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I was wondering, how do you change the text in information boxes?
Originally posted by Zach737
Originally posted by VW
I was wondering, how do you change the text in information boxes?

Go to the overworld editor, press the message box on the toolbar, select the level you start in, and choose either message 1 or 2.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply! I'll do exactly that...
I have anotherquestion, where in the Overworld editor can I find the tiles for wall sitting on ground? All I see on the right is wall sitting on water...
So I just started out with this a few days ago. I getting the hang of it, like just figuring events out, but there's still a lot of stuff that baffles me. I want to start getting down to business, by getting creative with the levels, but what's stopping me is not knowing how to mix and match the things that go on within. For example, vertical scrolling, fixed scrolling, slamming, ground raising (up and down), backgrounds, tile sets, all these kinds of things are relly limiting what I can do. I'm not too bothered about blocks just yet, there's plenty for me to experiment with for now. But what I'm wondering is, how I really customise a level without having to go searching for all the pipe exit, level extentions by hand, and so forth.
Originally posted by GuYoNfIr3
Lemme answer what I can.

1. For Vertical Scrolling, go to the Level Header (Mario's Head) Set it to Vertical Scroll at Will

2. For fixed scrolling, there are scroll commands, in Sprites>Special Commands and Generators> pick one

3. Layer 2 is pretty complicated, but the basic thing is, to set the level to a Layer 2 level (Header 02 for horizontal) Next, hit the yellowish ground button, and place objects where you want em. Then go back to Special Commands in the Sprites section, and select a Layer 2 Smash setting. Be sure to put it on the top row. Now the level should have the objects you set smash down.

4. The tileset is what graphics are loaded for the level. You can change em by using the Blue Poison Mushroom button

Thanks! By changing the levle header, do you mean going to the Mario head and changing "SNES Registers and Level Modes" to 02?

Originally posted by bkbusters
does anyone know how to set the time to 0 on each level, without dying as soon as you enter it?

Erm, it doesn't sound like there's anything wrong there at all. You have no time, you die. Makes perfect sense. As for infinite time, I haven't got a clue how to do that...
Don't know where to put this, seems like an apropriate place. Would in not be possible to some way lock all previous levels and paths, to then replace an entire sub map, or even overworld in an event?
Few days old but meh, I'll give this a try. Start off by deleting every level off of Yoshi's Island (for example). To do this, click on the plain ghost house (Layer 1 16x16) at the top, click and drag over the mini map and hit delete. Next you want to get rid of any active events that are already present on this stage. Click on the glowing green hill to enter the event editor. You'll notice one path is highlighted in red, this indicates the event that's about to take place next (currently 0x0).

There are a total of 0x0 - 0x77 hexidecimal events in this game, so that includes A - F. To see these events, or navigate between them, you use the page up and page down buttons. If you press page up, you'll notice the events change and change, untill eventually the whole game is completed. Push page up enough times so all the events are revealed on Yoshi's Island, drag over and delete them. If you're using other areas, click on the glowing ghost house and do the same thing, as some events are programed with this editor. It's essentially the same thing, just, different, I don't know. But if they use it, delete them too as it makes it easier to work with. If you want to get rid of the sprites too, go for it.

Now you're pretty much ready to start fresh on this mini map. Click on the green hill and draw a little land to work with, make it a decent size, depending on how many levels you want to do. It's just as easy to make it simple for practice. First thing you should to in my opinion is plot the levels and work with the paths, as it doesn't always work out like you want to and you have to change things anyway. I personally find it easier to decorate after plotting the paths.

Okay, what we want to do now is click on the plain ghost house again to go into the level editor. Click on the blue switch palace to bring up your level tiles. To keep it easy, look for a yellow circle, before plotting it check "view mario paths" to make sure you're using a green one (meaning it's on land, blue means in water). Place it down somewhere sensible, somewhere where you have plenty of space to work with the paths. I'm not going to direct you through corners and stuff, you'll manage that as you pick it up, so for now choose another circle tile, except this time choose a translucent circle (meaning it's invisible untill activation). Place it down a couple of squares away (2x2) and go back to the level tiles, this time pick a straght piece of path that will join them together. You'll end up with a green circle, with a green line attatched to another green circle (with mario paths on of course).

Now we've set the paths, while short, it's time to add the event that takes place after completion of the first level. Before we actually draw them out we need to program the levels. Note you should now hold page down while in the event editor (glowing green hill) till you get back to event 0x0, just to be safe. Now click on the plain ghost house again and click on the level you want for the start point of the event. Go to the top and click on the little yellow circle, to edit the level settings. For this case, you would want to set the level to (for example) 105, as this is the first event, set the event to activate as event 0 and the direction you want him to move after completion, in the direction of your second level. Now, click okay and head over to the second level, this time set the level to (for example) 106, set the event to activate to event 1, the direction after completion and this time highlight to reveal this level after event 0.

What this means is that when you complete level one, event 0 will activate, event 0 will take place and level 2 will appear on event 0. Pretty simple really. You now just need to add the event tiles. Click on the glowing green hill and make sure you're on event 0x0 by pressing page down. Click on the yellow path button and it will bring up all the event tiles. Essentially what this is, is everything you see on the blue screen to the right. You navigate by pressing up and down which eventually go through all the objects. Because of this it's actually possible to create your own event tiles and paste them on the right next to the others, which is actually really handy. Like said before, just draw each tile in order one after other, in this case place the tiles that replace the standard layer following the path, so a white path maybe, then finally put down the white circle to surround the level dot. You should eventually have level one with blue squares highlighting the event tiles you just placed.

That's pretty much it. Before you save, move the Mario sprite over the first level save and go test your event. Use a fresh save file as the overworld isn't effected in already used files. If they're all used, just delete the .srm file from the rom folder. Oh, secret exits requre an event 1 higher that the level is programed for. You don't have to do that, but if you want an event after a secret exit then you need to make sure that any following levels get done after that. So say, level one has an event only activated by a secret exit, you would have to draw that event on event 1, 1 higher than event 0 which the level is programmed for.

Crap, that was long. I seriously thought I could type that in a couple of paragraphes. Oh well, hope it helps...
AFAIR, row one is hidden and the visible screen is 15 blocks high.
Can someone give me some pointers with secondary exits and entrances? What I want to do is to be able to have a pipe from one level, into the other, set the secondary entrance correctly and have that level lead back into the origional. But what always baffles me is how to set up the exit number (?), as there's obviously some specific method to doing it, I'm just not getting it.
I'm sure I made a post about this already. :/ Oh well, I'll just post again. This utility (pun intended) seems pretty interesting. How far does it go as to which ROM files it can edit? Is it possible to look into the beta quests in more detail? Also, could you look at the debug version as well?
I patched The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past with Parallel Worlds, put it into the ROMS foler with SNES9xTYL (for 3.xx kernel) and it's running with very monor problems, so good news! I'm around half way through the game. The problem is that sound effects are sometimes lost on the very right hand side of the screen which is no major problem.

So to answer your question, yes hacks do work, you just gotta try them. Google SNES9xTYL for 3.xx and you'll find the emulator you're looking for.

I was wondering, where do I find one way blocks? I didn't see them in the custom blocks list, are they already in the game?
So I'm having real trouble trying to get these to work. I've followed exactly what I need to do (add the block with block tool, set it to a map16 tile, change the graphics in LM, set it to act like block 25 and hit f9) but whenever i plant the blocks, Mario either passes straight through them, or doesn't pass through it at all. I want to pass through the block to the right and not to the left, but the whole, passable one way thing never works. Any ideas what's wrong?
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks... Any other comments welcome...
How do I make beating Big Boo activate a normal exit? Currently it's set to secret exit which is not what I want. I noticed it says it will activate a secret exit only on a special place on the overworld, what does it mean by that?
So I'm trying to create a secondary entrance on level 102, but whenever Mario re-enters the level, the tiles don't show up and he just dies. I found that by setting the exit destination as a water level, I can get the water animation back, but that's all I can get. Any ideas on why this happens and how to fix it?
Originally posted by Mr.GameAndWatch
Try playing with the FG and BG intal positioning. that should fix it

Thanks for the quick reply! Could you go into that in a little more detail? I haven't touched that at all...
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