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Reese's. Not only are they great on their own but any other dessert that involves them (e.g. ice cream) ends up being delicious.
Maker ID: 5SF-692-FMG


In the Blink of a Block
Course ID: 7DC-2G6-7TF
Style: Super Mario 3D World
Tags: Short and sweet, autoscroll
Description: An autoscroller featuring blinking blocks

Runaway Yoshi
Course ID: F75-3M7-92H
Style: Super Mario World
Tags: Short and sweet, puzzle
Description: Yoshi's on the run! Catch him before it's too late.

Just started fiddling with the Course Maker so feedback is appreciated.
Jumping is Bad, M'kay
Course ID: H8M-D2H-1WF
Style: Super Mario Bros. 3
Tags: Short and sweet, standard
Description: Keep those feet planted on the ground while minding the rising poison!
Is there a way to make the water/lava/poison only start rising and falling once reaching a certain point in the level or does it have to be consistent throughout? I could've sworn the Nintendo Direct for SMM2 said something like "maybe only half of the level should be underwater" which seemed to suggest you could start the rising/falling levels at a certain point.
Nice videos, my levels are no match for you. #smw{:TUP:}
In the US, when you go into a stall in a public restroom, there are very narrow gaps at the sides of the doors that you can see through a bit. So you can pretty much see everyone who is coming in and out of the bathroom. One time I could've sworn someone looked me dead in the eye through one of those gaps as he entered the bathroom lol. In Europe, such gaps on the stall doors are not present.

And yea speaking of pizza, here in the US, when you get a pizza it's pre-cut into slices. When I was in Ireland a couple months ago, the pizza was not pre-cut and they served it to me with a fork and knife. I cut it up and it the slices with my hands anyway and I'm sure I looked like a tourist.
Good job on those levels.

FYI for Forest of Peculiarity, you can ground pound with the stiletto to kill Bowser Jr. instantly and save some time.

Yea it's a pretty place, plus if you love wine you'll have a great time there. A bottle of 126 year old Port will cost you 6000 Euros. A sampling glass of it costs 100, my friend paid for it, to which I paid her 20 for a sip.
Nice job, interesting to see how you beat Crouching Mario. My intention for beating it was to let the autoscroll push you as you crouched, but your method of crouch jumping seems to work too.
Nice job, not surprised you got first clear on Mash Away! 2. 👍🏼
I've always been accustomed to working during the daytime (e.g. 9-5) and I couldn't imagine working a night schedule. Besides, I wouldn't want to anyway because I prefer having my nights free to do whatever.

However, I've never been one to stay out too late either, until recently. When I know I'm gonna go out late, I just nap before.
Ocarina of Time. I think I didn't enjoy it because Twilight Princess was the first Zelda game I played, so when I went back and played OoT, I got bored of it and never finished it because of its similarities with TP.
Originally posted by Aja
I used to be very photo-happy back in the day. But I haven't shown anything since my return so...

Here's a recent pic
Here's an older one, from the LGBTIAQ+ parade in June

Nice. You should come to NYC Pride one year (or I should go to one in another city).

Met rapper Hoodie Allen
Darlene Conner from Roseanne/The Conners for her deadpan sarcasm.
I like hard hacks that present a decent enough amount of challenge to keep me entertained and on my toes, and not so difficult to the point it makes me wanna throw the controller across the room.
Originally posted by K.T.B.
I think a meetup would be cool, but I have the same dilemma of being on the east coast and therefore it's completely infeasible for me to participate in this. If you (or anyone else on here I'm particularly close with, I suppose) ever happens to be in New York though then I wouldn't mind chilling for a bit.

But as for your specific meetup, Samuel, if this actually does end up happening then all I ask is that photos and stuff are shared afterwards. Such an event could be legendary.

I’m in New York. #smw{:TUP:}

This is a nice idea. Another gaming forum I was part of had a section specifically for meetups, with people from all over organizing them. Not sure if a similar idea would work here?
Yea valid point
Originally posted by Fyord
I wish I could go, but I don't live anywhere near the area.

Let the record stand that there are quite a few people I'd be down to hang out with from SMWC on the eastern side of North America. But, meet-ups can have so many logistical issues that can really make it almost too complicated to do. Such as:
- Where are you going to stay if coming from out of town? Are you okay crashing on a couch with someone you probably just met in real life?
- Food is expensive. I mean, look, it has to be said. Do you have the budget to buy meals out?
- And I mean...what are you going to do if you meet up with someone? Talk about that one time you posted in a discussion thread? Play Super Mario World (I mean you have to, right? We're SMW Central!)? What if you meet someone and you don't get along (people's personalities could be different in real life, maybe more awkward, more introverted, etc.)?

I really don't want to come across as the negative cynic. I would love to travel and meet new people (within some degree of limits, obviously). I just feel like there could be so many issues with meet-ups.

These are good points.

Another idea might be to meetup at a gaming/media convention or event. That way, you have other stuff to do incase you're unable to meet up with fellow SMWC members. For example, a friend of mine has been wanting me to go to PAX East with him for a while. I'd definitely be up to meeting SMWC members if they happened to be there, and if for some reason it didn't work out, at least we're at a big event and I've still got my friend to hang out with.

It is a fun idea. Now that I think about it, though, there could be issues as others have mentioned, especially when meeting people you don't even really know. I've met one SMWC member but we had talked for several years outside of the site, including Skype video chatting and texting on a semi-regular basis, so we really got to know each other, and that helped make things much easier when we finally met face to face.
Originally posted by ZMann
I was at GDQ this past summer, and I'll be heading down to the one in Orlando this coming January. Speaking of, if anyone is planning to go to Jaunary's AGDQ, tomorrow morning (Oct. 11) at 8 am PDT is when Wave 2 of registration opens.

Would be cool to meet more people there!

I just might be able to swing that. I've got a friend who lives down in Orlando so I'd also be able to see him as well.
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Golden Yoshi's Profile - Posts by Golden Yoshi

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