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Posts by Golden Yoshi
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Hello all. Name's Golden Yoshi...I used to be a member of Acmlm's.

But anyway, I have a new Yoshi's Island hack out, entitled SMW2+2. So far, I've released a two-world demo, and I figure I'd post it here because I see some unfamiliar faces. Ok now...

Some screens for your viewing pleasure...

1-1: How'd You Like Your Egg?

1-3: Springtime Loveliness

1-4: Bryce The Boo's Fort

2-5: Under The Sea

Check out for more screens.

And on to the demo...

It contains 1-1 through 3-1...including Extras. Have a splendid time ;). And let me know what you think.

Ah yes...before I forget, make sure you patch it to version 1.0(U) of the Yoshi's Island ROM, otherwise this hack will not function properly.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Well .. shit. This was unexpected. Nice to see you finally registered here :P

For those who don't know, GY is the creator of SMW2+ and now this masterpiece. He was, and still is, a rather famous hacker. Not only that, he's a pretty awesome guy in general, so yeah :)

Anyway, as I've already told you, those screens look awesome as usual. I'm still interested in seeing what you have in store for the rest of world 3 and beyond - I know you're beginning to up the difficulty, so it should be nice :)

Ah...thanks for the warm welcome there, S.N.N. :)

And may I mention S.N.N. has an excellent YI hack himself :).

Oh and by the way, I see you still have the same awesome post layout, hurrah!
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
How dare you insult YI! :O

Looks great, from what I understands YI hacking is hard to get the hang of. I think I'll check out SMW2+ first though. :P really doesn't make a difference. At the end of the day, they're both YI hacks with new levels, there's nothing you won't understand in SMW2+2 without playing SMW2+ first :P. But...whichever you want to play first is fine. If you really want to know the difference between the two, SMW2+2 has a better progression and balance of difficulty than the first.
Originally posted by fabio
Holy crap, I haven't seen you in awhile Golden Yoshi. Welcome! ^_^

I've already told you too that your levels are amazing so far when I was beta testing it a few months back. I'm also curious on how much progress you made so far. :)

Well...actually...I took a break from it for a while :P. But that's just what I needed, time to miss working on it ;). So now I started up again, and I'm currently working on 3-3. So's coming along :).
Originally posted by B.B.Link
Originally posted by DarthRiko
I not too big on YI hacks, mostly beacause of the original YI being a failure (to me).


Hey Golden Yoshi, long time no see. I remember playing SMW2+ way back when on the real Achlmn Board and it's still a good today. I'm also still discriminating the Yoshi's whit my color cheat, if you still remember.

Anyway, Looking forward to playing you new adventure soon.

Actually I do remember that color cheat :D. Assuming you are Link2005/2006, I remember that post layout ;).

Thanks for playing Silver Yoshi!
Originally posted by delmaru
did you use different GFX, or is it me? looks good though. i might play it if i have time.

It's just you...the graphics are the same ;). Although I did use different color combinations, that might be what's throwing you off.
Originally posted by Buu-Huu
When I enter the pipe in level 1-3, I come to a part without objects. I just fall and then I die.

That's strange...I just double checked that screen exit and it leads to its proper destination, plus, I've tested it several times. That happen to anyone else?
Overall, started hacking in 2001. It was Super Mario World. A friend of mine from school back then brought in a graphing calculator, that had Super Mario on it with a level editor. I searched high and low for it, and ended up finding an entirely different editor entirely, Lunar Magic. I liked SMW, so I was happy to find it.

I've been hacking Yoshi's Island since 2004, back when EggVine was in its early development (well, actually, there hasn't been much development on it entirely :P). I became a beta tester before the editor was released to the public, so I helped test for bugs and I compiled the list of levels.
A bit of a bump, but I figure it's better than starting a new thread. are some of the latest screens from SMW2+2. This hack is still very much alive and in progress, and I'm currently working on 4-1: Up In The Mountains.

Here are the screens...

3-3: The Cave Of Koopas

3-4: Timmy The Tap-Tap's Fort

3-5: Brrrr! It's So Cold!

3-8: Anna The Piranha's Castle

4-1: Up In The Mountains

I'll most likely wait until the complete version to make another release of this hack. That could be a while, as I only have time to work on this on the weekends. It'll probably take me into 2008, but you never know, I've finished things sooner than I said I would ;).
Yays! Very glad you decided to release this. I tested this hack from the beginning and enjoyed it very much. S.N.N. has a great talent for level design, and all the levels in this hack are very well-designed. S.N.N. was able to make very innovative and interesting level designs that keep you on your feet and are very fun! This is definitely a must-play. So, go ahead and play!

This latest screen is from 4-2: Mushroom Valley. I think it look perrty :P.
Well, I wouldn't really say I'm whizzing through this or anything. It still takes up quite a few days to complete a level. I've worked on it more on weekends since I'm busy with my job on weekdays, so I still say it takes about the same time. Heh, if I hadn't taken a break from working on this a few months ago, it could've been close to completion :P. Ah well ;).

I'll be happy to have the first and third completed Yoshi's Island hacks :P. Really weird ;).

4-3: Chomp Sharks' Paradise

Originally posted by nensondubois
You people probably know me from GSCentral :)

What does that have anything to do with this thread? o_O

That's a tutorial written by cpubasic a while ago. Hope that helps.
Bumping for an update...

I'm currently working on 4-7. I plan on releasing a 4-world demo once World 4 is done, obviously.

Here are three of the latest screens...

4-5: The Sky's The Limit

4-6: Balloon Bonanza

4-7: Let Go Of My Babies!

As you can see starting from the 4-6 screen, I've enhanced the Yoshi colors so that they match those found on the intro scene. And starting from the 4-7 screen, you can see that now each Yoshi has its own custom boot colors.

Also, there will be three new Yoshi colors that will be used in Extra levels: orange, white, and black.
Wow, this is all very impressive stuff. I'm sure this will be great use in my YI hack, thanks!

But would you happen to know anything about how after changing the bonus icon into a level, how to actually assign a level number to it in order to edit it, and how to point it to the level name table to insert a level name?
Very nice, thanks for typing all this out! You sure know a lot about this game.

Now I can replace the unlockable Bonus Game with a level in each world...very cool.
Yeah, I was thinking of replacing the Bonus game icons with "Secret" levels. If I could rip the Secret level icons from SMA3, that would be very awesome!

But inserting these secret levels is just a tentative idea. I don't think I'll have enough extra level indexes (sorry if that's the wrong plural :P) and free space to make it happen. I'll see when I'm done with 1-1 through Extra 6 though. I really want to go back and do them now, but I don't want to risk running out of space for my later levels ;).
Hmmm... I had one more question regarding the button sequence on the map to unlock the minigames. You know how when you're entering the sequence, and if you press the wrong button, it makes the "wrong" sound? Is there a way to disable this sound at this point? The reason is because I want to change the button sequence and hide the code somewhere in my hack, and the button can simply be figured out by process of elimination whenever that sound doesn't play.
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Golden Yoshi's Profile - Posts by Golden Yoshi

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