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Sometimes, when you download an ExGFX FG or BG, there is a palette in that folder. When you click on the palette in Lunar Magic, the custom palettes appear, and gives you the correct colors.

Until then...

I'm using the Winky's Walkway BG from DKC, and got the palette for the background (don't know about the foreground, is it really possible to rip walkways to SMW?), but when I click on the palette in Lunar Magic, the lanterns has wrong colors, and I can't use them in my hack.

What am I doing wrong?
Uhhh... Don't know which colors goes which... Somebody PM the palette to me. The one I savestated doesn't work...

EDIT: Somebody make a better ExGFX of this cause I don't know which piece goes which, 'cause they're scrambled.

EDIT2: If anyone's not doing it, I'm using Mine Cart Carnage Background...
Almost all of the files I download doesn't have MapBG. What am I going to do with these backgrounds?
This one:

But when I download this file, there's no MapBG:

NO NO NO! I know how to insert Background ExGFX to the game, but I ment this:

That's missing, got it?
*Sigh*... you guys just don't know what I'm talking about. If you don't, somebody close this CONFUSING thing!
So, that means I retype the Map16Page into Map16BG?
What do you mean their the same thing? It doesn't work!
When I set the level mode 11, it's fine in the editor. But, when I play on it this happens:

Too dark!

I changed the palette, again it works fine in the editor, but:


What am I doing wrong?

Note: I'm using a custom block: Wrong Block in my TEST level...
Here's 5 FG screenshots I want someone to rip:

1. DKC Mines:

Note: The platform under Rockkroc is not included...

2. DKC2 Libary/Fun Fair:


3. Daffy Duck: Icy Planet:

4. Aladdin: Lava Level:

Note: 3 palettes. 1: Normal Cave. 2: Lava cave. and 3: Cave at the end.

5. Aladdin: Palace:

Those are all 5. If anyone can rip these, then thay are the master of ripping ExGFX (if possible).
I watched Bio's auto level on Youtube, and I saw those Mario vs. Dk Platforms, and when ANY of the sprites touces the switch, the platforms are on.

How was this done?

Another Question:

When any sprite touches the switch, the platforms are on. But, when another sprite touches another switch, the previous platform turns off and the new platform is on.
For example: A sprite touches a Blue Switch. The blue platform is on. But, another sprite touches the yellow switch. The blue platform is off an a yellow platform is on.

How was this also done?
Well, here's my first Ghost House in my hack, called: Screamer's Crematory. Only the first part of the level is done, so I'll post some screenshots of the second area when I'm done.

Here's the screens:

The first area of the level remains a moving "Crematory". There's spikes underneath it, so, go look for a safe place.

Here's one of the safe places.

Some platforms have very little room, which is harder to land on.

Here's another small "Islands".

The rest is pretty straightforward. You just have to time the jumps on these little platforms.

At the end is a door that leads to the unfinished second room.

That's all for now.
Awesome job! That fits much like Yoshi's Island...
Thanks, Aquamentus. It looks great to me.

EDIT: Now I want it in the ExGFX section
Originally posted by GuYoNfIr3
Instead of looking for 00's in a hex editor, you could use the "Free Space Logger" in the tools section

"Free Space Logger" is not in the tools section anymore. I've been looking everywhere in the list and, guess what, none.
Gah! You also got a glitched "MARIO START"!
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