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I see...

I've switched around that Unknown 2 byte many times, as I use several midpoints, but I never noticed it changing colors. Unless I coincidentally never used a chomp rock in a room with 32 set to that value, but that's unlikely.

I really think it specifically has to do with the overworld specific level the rock is placed it. For example, if you try linking to the cave part in 1-1 which used the brown rock in any other level, the rock will be gray.

I think I can do without that though. The only reason is because I wanted to have a chomp rock themed level, but now I have some more creative ideas with just the regular rock.

Thanks though!
Wow, very nice! Thank you! You really know everything about this game.
Originally posted by Mattrizzle

740A7[28] (4-5: Chomp Rock Zone) Level which always has brown Chomp Rocks

Is the value 28 supposed to be the level index? Because the level index for 4-5 main is 1F.
Well...I just realized another problem...

Since I switched around the map images at the bottom of the level selection screen for each world, I also had to change the X and Y coordinates of each Yoshi on these maps. I just realized that when you do all this, when you beat a level and that little animation plays at the bottom map where the previous level's Yoshi passes Baby Mario off to the next Yoshi, the Yoshis walk on the incorrect path. It still walks in the original paths from each world, thus it looks awkward when Yoshi is passing Baby Mario off to the next.

So, is there a way to just switch which world uses which set of Yoshi walking paths?

Also, I noticed before you included offsets for active Yoshi color assignments on the world maps. Those are the color assignments for the Yoshi currently selected. Are there offsets for the colors when the Yoshi on the map aren't selected, because when you don't have the Yoshi selected, it still has the old color.
Originally posted by Mattrizzle
The inactive Yoshi palettes are part of the inactive Yoshi tilemaps, listed right above the Active Yoshi color assignments in my first post.

While you're at it, you may want to look at Baby Mario's tilemaps(listed below the active Yoshi colors), as I have one thing to add. Change all occurrences of 2D to 2F to give Baby Mario a red hat instead of the incorrect brown color that it normally is on the map.

BC2A9 [0A](World 6) Which world map uses the alternate inactive Yoshi colors

Oh...duh, skimmed right over that. Now I can change the pink Yoshi back to the second level of each world, and red back to the seventh. For some reason I prefer that order :P.

Any idea on how to fix the problem with the incorrect Yoshi walking paths? If it's easier, is there a way to maybe just disable that whole animation altogether?
Originally posted by Mattrizzle
One thing I've learned in ROM hacking is there's always a way...

The level completion walking paths are made up of an ordered series of checkpoints. The path to each level can have up to four of these. Coordinates (0,0) signify the end of a path.

BB981-BBB00 X-coordinates for the map path "checkpoints" (8 bytes per level)
BBB01-BBC80 Y coordinates for the map path "checkpoints" (8 bytes per level)

So, each world's path data is 0x40 bytes long. As there's no pointer table for each world, it's time for another copy-and-paste job...

Great, I really don't mind copy and paste jobs, done it before. Plus, I only switched three of the world maps, so no big deal. Thanks.

I really want to say I'm set now, for real this time, but I'm just going to leave it up in the air, because I think I've said I was set twice before, and I wasn't :P. Well, I don't think I have major issues left. Everything in this hack is really turning out great, I'm really happy with all these adjustments I'm able to make. I feel like I'm doing a much more professional job.

Thank you. You are like a god.
Originally posted by Mattrizzle
I am not worthy to be called God. However, I do thank Him for enabling me to help people in even the smallest of things. Without Him, nothing would exist.

More data I've found but haven't shared:
3139-3168 GFX files to use for each foreground tileset (Worlds 1-5; 3 bytes per tileset)
3169-3198 GFX files to use for each foreground tileset (World 6; 3 bytes per tileset)
354A [0A 00] Which world loads the alternate gfx file table for levels (World 6)
3A74-3AB3 Foreground palette pointers (Worlds 1-5; 2 bytes per tileset)
3AB4-3AF3 Foreground palette pointers (World 6; 2 bytes per tileset)
3C3B [0A 00] Which world loads the alternate palette table for levels (World 6)

3239-3538 GFX files to use for each sprite set (6 bytes per set)

9FF99-9FFA4 Pointers to Yoshi paths for each world's cinema sequence(2 bytes per pointer, added to 9FFA5)
9FFA5-A0058 Yoshi path data for each world's cinema sequence
These also work as checkpoints. Each checkpoint is four bytes:
Byte 1: If 80, tells Yoshi to stop walking and triggers the castle explosion(end of data)
Byte 2: X-coordinate
Byte 3: Z-coordinate
Byte 4: Y-coordinate

Well, I said a god, not the God. :P Like, the god of YI hacking. :P

But thank you for the data :).
I'd like to request for my five SMW Plus hacks to be removed. Note, I was not the one who submitted them in the first place, nor was I ever asked if I wanted them to be submitted.

Those hacks were made a long time ago and don't portray my current work in the best light. I'd rather just be known for my YI hacks :).

Thank you.
Originally posted by fabio
Bump, time for an update.

After being on such a long break from YI hacking, I finally got around to finishing 1-8. I'm only showing one screenshot because I don't want to reveal the second part of the tower.

Here's an edited version of the Salvo fight:

Added those red blocks that change colors as you hit them. Don't bother getting rid of all those blocks in attempt to kill Salvo because it can defy gravity. Also, it would just make the fight much harder.

The demo to this hack is coming really close. I will have an Extra Level playable along with the other 8 stages. Hopefully, I can release the demo by the end of the year although I can't really make any promises. >_>

Ah...looks interesting, nice to see you working on this again.

But are you sure that edited version will work properly? You said that Salvo can defy gravity, so does that mean it won't fall in the lava? If it does that'd be a problem.

I remember I was trying to edit the Salvo boss in a similar way, by putting pits in the middle of the room. However, IIRC, after you hit Salvo with the last egg, Yoshi will starting moving toward Salvo automatically. That means Yoshi can just fall in one of those holes and die. You should test for that, I seem to remember that being an issue.

Well, sorry to be loading all these warnings on you at once, I just want to make sure everything is as glitch-free as possible before you release a demo.

Keep it up.
Yeah, I think that new layout will work better than the old. As long as the holes aren't in the middle, there's no way you can fall in the lava after the fight.

But what doesn't make sense to me is why those red blocks are there at all. Why not just take them out and leave the holes? Are the blocks there as an extra challenge to be careful where you throw your eggs, because you may hit them and create the holes?
Well, I would say Super Paper Mario, but I believe that was developed by a third party.

Hmm...I'd have to say the game I was most disappointed with was New Super Mario Bros. It was embarrassingly easy and presented no challenge whatsoever, and the level designs were quite boring at times, and the bosses were a snoozer.
Alright, about time for an update on this hack. I'm still hard at work on this hack, and am currently working on World 5. I decided not to release a 4-world demo as I've said, since the hack will only be 5 worlds. Now, before you go all hoopla, it's only 5 worlds for a reason. I've implemented "Secret" levels into each world, similar to those found in SMA3, only instead of unlocking them when beating the game, you unlock them alongside the Extra levels when scoring 100 on all levels in a world. In order to make room for these Secret levels, I had to cut out the 6th world. Now, you may ask, why not just keep everything as is and just have 6 worlds? Well, pretty much for the sake of doing something different and innovative for a change. Plus, implementing the Secret levels only takes the total level count down to 50 as opposed to 54 in the original. Besides, I feel that I've made plenty of nice adjustments to make it feel like an appropriate 5-world hack :D.

Okay, there is now a slightly modified story in this hack...

STORY: Oh no! On his way to delivery Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their parents, Kamek kidnapped Baby Luigi from the stork! During this uproar, Baby Mario fell to Yoshi's Island, where the Yoshis decided to work together to reunite the brothers. The Yoshis decided to take turns hauling Baby Mario around, until meeting up with the Chosen One. With his immense power, the Yoshis knew the Chosen One would be able to defeat Kamek and reunite the brothers once in for all. Will the Chosen One actually be able to beat Kamek and Bowser? And just who is this mysterious Chosen One?

Now onto some new screens...

Extra 4: Pit Of 50 Trials

5-2: Fish With Big Appetites

The rest of the final world is being kept under wraps though :P.

Now, onto the new title screen and map screen. Big thanks to Mattrizzle for the new graphics in these screens, except for the Secret level icons, which S.N.N. did for me.

No major changes here, but it has some nice tweaks, such as the "SMW2+2" title, the Copyright 2008 Golden Yoshi, and if you look closely, I edited out one of the castles, to keep it consistent with the five-world theme.

As you can see here, new map screen icons. Also, notice how the world tabs are now larger, to make up for the missing 6th world.

Whew, well, sorry if this was all a bit overwhelming, but I realized I hadn't updated here in a while, and was about time for a nice generous update.

Oh, and if any would like...

Plus, here is a video of one of my older level's in action, for anyone who may have not played it before.

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

Thanks for everyone's help and support so far :D.
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi

No major changes here, but it has some nice tweaks, such as the "SMW2+2" title, the Copyright 2008 Golden Yoshi, and if you look closely, I edited out one of the castles, to keep it consistent with the five-world theme.

As you can see here, new map screen icons.

It's explained right there b2t ;).
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
I like the idea of that level.
Mind if I use the same idea for referencing GTA? XD

You're referring to the Grand Theft Mario level?

Speaking of references, SMW2+2 will have its share of pop culture references. See if you can find them all! :D
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
I like the idea of that level.
Mind if I use the same idea for referencing GTA? XD

You're referring to the Grand Theft Mario level?

Speaking of references, SMW2+2 will have its share of pop culture references. See if you can find them all! :D

Her haps a Leroy Jenkins level were you just charge in and fight big mobs of enemys?

Ha ha ha...

Originally posted by Troopa Pride
How about SMWCentral level?
You could probably try to make a SMW level in a YI style :P
And we all know what the level icon would be.

Well, thanks, but I've already got everything planned out for this hack. And by pop culture references, I simply meant just in the level names. Several level names in this hack will have references from various mediums in pop culture. Everything from Guns N' Roses, to The Little Mermaid, to Forrest Gump ;).

We have a half-day of work on Christmas Eve. Then I have Christmas and the day after off, and also New Year's Eve and Day off. I'm quite satisfied with that.
Originally posted by alexnobody
Where can I find SMW2+? I went to your website (shown on the first page) and tried to download it there, but the hack's opening sequence spat out 2 garbled messages, the first of which instantly disappeared, the second of which halted the game.

Do you have a version of the hack

The one you downloaded does work. That hack has been out over two years and many have played it in entirety. It's not my hack that's problem. You patched it to the wrong version of the ROM. It has to be patched to version 1.0 (U) of the Yoshi's Island ROM. Patching it to any other version will yield the problems as you described.
Originally posted by alexnobody
But I deleted all my files on the game.....thats not enough? Well, Ill try again anyway.

What? Why did you delete all your files on the game? I didn't say to do that. That doesn't have anything to do with that error.

I said you downloaded the wrong version of the ROM. You need to download version 1.0 (U). That's why the game crashes and has garbled graphics, because you patched my hack .ips to the incorrect version of the Yoshi's Island ROM.
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