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I want to split my ROM into multiple files like
(level) or
(overworld sub map) to make it more VCS (e.g. GitHub) friendly. Right now my group and I can only work on one thing at a time, so if I need to make a palette change, one of the people in my group would have to finish their level first.

Is there a tool that can split a ROM into multiple files that I can put into version control, in a way that I'm not completely distributing the ROM?
Originally posted by TheBiob
Not really.
For levels you can just use LM's 'export level' feature (File > Save Level to File, or File > Levels > Export multiple levels to Files)
These files contain the whole level including palette, exanimation etc.

As for overworld goes you can just copy paste from one rom to another.
You'd have to organize who uses what ExGFX files to make that easier as well.

For external things like sprites/block you could do the same, giving everyone certain slots to use kinda handling it like a collab hack.

There's also this which might help.

Thank you! I have exported modified levels and their palettes to my repository. I took a look at the link, but it didn't explain how to get those files like that. Here's a look at my repo:
I like your layout! The nice grey with the bot on the side; very easy on the eyes. You could add a little bit of detail in the background. 9/10
Reviewing this just to get my new one reviewed

I like the concept, except it seems like it should be tabbed, but it's not. Overall pleasing to look at but not too user-friendly. 7/10
Cave Island Fixed music and one platform not showing up.

I'm not that good at level design, but here's my hack? Don't expect an overworld.
Don't play this it sucks.

Replacement: Spike-Top Cave (Left of Yoshi's House)

Levels 105, 106, and 1F0 have been modified (on accident :3), but are not used, so I did not include them.
^ Someone I actually want to have a conversation with
< Can't design
v Has a bad layout
Some sort of space garden thingy. 8/10
1) Gabe the dog is revived but is in terrible pain and looks horrible due to being dead.
2) You can now port...but you can't starboard :/
3) Your ASM skills carry you on to become the most renowned 65816 programmer ever... but you don't make money since nobody uses that thing


1) I wish that the below wishes have no negative repercussions.
2) I wish that the above wish follows the three laws of robotics.
3) I wish I could get anything I want the way I want whenever I want it.
Yes. I used to hate roller coasters in general when I was little (I didn't like loud noises; I wouldn't use public toilets). Now I like the ones without loops or YUGE drops.

If you could only have your favorite flavor of a breakfast pastry (e.g. PopTart, Toaster Strudel) for breakfast for the rest of your life, would you?
1. After submitting in the Rules + Submissions thread, do we make a new thread in the multithread with our zip and screenshots?

2. (This may sound stupid as I have no experience with Map16) I made a map16 tile that acts like 1f0 but is completely transparent, how will you detect that? (The only usage is behind my message box)

3. Do levels get picked/judged based on difficulty?

4. How will the overworld be handled?
Welcome to "What's that sprite?"

You will be given a part of a videogame object, and you will have to put another image of what you think it is to continue the game.

Example: This is the mystery orb from SMW, but it looks like part of a pipe.

User 1:

User 2:

User 3 might think it is a Yoshi and put the SM64 version.


1. You may change the hue of an object to make it less obvious. (What User 2 did with the pipe.)

2. You won't know, but if you guess the sprite/object correctly, you can post a different part of it, or a different form of it (User 3).

3. Make your posts difficult! Don't post enough of the sprite so it's obvious.

I'll start you off:

Originally posted by Kaisaan Squiddiqui
Originally posted by Cascade
Floating Munchers in the menu won't eat green blocks because they know I, the lazy president, am right with them being yellow.
So he got arrested for this hot dog?

Originally posted by TheBasicASMGuy
but why does it have to be on smw or sm64

Now that I think about it that was a bad idea. But I'll change it to be from a mainstream Nintendo game. (So not De Blob 2 even tho that game has cool graphics :/)

Nevermind, just pick any video game object. :/
...taco that came to exist because...
Originally posted by Pseudogon
Considering how much they sleep, I'm pretty sure I'd be the cat.

I'd be a kitten. Hi dad/mom/parent/parental figure/someone older!
November 6, 2003
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
Welcome all new users, who haven't been welcomed yet.

Boi I swear

Hi, I'm like, 5, and I somehow signed up for this thing after lurking for about 1-2 years....

Also I somehow submitted an entry for VLDCX? Hmm... go play it :D