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Do I do this on the level I came from, or level 102 it's self? Just don't want to mess up my rom untill I get lost. Thanks for the help...
I got it! And I learned something new, kind of like calibrating the entrance to the level. Weird but I get it now, thanks...

One interesting fact about level 102, information blocks get rid of the water on activation...
So I have another question about secondary entrances. Is it possible to have two secondary entrances on a single screen at once? I.e, I want two seperate stages to be linked to one single stage. The thing I'm baffled with is that when you enter the level you're exiting to and mark it as a secondary exit, the secondary exit number becomes that of the level you're warping to. Now, if you do that on another level, and you type in the same level number and mark it as a secondary exit, wont it change all the settings you just made for the first one? Kind of confusing, I know...
I see. So how would I set up the second entrance without messing up the first one?
So I'm having an issue with switch blocks and a switch palace. I created a level which I wanted to use the yellow blocks, but soon realised after I created it that they're not supported in that particular level. I've ben creating a hack and almost have one world complete, I decided to change the switch in the palace to red and change the hexidecimal name of YELLOW to RED (because it was in Hex). Somewhere along the line, the path to the switch palace no longer activates and I don't know why. I have a back-up so I'm cool, but I'm confused as how to to go about this. The path worked previously before I started working on this level using switches, now it's messed up.

Is there a way I can correct the palace and change it to a red one (YOSHI's ISLAND)? Will I have to manually extract the levels back into the back-up ROM and start again? Or is there a feasable way to get yellow switch blocks into a level they're not supported?

Any help is appreciated, I'm totally lost right now...
The initial problem at hand is that when you insert a switch block as a tile, it stays as a block regardless of whether the switch palace has been completed. You have to use it as an object, which currently on the level I'm on, red and blue are only supported under extended objects, any other just places it as a tile.

So yeah, I'll either have to change the extended objects some how, or change the yellow switch palace to another colour. Neither of which I know how do do without messing something up.
You can't initially use map16, same deal if you use the invisible blocks, they'll stay invisible regardless whether the switch has been pushed. So how would I go about changing the colour of the actual objects?
Each level can have two events. If the level in question activates event 0, the path created by a normal exit should be drawn on event 0. If the level in question activates event 0 and has a secret exit event, the path by a secret exit should be drawn on event 1. Then the levels which are activated by either exit, should be set to activate on the corresponding event page. Level activated by the normal exit is revealed on event 0 and the level activated by the secret exit is revealed on event 1 (even though the level you just cleared isn't set to activate this event). You then move onto the next level, secret exit or not, which would be event 2. Normal exit activates event 2, secret exit activates event 3 and so forth...

You should always keep this in mind when moving on to the next level in your overworld as it's easy to get lost and if you decide to put in a secret exit event when you've already used the event pages, you'll have to re-do your events, or try and mess around with a later event untill you get it right. Personally I think it's better to just place your levels, know what you're going to do with the events but not actually do them till you have all the levels complete for your world.

Just a quick edit here, try and plan it out like this...

Event 0x0 - Level 1 - Event for normal exit

Event 0x1 - Level 1/Level 2 - Secret exit for level 1 or normal exit for level 2

Event 0x2 - Level 2/Level 3 - Secret exit for level 2 or normal exit for level 3

Event 0x3 - Level 3/Level 4 - Secret exit for level 3 or normal exit for level 4

And so forth. You just need to decide what you're doing with the exits and events and not to forget that secret exit events are done on the the event +1 to the event the level actually activates.
I like the tile sets you used! Very nice...
I saw him too! Just set your computer clock to the 24th and he'll appear again... 25th now where I am and he litterally just dissapeared...
St. Patrick's Day is March 17th and yes, it works! :)
Just out of curiosity, what's significant about level 24? It's a random level right?

Edit: Also, aren't there some issues with using particular levels other than the four you mentioned?

Sorry for the hijack lol...
Okay, there's two answers to this problem. The first is that you have the event paths drawn on the wrong event and the second, is that the levels you've placed aren't programed to activate/reveal on the right event either.

Firstly you'll have to go into the event editor (glowing green hill) and use the page up and page down buttons to reveal the events in the particular world you're doing. I'm assuming you haven't drawn out a whole lot of paths, so if that's the case, go ahead and drag-delete all of the events. Once you've done that, use page down untill you get back to event 0x0 again (*There is another option I'll get to later).

Now using the Yellow Switch Palace as an example again. Imagine level 105 is going to be the first level in your game. The first normal exit event that ever gets activated after the level is completed is going to be event 0x0. So we go to the level editor, click on 105 and go to the level options (yellow dot on icon bar). You need to set the event that activates as 0 and decide where you want mario to move when either a normal exit or a secret exit has been used.

Next you need to decide whether you want the path to be drawn when either a normal exit is used or a secret exit is used. The reason for this is because that when using a normal exit, the event has to be on the same number (in this example, 0x0) as the level it's self activates. On the other hand, if you use a secret exit the event has to be drawn on the event 1 higher than the level activates, in this case event 0x1. So decide that now.

If you chose a normal exit, go ahead and click on the switch palace and set the level to reveal it's self on event 0x0. You would now want to go back to the event editor and draw out your event on event 0x0 too.

If you chose a secret exit, you would need to click on the switch palace and set the level to reveal it's self on event 0x1. You would then go to the event editor and draw the event on event 0x1 also.

This applies everywhere. If your level activates an event and the revealing level is hidded, they must be set to activate and reveal on the same event (unless it's a secret exit, then it's +1). That means the event has to be drawn on the same event too. So if you were using event 0x2, the level would activate event to and the next level would reveal on event 0x2/0x3 (depending whether you use a normal or secret exit).

I'm not going to say much more as I'll end up spending anhour writing a whole guide on events. So I hope this helps.

*Oh yeah, your other option aside from deleting all the events is to use a later, unused event in the list, like event 0x76/0x77 (I think anyway).
Is there any block that allows mario to walk on it/touch it, only if he's fire Mario? If not, would it be difficult or even possible to do it? Yes I know you need to know ASM, I just mean in general.
Hmm, thanks for the replies! Unfortunately I know nothing about ASM hacking, so it's pretty useless to me as of now. How would i go about turning that into a block (point me in the right direction)?

Although, I was a little less descriptive as I should have been. The main idea is to have a block that will hurt mario "like lava" unless he's in the fire suit. You could then replace the graphics for the block with whatever ground tiles your using and there you have hot ground Mario can only walk on with fire.

Don't know if it would work, looks like it might from what you guys have said. Hopefully it wont be too hard to turn into a block, otherwise I might have to request it...

Edit: Would be interesting though, means you could have lava type levels with actual hot ground that's not damaging to him with fire power and like it would be, wont act as hot as lava! Hope it would work like because that could be fun...


LDA $19 ;load marios power-up.
CMP #$03 ;check if it's 03(fire mario)
BNE Return ;if not, jump to "Return"
<act like block 130 code goes here(can't remember it ^^l|l)
RTS ;End code
Return: ;code that runs if you are not fire mario <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
RTS ;End code

So could we run the death code here?
This happened to me also...
I was wondering, where can I find the block which is only breakable when hit with a fireball? I don't see it anywhere... :/
Originally posted by Magimario
Originally posted by VW
I was wondering, where can I find the block which is only breakable when hit with a fireball? I don't see it anywhere... :/

It's called "Frozen Block", you can find it on BlockTool. There are also some variations, as the "Frozen Muncher" and the "Frozen Coin".

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