not added yet)
- The ending of the rom compared to the official youtube playthrough shows the line of text "img YtBTQZE." instead of the image of the spice girls.