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Is there any rules of thumb you should follow when trying to tie events to bridge exits (submap/overworld exit)?

I don't want to have to resort to using pipes as I actually like the bridges, but I keep running into the same problems. I realise now that the bridges have to be in the same place as they were origionally, otherwise re-entry into the submap is incorrect and will lead to level 0. But what I'm confused on is how you set the bridge AND a level to activate on the same event. I just don't understand how it's done.

Origionally, after you beat castle 1, the bridge activates and leads out into the overworld, where three bridge tiles a laid and you cross over to area 2. I can't recreate that for the life of me.

Any pointers on what I might be doing wrong here?

Your post makes no sense...
Please close.
Yeah, I noticed that it changes the text before, thanks. But I still have this problem with the functionality of the pipes. I'm using Fusoya's Map16 page on level 105 if that's any help. It says in the read me that inserting the graphics isn't neccesary, so I assume it shouldn't effect anything.

Dispite what the text says, the pieces still don't work. One pair of pieces that says, bottom left cap of blue pipe and bottom right cap of blue pipe teleport Mario instantly to the top of the screen the moment he touches it. A few other pieces do that too. The rest of the stuff doesn't seem to be complete as far as pieces go. Either way that's all I've got to work.

I'm begining to question the ROM dump I'm using, but that's for another forum I guess...
Anybody encountered these problems before? My method was as discribed in the read me. cmd.exe, then cd <directory>, pipeuinstall.exe <rom name> and it installed them into bank 11 (0x88200). I then patched it with pipes.ips and itemfix.ips (using SNESTL12 if that makes a difference). Then in Lunar Magic (with romname.dsc) I go into the Map16 editor and press F3 on page 4 (0x04) saving with F9.

If anyone can help solve this it would be greatly appreciated...


Okay, progress, kind of. :/ I was reading over the origional readme and noticed that before writing the pipe data to the rom via hex editor, the patches were to be applied and the Map16 data to be loaded and saved. Why the methods were different, I don't know. So this time I patched it first with pipes.ips and itemfix.ips, then after inserting the Map16 page, I ran pipeinstaller.exe.

I now get different results, closer but still not quite right. Now Mario actually enters the pipes, but instead of coming out the other side like he's supposed to, he goes straight onto layer 3 and stays there. Quite amusingly some pipes freeze him in his piece sign pose and you can run around like that lol. Still, issues with these pipes are still there. I really like to get these sorted out, I'm guessing not a lot of people have bothered with them...

Interestingly enough the sample level is working fine, it's just my implimentation that's off now. Is there any quirks to the Map16 page that could confuse you in constructing silid pipes?
I saw a hack where a guy had feather sprites and feather Mario instead of the Cape, so I guess you could have some fun with that. Could always put Mario in the feather suit, it's not as much as all of the powerups but I guess it's something you could look in to.
I'm not sure, in basic terms I think it has to be Bowser's castle. The current build of my hack ends with Bowser and it's not in his castle, evidentally the end sequence doesn't activate. Unless it's event tied, it's probably one of those things where it has to be the way Nintendo left it, otherwise it'll get really technical to do. You could try, and this is a lightyear long shot, set the particular level you're using to activate the same event as the completion of Bowser's castle. I doubt it will work, but it's the only thing I can think of which probably wouldn't require ASM, like the others have suggested. Otherwise, you're best bet is to just exit to him in the same levels as Nintendo did.
Alternatively you can save and then hit F4, which should bring up zsnes. If it doesn't, you can configure it in the menu. Worth doing though, it's handier just to hit F4 than navigate to zsnes' directory...
Probem with Mario's entrance. Here's a couple if things to try, make a backup incase they don't work! Firstly, is Mario's main entrance the way you want it in Lunar Magic? If it isn't, click on the door button with the number 1 and use the x/y co-ordernates to alter Mario's main entrance position.

Alternatively if that doesn't work, or you know it's the way you want it, go to the door with number 1 again and try messing around with the Layer 1, 2 (FG, BG) Position. it sounds to me like the layers aren't loading in the right place, even if they look it in Lunar Magic. For example, if you create a secondary entrance and the pipe exit isn't in the same area as the main entrance (for example, main-low secondary-high), things will get messy and the FG/BG will alter greatly. You'd then have to alter the FG/BG untill it's the way you want it. I might be wrong, but it sounds like that could be the problem.

There should be two drop down menu's, one with:


The other with:


I could be wrong, but I think messing around with these might solve that problem by changing the layers' position on entry...
This is a bit of an odd question, I was wondering. Say for example you were using Mario's Sprite set from SMB3 (SMAS). His jump animation is standard Mario Jump. Now, when you pick up a star, his jump animation will change into a sort of mid air roll, instead of a normal jump. Would it be possible to use this animation as Mario's normal jump animation, without the invincibility flash?

I'm assuming a couple of things here. Firstly, I'm assuming that Mario's jump arc isn't altered in the process of invincibility. I have no idea if it is, haven't tested, but I couldn't imagine it to be so. Also, I'm assuming Nintendo were lazy enough to make invincibility an over effect, instead of keeping the invincible animation absolute.

Anyone know anything on the subject? As long as Mario's jump arc is the same, I can't imagine it to be much of a problem, it just depends on how the invincibility flash is animated. Any input would be appreciated.

Get a new ROM...
There's an easy way to find out. Click on the overworld editor (little castle) and on that page, hit F1. It will give you all the level numbers for the levels on the overworld. Then, when you want to find out an exit, just go to one of the levels and keep checking the exits till you get the right one. Lazy response I guess to just tell you how to find them on your own, but it's a lot more fun that way, seeing how the levels are actually fit together.
Originally posted by NeoSigma
Path fixed

But I am having some trouble trying to make the ground angled and not just a boring square

Best thing to do is just steal pieces from other parts of the overworld. Once you get an idea of what pieces you need to continue the curve, you get an idea of where to look. It's all there for you and a lot of customising can be done from the tiles laid around. Like bowser's valley or vanilla dome for example, most pieces from there will look fine on the main overworld map.

(How do I get image tags to work?)
Actually from what I've experienced you're limited to around 25 screens in some cases. Placing tiles after specific screens will cause tiles to glitch. You can walk in these areas but things wont appear as you want them. I'm not sure it's this way for every level, but a lot of levels do have a limit on how big you can make it right off the bat.
What are your problems? Are you using pipe installer? From my experiences with pipeinstaller (XP), there is a very specific order it needs to be done for it to work correctly. The pipeinstaller read me suggested to use the command promt first, then install the patches and graphics. This didn't work for me, I found that instead of scrolling, Mario would just pop out of the top of the screen. What eventually worked for me was this order:

1. Patch pipes.ips
2. Patch itemfix.ips
3. Rename dsc file to ROM name
4. Insert Map16 tiles with F3, save with F9
The dsc file will label the tiles correctly in LM
5. Use CMD and execute pipe installer

A few things I ran into were things like, item bar fix not working if it was applied before pipes, the scrolling pipes (pipes.bin) not working if applied before patches and graphic etc. You may have success with it another way, but I didn't. So if you do end up with issues like I did, try this method. I'm guessing there presence in the game is still not flawless, so there may be some issues.

FINALLY and least frustratingly, pipes have an invisible tile that must be laid to work correctly. Eg, tile that allows Mario to exit from a horizontal blue pipe, etc... Make sure to rename the dsc file to exactly the same as your ROM and place it in the root directory of all of LM's files. Like said above it will tell you what the tiles actually do, instead of just, grey cement block.
I'll have some hard levels for you guys soon.

See this pic, I can't get image tags to work. All the pieces for that curve are there, I've highlighted them in red for you. It's reccomended to reconstruct the tiles in an easy to select place, like I have done in the blue box. You can also see the final result below.

Oh well...
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