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Hi! What used to be a small attempt to take a look at whether a VCLDX level had any secrets came out to be a small SMW hack. It's designed to teach the player some kaizo tricks, and while challenging, it tries to introduce the player to the concepts without being an ass to them.

It is heavily incomplete, and janky as hell; I'd very much appreciate advice as to how to improve it.

Screenshots ( 2x Zoom)

Download BPS file
Originally posted by Minuy600
there is a kaizo section for hacks like this

I've thought of posting it in there, but as of right now, the normal exits are barely the difficulty of kaizo hacks; however, I'm not sure what is the threshold of "kaizo"; if the community deems it too hard, I'm going to move the thread to that section.
On my most recent post, I've used CSS that allowed the user to zoom in on images by hovering over them. However, when zooming, the image naturally goes outside of the post box, since I do not want to move/reflow the rest of the elements. Is this allowed, or do I have to keep everything strictly inside the post box?

Also, can I set up my server to interact with the post in any shape or form? There's a lot of things that you can do with SVG.
Originally posted by leod
IE9 and up

There's no way for me to test on MS browsers, as I use Linux, but I never use vendor-specific prefixes that act on layout, so I guess it should look similar?

Originally posted by leod
strictly inside the box

Does that still apply if it only on hover in the root post, or opt-in via <input> elements? I want people to be able to zoom in on the images, since a 256x224 image is very tiny on a reasonable display size.
Thanks for moving the topic.

Castle of Tears is meant to be a very hard level, as the name suggests, and it will be moved much further down the line.

The hack's difficulty depends on whether you use savestates or not, and use of them is encouraged for newer players.

As for the Spiny Hideout midpoint: is there a way to give the player a mushroom without relying on an extra transition, ASM or new entities? I might be able to do something like change the level ID on the map at runtime, but right now I'm not too good at ASM editing.
EDIT: I've moved the mushroom location, holding X+right should now give you the mushroom regardless of the above.

Also, thanks for the heads up on the Pirahna Plains cheese, the rope bridge wasn't there originally and I completely forgot to check it.
Originally posted by leod
Also nay, keep it inside the box. It's not TERRIBLE if it goes over by a few pixels in edge cases, but if you design it to pop out completely, then just link it so it can be opened in a different tab.

I could just set up imagemagick to upscale screenshots 2x, I'm not sure why I'm bothering with this; the only real reason I've done it is to just show off. For now, I think I'm just going to refrain from using position: absolute.

Originally posted by Alcaro
so anyone who has that problem is probably using the browser's zoom feature already

The problem with that is that without Stylish, every image is upscaled using bicubic, and not nearest-neighbor, which looks rather muddy.
So I've taken a few to improve the hack. Recently I've become a lot more competent at ASM, and so I've decided to make more levels, including a completely new custom boss.

Here's the video of the main path (contains spoilers, obviously):


Edit: apparently the SA-1 pack I was using is not compatible with latest Snes9x, so please use either an earlier version, or bsnes for the time being. It works fine in bizhawk.
Edit 2: the latest version hopefully works fine. It still blows up snes9x-gtk, but I'm pretty sure that's the git version being wonky.
Thank you to everyone involved for organizing this. It's been a blast making an entry this year, and the entries from everybody else have been incredible. Looking forward to future contests.
You can use SMWDisX, the disassembly of the game, to alter the compressed game files while maintaining proper offsets. You can use Lunar Compress to (de)compress them using lc_lz2.
Get Rich Quick

Hi! This is a small demo for a hack where you have to collect a set amount of coins as fast as you can. The level design is standard, but you might find yourself doing a lot of kaizo tricks to save time.

Things to know:
- You can get coins from a variety of places, such as fireballing enemies, or eating them.
- You'll need to exit via any pipe to save your progress.
- You can only unlock new levels for as long as your total time within each world doesn't exceed the target time.
- Once you complete all 6 levels within the target time, you'll unlock a special stage, as well as a Grand Prix mode.

Please let me know about any issues or potential cheese.

Originally posted by trillian
phenomenal hack bestie

also bug report: the menu shows "goal: 5 coins" for world 2. other than that im just sad that you patched block duplication (though it makes sense, it'd trivialize like half of the levels)

Yeah, block duplication/double hits would make the game a lot more frustrating to play, and I want even the TASes to showcase cool mechanics.

Originally posted by MM102
You're quickly becoming one of my favorite creators for your sense of style and polish!
You've really done a lot so far to keep everything feeling fast and fluid, and your result screens and level select are very sleek. <3

Thank you! I honestly really want to make sure that SMW loses its reputation as a "janky" game, and this is my next step towards that.

Originally posted by NewPointless
Wow really cool concept. I got 1'18"40 on world 1!

Nice! The world 1 target time is 1 minute flat, so if you optimize more of your levels you'll get some bonus content.
Very nice to see more semi-open-world kaizo hacks. I'm looking forward to this.
The big problem with `rep` is that it's not obvious what its semantics are wrt other blocks. What `rep 2 : if !x` does is not very well-defined. Simply removing it in favour of a more straightforward command is a far better alternative to having a command that does something nonsensical if you use it in a context that it doesn't expect, even if it comes at a cost of slightly more verbose code.
Originally posted by Heitor Porfirio

I think it would be interesting that every time the time limit for a certain medal passes, it changes its graphics.

I will likely add the medal graphics to the status bar along with expanding the coin counter to be 3 digits.
I've enjoyed playing this! I do have one piece of feedback, though, and it's that in the final stage, having to redo the first autoscroller room every death is slightly too much. Other than that, it's quite nice, and I liked coming up with speed strats for levels. I might record a low-effort TAS of this if I have the time.

I did actually take some time to make a little TAS of this hack. It's not very optimized.

I do have some feedback after playing through it a bit more:

The yoshi coins in the "hold L to freeze yourself" level are placed in rather boring spots. The first one is trivial, but okay, and the middle one is a good challenge; however, the last one is just "wait on this platform for way too long doing next to nothing". This was big enough that I didn't consider going for those coins in the TAS after finding out that I've missed them, since they break the flow of the level quite significantly. I highly suggest you make these coins a reward for going fast and forgoing the platforms entirely.
Another thing is that the bonus room after the mole ride is basically an instant death the first time you enter. It would be nice if you had a bit more time to react and parse the actual challenge.
Other than those two things, I'd say that the gimmicks are used very well, and it was very enjoyable to play and route these levels.
Oh, I didn't intend on moving RAM addresses around; that was a mistake. However, since most ROM data is also in different locations anyway I doubt that most tools would work out of the box.

Also, the medals are a bit of a placeholder atm; I'd like to tighten them up a bit later with more feedback.
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