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wow, this is REALLY awesome. for your first full level and vldc this is really unique and creative.

i have yet to play the level myself, but the video showed some really cool stuff. nice work.
wow, at first i was like "this is a vldc level?"

AMAZING work with the aesthetics. the combination of graphics used here is really incredible - surely blows mine out of the water.
Crevice Climb (v1.1, updated as of 03/20/19, couple hours before deadline)

this is rushed, however i'm pretty proud of it as it is. its not perfect, but it'll do. certainly is better than my last two contest submissions. shoutouts to ogrewarrior and amber

has five dragon coins, some small secrets woven in between. this will probably be the last edit i make to this.

happy vldc everyone!


these are all gorgeous, but i think i like the global smw graphics best. they're just beautiful.
holy shit, i love everything here.

that porcupuffer is evil.
i think what nameless did [this thread, not the action described in op] was really admirable. coming out to confess and apologize for something like this isn't easy, especially on a public forum. i think that a lot of other users in this thread are kind of overreacting. many people have already said it, but here it is again; were a site dedicated to smw hacking. you are a forum user for said website, taking time out of your day to view the Drama Thread Of The Year that'll be forgotten in like, a week, if its not memed to death - which it won't. personally, i cant see why people are getting so UPPITY about this, saying that they've BETRAYED smwc and whatnot. its not a huge deal, to me atleast, and i believe that this thread really reflects the type of person who nameless is.

anyway. besides all that. i'm slightly biased after reading everything but id be willing to forgive.

i like what vitor said, though;
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela
It happened, that's the past now. If Nameless learned her lesson, give her another chance. It happens, humans do fail. I have failed as well several, several times.
really bummed i missed out on this one. the entries look really well made too - congratulations to pebbles!
cooltunnels level was pretty good too.
November 8, 2001
as usual, i love your work. nice work :D
also the seals are cute :)
physically pogging rn
the style is pretty awesome, and while its kaizo it looks pretty fun to play. except...
Originally posted by idol
the second section introduces something i think a lot of players like: RNG

also didn't know "portrait rooms" had a name. interesting!
boshi rigged the scores

happy c3 everyone :)
the screenshots really do look fantastic. im excited for this :D
this looks incredible! modern but still faithful to the original site. im excited #smrpg{<3}

edit: just noticed that the p switch is no longer in the menu bar, so i can no longer support this project #smrpg{roar}
this is a cool idea. if it goes anywhere, id love to help out! not too hot in the graphics/asm/music departments but i can say i put a good amount of thought into level design and putting everything together. it would be really cool seeing a """modern""" version of super mario world.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
in general it might be a nice touch to include a handful of "bonus" levels to the hack that make use of beta features that Nintendo gave up on.

i know this is kinda stepping out of line with the initial ideas of the project, but i really like this. i think of it kind of like super mario advance 4's e-reader levels. it'd be fun to scatter them around every once and a while.
chester is a hack.

i will save you, mr. switchy
enlightening. hopefully there are more of these obscure facts :)
this looks magnificent

i love you, jump team <3