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So, most places I go, [ img ] insert link here [ /img ] is good enough for images to be shown in the thread. But here for some reason, I only ever get the "failed" X. Is ther some kind of size cap, of trick to getting them working here? I personally use, maybe the problems there, I don't know. But yeah, any help is appreciated.
Bingo! Thanks man...
Download IPS file here


Mirror -


Title - Super Douche Bros.

So welcome to my first hack ever. I started out much like everyone else, just messing around seeing what I could actually do. I ended up learning most of the basics in Lunar Magic and this is the result. It's a game which is currently in development and I still have a lot I want to mess around with, but seeing as the current build I have could be released to the public, I decided to spruce it up a little and release it as a mid way version to my next, more serious build.

So yeah, Super Douche Bros. is basically my concept hack, it's been put together as a means for me to learn Lunar Magic and while it is my first hack, is a notably sized demo. My intentions were to make a hard game and I always will be making a hard game. But I also want it to appeal to everyone, so I'm trying to find that balance between frustration and fun.

It's designed for the advanced player and while a lot of fun loving players might be turned off by it's difficulty, I can guarentee that it wont be as difficult next time around. It's hard for me to get an even balance in such a short game, a lot of my ideas are compact so it might be easy one minute and really frustrating the next. The more levels there are, the easier it is to get a nice balance and the less I can depend on advanced techniques for completion.

The players are what counts here, no matter what you're looking for, so don't feel like I've ignored you with this hack. 2.0 will be more serious, better laid out and full on Kaizo type levels will be optional. My main goal is to create a game that ranges from easy to very difficult, but like I say with only eight levels it's hard to condition the player slowly like I want. 2.0 will be the first step to resolving this issue as it'll be at least twice the size.

The story is just filler for now, I'll be coming up with a more Mario themed story for the next release. But for those interested, here's the prologue for this game.


After his last encounters with Bowser, Mario became freaked out by the whole ordeal. He became so freaked out and scared of the world, he resorted to spending his time bumbing around the house with Yoshi, acting like a total douchebag, while Princess does all of the house work! One day, in a whiff of inspiration, Mario decides to go out of the house and conquer his fears of the world. But on his return, he's shocked to find that the Yoshi's have been imprisioned and Princess has been kidnapped, AGAIN!!!


Anyway, here's some screens...


1-1 Freedom Woods - Hmm, this pipe looks suspicious.

1-1 Freedom Woods - Thank god there wasn't any vertical scroll there...

1-2 Bowser Boarder - I wonder how we're going to get that key?

1-2 Bowser Boarder - Well, I don't like the sound of that...

1-3 Freedom Mines - I wonder how we get in.

1-3 Freedom Mines - Lets hope we don't get lost in here.

1-3 Freedom Mines - Well there's the key hole...

1-3 Freedom Mines - Ahh! Lakitu, give me your cloud...


But yeah, please give it a try. I'm very interested to hear your comments, good or bad, as I'm deffinately taking this further. Ultimately, you are the guys who play these games and your interests are important to me. I know what I want out of the game, but I also want to know what you guys want out of this game too.

I meant to play, sorry I missjudged the topic of this thread. Thought it was for hard level discussion... My bad...
Thanks. Please do post your thoughts. I have now submitted it on SMC so people can download it there if you wish. Link is at the top...
I have to say, the concept is impressive, very origional. I'll try this out later tonight! Saw themed Mario, who would have thought lol.
Cool. Yeah thare's bound to be one or two spelling errors. It's only a demo so hopefuly that can slide lol, but thanks for pointing that out, better keep an eye on the spell checking...
I have a few questions about SMAS. Are the FG and BG easy to move from SMAS to SMW? To me they would seem pretty similar, but I don't know too much about it. I noticed there's a few out there, but not the one's that I want. Is it easy to take the GF from SMAS? Also, I noticed a lot of the stages have multi layered backgrounds. How does that come into it? Can you still use a BG sheet without one of the layers?

I'm interested in a couple of sets (primarally 1-5) and was wondering if anyone could grab them, if it wasn't too much trouble. Otherwise, anyone got any good sources for SMAS > SMW stuff?
Yeah, all those pieces on the right, or any of the pieces on the overworld can be moved over and used as an event tile, just construct them as you like.

For example:

I redesigned and or created new tiles, in the red areas... You are somewhat limited though, big events go at the top, small events go at the bottom.

Game > Load > then browse the directories (directory) untill you find the ROM (filename). Click on a folder to move forward in the directories, use .. to go backwards towards C:/ in the directories.
Find a tool to add the header to the ROM. That's the most information I can really give you...
Take this to advanced hacking, it most likely requires ASM...
Actually I have a couple of questions on this subject. Firstly, what does it mean by "is this a Hirom file?" Also what does it mean about dissabling static RAM?
In the pic titled "Ghost House I wonder what's in that block..." Seems possible to spin jump on the Boo's, hit the block and carry on without the need to activate the switch palace...
I don't know, I'd honeslty reccomend doing it your self. Group hacks can work well, but not all of the time. It leaves opertunity for too many ideas, from too many people and often it wont work well. Of course, if someone's just making an overworld, it'll probably not be the same case. But when you're working on your own hack, it's nice to see the designs the origional creator came up with. It deffinately makes the hack feel more complete, in a sense that all the ideas and inspiration came from the same place.

Unfortunately I wont help you, but someone else might. Sounds interesting though, will look forward to seeing it when you complete it. :)
^That sounds feasable... Worth checking out as yeah, some tiles and sprites don't work on boarders...

Is the missing tile piece solid to touch in game?
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