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I'd be great if someone made a patch for it so I can use it for my hack...
Originally posted by Yoshis Fan
Seriously, please post a screenshot so I can see what's going on. A screenshot of the level how it looks in Golden Egg would also be very nice.


He is talking about the flower garden (Layer 3) that's in front of the Layer 1 in level 1-1, and he wants to get rid of that.


I can tell him more specifically on how to get rid of it.

Okay, Click on the Yoshi Head, then on the one that says BG3 (it's at the tileset editor), choose a layer 3 tileset OTHER than 00 (unless if that's what you wanted...), and then viola, you have no more flower garden in front of your FG!


You may realize that when you change the layer 3 to something else, they don't act properly as they should (ie, scrolling in front of Layer 1 when they shouldn't, scrolling behind Layer 2 faster than Layer 2, Glitched graphics, etc...)!

To put the Layer 3 behind Layer 1 and 2, click on the Yoshi Head, but this time go to Level Mode, and set it to 00. And there you go! Layer 3 is behind both layers!

To let Layer 3 scroll slower than Layer 1 and 2, click on the Yoshi Head, this time in BG Scrolling Rate, and set it to either 00, 09, 0A,
or 11, and there you go. You have slower Layer 3 than Layer 1 and 2!

To fix the glitched Layer 3 graphics, click on the Yoshi Head, but go to Animation (that's what causes the glitched graphics), the first thing you see is:

(There's no animation for BG4 because it's rarely used)

This indicates the animation that it will be compatible with the correct tileset.

For example, if you want to animate the snow (snowstorm) correctly, then you would just have to look for 09, and it will say

BG1: Common
BG2: None
BG3: Snowstorm

And there you have it! I hope this helped you alot. Thanks for reading!
Originally posted by Yoshis Fan
The coordinates of the pipe?????
I need an X and a Y coordinate. I suppose you got maths at school? (XX|YY) is the format for 2-dimensional coordinates.

Did you know, that you don't have to type X#, Y# for coordinates? You can just put 7D, meaning 7 is an x, while D is a y.

Also, I still think you're a bully for saying that math thing at a school.
Originally posted by Yoshis Fan

And did you know, that coordinates of YI's objects are two-digit? So I need four numbers altogether.
Also, nice thing, that... well, I better let a matter rest...

There are four in mine. You just didn't count the zero. You don't put the zero on the first digit, only on the second digit.
4 Mosts since I've been here and I still didn't win anything.

That means nobody likes me. Oh no. And they're going to hate me more on this Mosts. :(
Originally posted by Jeorge535
I've found a bug with Object 41: Horizontal Platform in Castle. Whenever I place the object, there's always 4 stacked on top of each other and I can't size the object vertically to remove the extra ones.

That only appears in the editor. When you go to the game, there is just one platform instead of four. But I think this still be fixed.

That's right, 1,000,000,000. I would take a screenshot of it, but Chrome doesn't show all of the tabs.
Oh well. I'm making a Kaizo hack that will have STACKED and FLOATING munchers, and stuff that gets a hack removed (bad palettes, cutoff, bonuses of doom, etc), so you have to get over it.
Yay for the list of levels. Now it's easier to find a room I want to edit. Thank you so much.
I'm trying to rip BGs from Kirby Squeak Squad in DeSmuME, and whenever I go to map viewer, I don't see the BG, but I do see the FG in Main BackGround 3. Which category is the BG in, and how do I view the BG without just seeing blackness?
I don't get what that means, but that might be because I'm no expert on CCS at all. Maybe Romi can figure it out what it means.
Guess who's back from the dead and starts ripping ExGFX again!

Wario Land 4 - Pinball Zone (WIP)

Yep! I'm back from the 'almost a year' break! I'm starting to rip FGs from Gameboy Advance games! (in the past, I only ripped FGs from SNES games) Expect to see more GBA FGs from me in the future!

I see we have to post ExGFX screenshots in here now, as WhiteYoshiEgg said in the ExGFX thread.
A very quick preview on what I'm ripping:

Mickey Mania - Lonesome Ghosts (FG)

What the special thing about this ExGFX is that it doesn't require the ExGFX Revolution Patch! Watch out for the full set soon!

I'm taking a long break from GBA rips. It's too much palette replacing because you copied and paste them from Paint, and the colors appear in the wrong spots...

@Jack_Black: Awesome ExGFX you got there! Good for pyramid levels.

There are more tiles in the Map16 window, but it's pretty much complete. Now I have to test everything in this ExGFX (and maybe add in more if I missed any) before I can release it.
Originally posted by Ripperon-X
Where's the BG? To me, it looks like every single tile in the picture(excluding status bar) can be put on Layer 1, except for the pipe linked to the tank.

There is no BG. And the pipe linked to the tank is a totally different tile than the un-linked tank.
Originally posted by MarioFan22
Are you going for all of the GFX from Mickey Mania / Mickey's Wild Adventure?

Yep I am.
Both of the links that leads to the tutorial are dead. :(
I don't think they're unused palettes. And they both look bad.

The first one has red windows that don't look too good, and it has bright orange out of nowhere (you have to look very closely for that one).

The second one is way too bright (Remember the shadows and holes are the darkest), and the windows also look bad.

I was aiming for people to create and show off their new palettes, not to show off "new" palettes that are included in the game.

Been a while since I posted in this site. Woo~
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