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Lakeway Odyssey UnT
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
I'd be interested to know how you'd flip everything upside down in vanilla lunar magic.

Sorry that I'm not sure the exact aspect of what you've said, it's just a manual work with different screens. (Little confusing whether it's a question or not because of my poor English.)
Wow this is SUPER creative!! I really admire how you use sprite limit!
This will make new paths for VLDC.
Here is my level for the first half.
I wanted to upload the level after fully finished, but because of some reasons, I have no confidence that I can finish it far before the deadline enough to get feedbacks and fix it after submission.
So I want to get feedbacks for the first half in advance.
Aesthetics work will be added and the palette will look like the picture below.

Thank you in advance for all the feedbacks!

I found a freeze glitch while making my level with auto scroll.
When mario is stick to right wall and there is auto scroll sprite placed in right to specific tiles far, game is freeze when I use right screen scroll next to a wall.

I solve this problem by moving auto scroll sprite one tile right but I'm still afraid because I don't know the reason why this happen and freeze is very fatal, so I don't certain that this won't happen again.
Thank you very much!
Dimension Traveling V1.15

I hope you enjoy!


Cave Story - Scorching Back
by S.N.N.

Phoenix Wright - Trials&Tribulations - ~ Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
by Masashi27

The Legend of Zelda - Dungeon
by ggamer77
Thanks so much for super-detailed feedback! Since I'm vety unecperienced(it's the 3rd level L've ever made.), especially in making detialed setsups, so these are very helpful for me! I'll try to fix the issues.

Originally posted by ECS.98
What i expected from this room was to have to enter a pipe and change the room's state pretty often, not go through 10 screens of normal platforming to only then find a pipe...

The main reason of this is because of secondary exits limit. I used too many secondary exits in reverse room and we can use up to 24 secondary exits in rule, so I could use only 4 pipes to move other side. moreover 2 out of 4 was used to explain gimmick, there was only two pipes to use. This forced me to change my plan puzzle-ish into platforming. I'm sad about it. So I tried to use conveyor-sprite interaction with platforming(inspired by StrikeForcer's VLDCX entry), but sadly it seems not excuted well...
500 second limit also gives me big pressure.(This was also reason for simplifying main room and dark room.)

Originally posted by ECS.98
maybe have the blocks unlock a Spring you need to use, for example.

This is very cool idea! But sadly It'll be ricky bevause I found that player can bring spring from reverse room... I'll try to find another setups to use!

Originally posted by ECS.98
Also, there are a few sprite limit issues near the end of the room, sometimes sprites don't spawn.

I found that grinders disapear regardless of the number of sprite. Sadly I can't find the reason why it disapears...

Again, thanks very much for this review!!

Is these setups will be okay?
Originally posted by ThumbLie
This level has many good ideas for Level design!
Especially,level fliped upside down is so cool.
also it's good to do this idea in same level of the both sides.
I love this level so much.

Thank you for playing my level and I'm glad you enjoy!

Originally posted by ThumbLie
You could see another area(enemy-moving-area)when you pushed R button in this place.

Also Thanks for feedback! I'll fix it in next version!
Thanks for detailed feesbacks!!
I'll try to fix the problems as far as time and my idea permits for me!

Originally posted by Mad Lad
One problem that I came across multiple times throughout the level was that you don't always give enough time to dodge the enemies when you come out of a pipe

That was intentional frankly. My intention was to make player to predict the reversed room with terrein, coims, enemies before entering the pipe, but it seems that the indication lacks. I'll try to find the better way!
Yes, I really enjoyed the level!
Yes, idea with playing same room by different ways using different kinds of autoscroll is really really cool! Especially I enjoyed cave maze section.

By the way, I think these(1, 2, 3 ,4) are bit hard to react with auroscrolling.