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Any and all fan judging/criticizing greatly appreciated!

Edit: new version of the level
Edit2: even newer version and post
Thanks for judging my level, glad to hear the level isn't worst world tier. I have already started working on a newer version of the level in which most of your criticisms have been addressed. It would be nice if you could re-evaluate the level after I upload it.

Also, I am familiar with the climb and grab 'exploit'. I just thought other people might not. I have already changed that so it's fine.
Thanks for reviewing my level, I am planning on fixing most of the issues mentioned in a newer version.
Yep, those windows are ugly, do these ones look any better?
Hello, I just updated my level and I was wondering if you could judge it. Be as harsh as you would like.
I think it might be easier to just have a thread like this. I know I already uploaded my level a while ago, but I have changed some things and this way it is easier to comment on levels now that the fan-judging threads have been un-stickied.

Anyway, here is my level for VLDCX:

Tower of Brass

Feedback appreciated! You can say whatever you want, but please try and stay constructive.
Unrelated question: Who decides which levels end up in what overworld map in the final hack? I know the top 10 obviously end up in the best world and the worst levels in the worst world (although that didn't seem to be the case in the vldc9 rom?), but what about the others? Do the judges also give their opinion on the fitting world or is that something the overworld creators have to come up with?
Shouldn't worst world be a bit more... lighthearted? I actually think playing bad levels can be funny sometimes.

...That does look cool though...
Munchers are fine, but I think they are more just an aspect of bad level design, so they shouldn't be the main focus of the map imo.

Well to be fair, most levels end up in worst world because they're bland and uncreative... which doesn't make for an appealing overworld map.
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Munchers belong in worst world.

Don't worry, no one actually thinks munchers are a sign of bed level design. It is rearly more of a running joke, not just in smwcentral, but throughout mario hacking. Worst world also isn't meant to emphasize the badness of the levels in any way, but to add to the hilarious and fun experience of those who are playing the collab hack. We aren't actually trying to criticize or make fun of bad levels.

Yeah that.
I just think making the world look like hell makes it seem like those levels are horrible abominations, which they (hopefully) aren't.
Originally posted by leod
It definitely won't allow for freedom. All levels in the same world have to be in the same ROM (since we are using multiple SA-1 ROMs), so they can't just be switched per-overworld.

Guess that explains the loading times when you walk between worlds in the vldc9 rom.
I was mostly confused by the fact that some low ranking levels didn't end up in worst world back then (I already looked up why that was the case).

So the judges determine in what world each level belongs, while the ow creators then design a world based on those restrictions.
I'm sorry if i came across as overly negative on the proposed worst world themes. That wasn't my intention.

Well, I don't mind the hell theme per se, I'm just not sure on the whole 'super sp00py' thing.
This sounds like a fun contest. I might give this a try when I have some free time. And if the judges think a newbie like me can't make a decent level then my level can just be removed from the compilation.

Noob question: I remember there were some sprites that were used a lot in many hacks like hammer bros, boomerang bros and more. I can't seem to find them in the 'SMW Sprites' list. If anyone had a link to that file then that would be sweet.

Originally posted by AbuseFreakHacker
Are Double Shelljumps Difficult for beginners ?

Edit: A one word answer probably doesn't help very much, so here: If you want beginners to succesfully perform a complicated task, give them some room to learn
(I know it's kaizo, but it's frustrating to repeatedly die at a part you wouldn't even know how beat...)
Ah, the results are in! I might be a bit late but im still happy with the results (55) considiring it was my first level on this website.

If I had more time I would propably be more active here but I guess I'll just lurk and see if I can participate in any other contests or events.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated!

Originally posted by lion
A best-of compilation (Top 60) is in the works, due to the high amount of entries this year.

It's going to be a top 60 compilation? I was expecting a top 20 from what I read. Well in that case im even more happy with my results.
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