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I have a problem with Backgrounds.

I did it successful with ExGFX inserting stuffs.

I accidently, press F2 and Yes on Page 1 (16×16 tile editor)

So every time, when I press F3 on Whatever page, (13~1F)

The tile that appear is exactly same as Page 1.

I don't know how to avoid this problems..

Can someone help me please?


Thanks for the reply :D

I've tried it but it didn't work...

I don't get the 2 files. Where do 2 files appear?


So do I have to drag and drop those files to rom?
Hi, do you guys know what happened to Addmusic Made easy?

cause, I cannot find it.
How can I use that thing?

What do I have to do with that?
Hi :D
I have a water level (Level11) (Horizontal level)

and another water level (LevelC2) (Vertical Level)

when I get into pipe at Level11 (Destination Level: C2), nothing comes up. Just a black screen and the music (Cave music)'s tempo is a bit fast.

Can someone help me plz?

When I downloaded one BG, there was .mw3 file.

What do I have to do with that file?

Can someone tell me step by step please?

thanks :)

so is this ok!?

so for instance:


no prob^^

anyway, thanks^^

I used Layer 2 Scroll 4 Range 6.

Then, when I play that level, Layer 2 scrolls in background.

What do I have to do?

I did that.

It said, interact: yes.
When I edit a vertical level and play it, background always glitch..

how can I avoid this problem?


is there any thing like this?: Fast vertical scroll. forces vertical scroll going upwards.

I've tried that but it doesn't work.

anyways thanks!^^

I will try it then!

thanks guys!
I have a trouble in add music_e.

If I try to insert more than 4 songs, it says: data is too large...

Do I need to use Lunar Expand?


this might be a n00bish question to ask..

I don't get how to use LevelNames v2.1

It says that I have to patch "levelnum.ips".
What do I need to patch "levelnum.ips" with?
How can I patch it?

Thank you

lol yeah

okay thnx
Hi everyone!
I resumed hacking SMW :)

I just have a slight problem with overworld..

you guys know where main area is right?
I wanna set red switch palace in Main Area.
But the color doesn't match.
I can only set green or yellow switch palaces in Main Area.
What should I do to set red switch palace in Main Area?
thanks :D
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