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Hello, guys. I was wondering...

How can you make a brown platform not move by itself, before Mario steps on it, and the platform just rides on the guided lines?

When I tested my level with the sprite, "Brown platform, line-guided", the brown platform moved by itself.

Are there any ASM patches, or other sprites in Lunar Magic in order to make the brown platform freeze?
Originally posted by Mathos
Use sprite 63. It's a platform that moves only once Mario steps on it, and regroups both a large checkered platform and a short brown platform (its look depends on its X position, see for yourself).

OK thanks.
You can find it either in SMW Patches, or in SMW Blocks. You may use YY-CHR in order for the platform/sprite to spin around.
Hello. I was wondering how you can insert blocks in SMW hacks now. I tried looking for BlockTool Super Deluxe, and it wasn't there.


Isn't there another new/old program I can use?
Hello guys. Just wondering... #smw{o_O}

Is there a program where I can use to change the title screen music software in Super Mario World?

If so, then can you show me how to do it?
Thanks... #tb{:]}
Alright, let me make this simple for you.

Super Mario World is an SNES game, known as, the fourth Super Mario Bros game, (in Japanese), which has been released in the 90's.

PS: This has been one of my favorite Mario games of all-time.
#tb{:p} *wink*
Originally posted by DemonMario
Originally posted by Katerpie
Have you set the correct direction Mario should walk to whenever he beats a level? And what about the events?

Yes i did but he wont walk to the derection i want him to walk!

Maybe, you set the controls wrong, or, maybe you didn't set the level exits from the doors right?
What would my dream hack be? #tb{:?}

My dream hack would be Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny.

Please. Someone just...do that for me. 0_0
Originally posted by J1mbo1qaz
Post 'em here.

Ear-rape and cancer is acceptable. (You know who you are~)

My favorite YouTube Poop's are SpongeBob (of course) from BarneyisPerverted, SinnedTradegy98, and Pie Pivotmontier -O.

Pie Pivotmontier -O is my favorite YTPer...EVER...PERIOD!!!
Originally posted by Nameless
i'm the edgiest fucker alive

xD Says the savage. xD
Is it a cool idea to insert (chiptune) .xm or .mod file songs with AddMusicK into SMW hacks for custom music?

Having SNES music being inserted in SMW Roms is cool and all, imo, but having chiptunes being put in SMW Roms is something interesting I'd like to see. #tb{:]}
Originally posted by ThePat545
it would be pretty cool but SPC and synths are like completely different iirc

What is SPC, anyway? Also, how do you use it?
What I would have improved in Super Mario World if I had created it is to have:

-Better pipe graphics
-Better tilesets
-Better Mario/Luigi graphics (imo)
-(A better pause break) Pause for a few minutes, then save what you have
-Better Yoshi physics, (such as jumping, and running)
-Custom music
-And adding Toad houses in the overworld, featuring items, and mini-games.

Stuff I "improved" reminds me of the New Super Mario World Wii game.
Hehehe... #tb{:]}
Also, you can just record Super Mario World on the OBS software, then just go to Vegas Pro, go to Properties, then find the Video's "template" section, "HDV 1080-60i (1440x1080, 29.970 fps)", and go click on that.

Then go to the Frame Rate, and change "29.970 (NTSC)" (the frame rate itself) to "60.000".

If you don't have Vegas Pro, then no worries!
Hey guys.. I was wondering...

How can you edit the overworld's map status in SMW? I tried saving it with an ExGFX file in Layer 3's Submap, and it still gets the glitched graphics.

Here is what I have.


What should I do?
Floating IPS is a new tool that can convert .bps patches (just like .ips patches) into .smc roms that can be easily opened in your SNES emulator. You can get Lunar IPS to open up .ips patches, but I would suggest getting Floating IPS because it could open up .bps.

They could've changed the "Floating IPS" name into Floating "BPS" imo
Try looking at "The Ultimate Music Tutorial v1.0" section here.
M A R I O was the first scariest Halloween hack I had ever played when I was 8 years old. Also, the Help Me one was the second scariest and weirdest one that I've ever played. #tb{:(}

Two of these hacks actually have pictures in the .txt files when you convert them.

1) In the M A R I O hack reveals a scary red face which is supposed to be Victim #1, (Iggy Koopa).

2) In the Help Me hack, all I could remember is that there was a picture of a Super Mario 64 Princess Peach model standing in front of the screen behind a grotesque drawing featuring Princess Peach grabbing what looks like Toad's head, with ghosts behind her (which kinda freaked me out a bit.) Her right arm was ripped out and was replaced at the bottom of her sleeve.

TBH, these are two of the most scariest hacks I've ever played. I still play them a year or two later, and I think they're not scary at all. Just weird and strange as all get out.
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