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Hi everyone,

Very new to lunar magic, I have two questions...

1. How does one make it so Mario does not become Super mario when first passing through the midway gate?

2. How do you set the initial lives to 99?

Much appreciated! Good explanation :)

I applied the patch using Asar and everything went well enough. Asar told be the rom was patched without error but the lives and midway gate are unchanged... not sure why exactly?!

Here is the code I applied:

org $009E25			;changes starting lives (63 = 99 lives)
	db $63

org $00F2CD			;changes midway gate function to remove powerup
	db $80
Seems like my ROM is corrupted somehow. The patch works on a fresh smw rom so the code is good at least.
I have patched in Overworld Indicators v1.4.1 but, for some reason which I can't get my head around, the dragon/yoshi coin icon is turning black instead of the yellow its supposed to be. Its also happening to the keys as well...

No coins collected - works fine.

Coins collected?!

I haven't touched the palette or made any changes to the GFX that came with the patch.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
Thanks so much for your help guys! All sorted. Just needed to import the palette that came with the patch (I'm pretty fresh to palette editing).

I have patched in Construct101s Princess Daisy Player with no issues. Graphics are in and everything works fine.

I am having an issue inserting the daisy palette. When I insert into each of the GFX files using yy-chr, the colors look wrong. As seen here.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help. Really appreciate it.
Champion! All sorted.
Hi everyone,

I'm working with the Daisy Player Graphics supplied by Construct101 and realized their is no visual difference between regular Daisy sprite and Super Daisy sprite - so it's hard to know whether you have an extra hit or not.

Is there a way to make this more clear to the player? Otherwise it's difficult to know whether you have an extra hit or not since the sprite doesn't change when you get a super mushroom.

In the graphics pack, the jewel on Daisy's crown turns red when you get a fire flower which is a pretty great solution to a visual indicator.

Maybe changing her jewel another colour when she only has one hit, for example?

Or maybe a powerup status icon somewhere on the HUD?

The power up status icon would work with any character sprite that doesnt change visually but you still want the player to get an extra hit when 'powered up' so it would have universal appeal, I feel.

I haven't got a clue how I would implement this kind of stuff, so any help would be appreciated.

Link to Construct101's Daisy Player
Current Powerup Status Display


I'm making a hack with a player character that doesn't visibly change when she gets a powerup - but I'd still like a way for the player to know whether they have an extra hit or not.

So I'm requesting some ASM that displays an icon somewhere in the HUD based on whether the character has one hit, two hits or has a fire flower ability.

As far as the icon goes, the 8x8 tiles that are used for the overworld border would be fine as there is a tiny mushroom and a fire flower GFX already in the Vanilla game ready to go. And when there is one hit left, then no icon would be displayed.

I have provided exGFX if anyone willing to have a go at this reckons that would be a better way to go. I have included mushroom, fire flower and cape icons plus some brackets to go to the left and right of the icon if there is space (not essential).


I feel this will potentially be useful for others who have custom player graphics in the future as well.

I've tried sorting this out myself but the knowledge is beyond my skills so I'd really appreciate the hand.

I am inserting smkdan's bunbun sprite and the .asm is asking me to set the !projectile value (the stake it drops) as the same slot number as the smlstake.cfg file (associated with the stake sprite bunbun drops).

I have set the ExGFX to 99 and set SP4 to ExGFX99.

I inserted the sprites using pixi.

The bunbun works fine but spits out a weird looking shelless koopa and not the stake.

I then set the !projectile value in bunbun.asm to 99 as the original value in the .asm file didn't work. It still spits out the shelless koopa.

Didn't think that is how I solve the problem but I'm just trial and erroring it at this point.

Any ideas on what I should do?

Thanks so much for any help.

Here is the sprite FYI
Thanks, yep. I got confused.
Hi, I'm trying to get it so my bombshell koopa stays on ledges.

I have put the .cfg file into the cfg editor but i'm stuck on what to do next. The Extra property bytes field in cfg editor doesn't accept 'l' or 'f' as a value (as per the code below)...

Can anyone let me know what I'm not understanding?

Thanks very much!

; Bomb Koopa
; Description: A koopa which, when stomped, explodes after a
; certain amount of time.
; Uses first extra bit: NO
;Extra property byte 1:
;   lf------
;      l - Stay on ledges
;      f - Follow Mario
; By Erik557
; Inspired by mikeyk's variant, but recoded from scratch.
Thank you very much for your help! It works. Learned something new today.
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