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Ok...I'm just about ready to implement the bonus levels as "Secret" levels now. I changed the pointers for these levels, but now there are a couple more problems...

Number 1, I changed it so that all the icons flip over when checking the score, but as you can see, the "flipped" graphics for the Secret level have the wrong border. Plus, before playing the level, the score reads "0" instead of the dash as seen in other levels. (Not seen in this screen)

Number 2, when you beat the Secret level and get a new high score, the Extra level's tile flips over first...

Number 3, after number 2 happens, the Extra icon just disappears from the map screen...

Any idea how to fix these problems?

Also, I plan on taking out World 6 to make room for these six Secret levels per world. Thus, I will need to make World 5 the official last world. Thus, I need to change it so that the title screen changes to that darker alternate version after beating World 4 instead of World 5. Know how I would go about doing that?
Wow, I can't thank you enough Mattrizzle! You really know your stuff.

Thanks for all your help, you've been extremely helpful :D!

EDIT: Alright...I promise these will be my last requests. After this I will be completely set. There are a couple things I want to change due to these new changes, as some are important for the hack to functions properly now. See, since I don't have enough room to create 6 additional levels, I'm knocking out World 6 for these 6 Secret levels. In that case...

1. This one may be a long shot, but since there is going to be only 5 worlds, it will look strange with there being a gap at the end of the game where World 6 "flap" icon on the map should be. Is there any way I could do the following: Make the World 6 flap icon appear permanently from the beginning of the game, and when choosing it, it reveals the scores for the entire World. That way, there's an extra flap there the whole time, and when the 5 worlds are complete, there's no gap. Of course, I'd edit the graphics of the number 6 in that spot accordingly.

2. Change it so that after beating 4-8, it triggers the "Warping to Dark World" sequence, instead of it happening after 5-8, and likewise, the title screen stays with the dark world version?

3. I noticed that if you place Bowser in any other level besides 6-8, after beating him, it doesn't save the level as being complete. So, if I plan on putting it in 5-8, it won't save the score or recognize the level as being complete. This is a big problem, because then I won't be able to unlock Extra and Secret 5. Now, I looked at the fourth byte in each level start offset. After messing around with that fourth byte, I realized that it's related to events triggered after completing the level, such as which level it reveals next. Now, I tried copying the fourth byte from 6-8 onto 5-8, but when beating Bowser, it still doesn't save the score or level as being complete.

4. In some levels, if you put in a chomp rock, it will either beat normal gray chomp rock that warps back to its starting point if the player lets it out of their view, or a brown rock that stays in place even when the player goes off-screen. Examples of levels that use brown chomp rocks are 1-1 and 4-5. Is there way to change it so a different level used the brown "memory" rock?

Thanks for any help, as always.
Hmm...glad you mentioned this.

Would you or anyone else be interested in any way in making custom level icons for SMW2+2? I want them to match the style of the original YI, but I need new icons, and I can't draw myself. Would you be willing/able to do this? You'd of course get credit for this, and maybe some other reward if I can think of one.
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Hmm...glad you mentioned this.

Would you or anyone else be interested in any way in making custom level icons for SMW2+2? I want them to match the style of the original YI, but I need new icons, and I can't draw myself. Would you be willing/able to do this? You'd of course get credit for this, and maybe some other reward if I can think of one.

I would be able to help once in awhile.
I may not be an icegoom, but I am able to do some YI styled completely custom sprites(As you will see in my smw hack)

Hmm...well, I don't know how hard it would be for you to draw custom images for the icons then. If you were willing to do it, you could maybe draw one icon for the time being to see if I liked your style. There's really no rush, as I'm not close to completing the hack.

Let me know either way, thanks!
Hmm...okay, for example.

Level 1-1 is How'd You Like Your Egg? It's a level that uses all the egg types: regular green, red eggs that give stars, yellow eggs that give coins, etc. Basically there I'd just want an assortment of eggs pictured. Doesn't have to be too complicated.
Hmm...that sounds pretty cool...thanks! I'll email you now.
Thanks so much! Take as much time as you need.
Nice, I'll use that in my hack. Thanks!
Yeah, you can change it so 5-8 takes you to 6-8, but that doesn't seem to matter. It looks like that event is specific to the actual last level in World 6, so there has to be some other way to change it.
Nice, thanks for that info. I should be good for now, as I'm currently finishing up World 4, and needed that info. I haven't gotten up to 5-8 to actually test everything, but I'll worry once I get there :).
Nice info there.

Let's see, there are a couple more things I have to figure out to make everything consistent, seeing as SMW2+2 will be a five-world hack...

1. How to change which map image appears at the bottom of the screen in each world on the level select screen.

2. I see you posted information on music, but how exactly do I change the map music assignments per world? Is there an offset for each world with a value you can assign to it? Basically, since there's going to be five worlds, I think the best choice would be to push all the map music back a world.
Great, thanks for that! SMW2+2 is going to turn out even better thanks to you.
Ack...painted myself into yet another corner.

Okay...I've noticed this for a while, but it seems that boss levels load a specific set of palettes to use for the enlarged bosses depending on the level used. Thus, you cannot really freely switch bosses around to different levels, as their palettes will glitch. Here is an example of me trying to use the Raven boss in 4-8 instead of 5-8...

As you can see, the Raven's palettes are glitched. However, with the Raven, it only glitches the palettes in the room before the actual battle. Then when it goes to that moon setting for the boss fight, the palettes are fine. When I was doing this level, I found a neat little loophole to bypass the room prior to the fight and have it go straight to the moon part. Now I realized another problem introduced by that. Since you can go straight to that room, you can bring eggs into the room, and they glitch when you throw them. As you can notice in the screen, in the pre-boss room, the Raven bumps into Yoshi and makes him drops the eggs, preventing him from bringing them to the moon. So, it turns out I will probably need to use the pre-boss room.

So, in short, is there a way to change which level loads which boss palettes?
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
Isnt there a sprite which rids Yoshi of all his eggs?
If so, try to find a way to disable items in a room then simply link to the raven boss.

I don't know, is there? Let me know if there is.
That's possible...but seeing as I've already completed the level to my liking, I don't really want to add in any lame part to it where you have to force the player to lose all eggs. I don't know, I'll have to see. Hopefully there is a way to fix the boss palettes though.
Awesome information! I've been wondering about that information for a long time. Thanks a lot!

As for the starry BG being screwed up, I noticed that before. As you can see in the screen, in my first YI hack, I changed the BG image since I encountered that same problem. In my first hack I used the Raven in 5-8 and still encountered the problem for some reason. But it should work when you change the BG, I don't know.

Very interesting. So basically, all you have to do is not use lava in that level, and it works. No wonder it wasn't working in my first YI hack, I used lava in that level. Heh, well luckily I didn't use it in my current Raven boss level, so it works fine.

Everything is now working fine in 4-8, I'm happy :D. Thanks. there a way to...

1. Make it so that you need to get 100 in 10 levels per world to get the stars on the title screen. Normally, the star appears when you get 100 on all 9 levels (1-8, Extra) in each world, but I now have a Secret level as well.

2. Disable the incorrect buzz sound effect that is made when you input the wrong minigame code button sequence on the title screen.?

3. Change which level uses the brown chomp rock that stays in place when the player moves off screen. That chomp rock is found in 1-1 and 4-5.
I actually liked this game. I thought the level designs were pretty interesting, they felt like RPG dungeons since you have to go from room to room and solve puzzles. It's probably not a game you'd want to play over again, but it's pretty much worth it the first time around, IMO.
Cool...thanks! Now I can put in a new minigame code without the player being able to guess by process of elimination. I better hide it somewhere good now.

Are you sure the Unkwown 2 byte controls the chomp rock color? That byte is what controls which midpoint is used in the particular level. I think I tried changing that byte before to see if the color would change, but it didn't. Even if you try to import the header from one of those levels that uses it, it doesn't change.

I've wondered if that Unknown 2 byte controls several things. In addition to controlling the midpoints, it seems to be related to sprite memory in some way. Sometimes when I'm making a level, I'll notice that red coins and flowers won't appear in certain spots. Then when I switch around the Unknown 2 byte, they suddenly work. Strange.
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Golden Yoshi's Profile - Posts by Golden Yoshi

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