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thnx for the reply.
I'm really a noob,, sorry
Can you be more accurate please?
Like the pallet for switch palaces..
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Change these colors:

Thanks Man!! You really helped me!! #w{=P}
Hey everyone!

I wanna include a cutscene for my romhack.
but there's a problem that encounters when I try to install ActivePerl...

Why?? What causes this problem?
and yes.. I re-downloaded the program several times and it still doesn't work..

I'm using WindowsXP SP3 32-bit (x86)
DELL Inspiron15

Can anyone help me out please??

Thank you!!


Thanks for the reply :)

Could I ask you what the "CRC error" is please?

Which version should I download?
I downloaded version 5.10 but yeah.. doesn't work :'(

okay, I will try and re-download it
It still doesn't work...


I'm using Japanese Version of Windows XP...
Is it only for "English version"..?

thank you..

oh ok..

When I unzip the .zip version,
This error message comes up "one of the files is damaged!"
something like that....

And .msi version.. yeah..
the error message above appears..


hello :)

I downloaded from this site
↓ ↓ ↓
Thank you so much Opera (;
hey everyone!

I made my first cutscene yesterday.

I followed the method..

And I tested..

The texts showed up but as soon as I press (a/b), the screen goes black... I can't go back to the overworld. (The cutscene is in level C5 which means it's intro.)

well I'm gonna post the text file that I've made yesterday.



Hello world![wait=64][erase]




so I wanted to play the music #28 so I typed it as [music=29].
I wanted to display the text "hello world" for 64 frames long (?).
But as soon as I press A or B button when "welcome" displays..
I can't return to the overworld.. the screen goes black..

what did I do wrong?

Thank you

Hey : )

I'm using ersanio's level ASM v1.3

I know how to patch it..

But there's a problem when I play the game..

After the logo "Nintendo Presents", the screen goes black and the title screen music is still played..

What did I do wrong?

Do I have to find a freespace of the rom? If so, could you please help me? That would be appreciated!!

Oh and I will post my procedure (Method) for just in case..

1) copy and paste cmd.exe to the same folder with level.asm, xkas, and my rom..
2) Execute cmd.exe
3) type "xkas level.asm smw.smc" (smw.smc is my rom)
4) Hit the key "Enter"
5) close command prompt,
6) test my hack....

If anything is wrong with my procedure.. correct it please :)

Thank you,

ok I used "free space logger"...

It worked but some backgrounds are glitched :(
Ice man...
you're a god!!
hey guys,

I have a level "C3".

And I've set the destination level as "D2".

When I try to exit the level "C3", it doesn't go to the level "D2". It warps to a test level with glitched background. What should I do to solve this problem? Any help?

thank you!


↑As you can see, everything is not messed up in Lunar Magic... The graphics aren't garbled.. it's okay..

↑But when I play it, and if I go beyond screen "10", everything is glitched up..

How would I fix this glitch? :s

Thank you!

Thanks guys! fix'd ;)

Someone can close this now.
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Originally posted by Masashi27
Someone can close this now.


Oh really? I'm really sorry.. I didn't know about that..
Thanks for noticing! I'll be careful from next time..
I'm currently making a boss sprite.
In order to kill him, you need to hit 10 shells oh him.
If he has 10HP (default HP) left, he will generate green koopa.
If he has 5HP left, he will generate bullet bill (Facing Down) and green koopa.
If he has 3HP left, he will move faster and will generate Sumo brothers's fire and green koopa.
The boss moves left and right (flips when touching a wall) for FF (255) frames. And he stops for 9D (157) frames. He generates sprites when stopping.
Question 1) So the address for HP is "1528,x" right?
Well according to iceguy's sprite programming tutorial, address "1528,x" is used for sprite's HP.

so to set the default HP:

dcb "INIT"

LDA #$0A ;10 = 0A in hex
STA $1528,x
;and so on....

Am I correct? If I'm wrong please correct me : )

Question 2) I want the shell to be his weak point.

"If the shell hits him, he loses one HP"
I just don't know how to program that.
How would I do it?

Question 3) What is the address for frame counting? + How do make a sprite stop (for a moment)?
As I mentioned, he moves back and forth for FF (255) frames and stops for 9D (157) frames. And I want the boss to stop for specific time.. How would I do that?

($xxxx)=An address that counts frames.
LDA #$FF ;|
STA $xxxx ;|moves for 255 frames
LDA #$9D ;|
STA $xxxx ;|stops for 157 frames.

I'm not sure if that's the right way to program the frame counting system but.. I just don't have a clue :s

Question 4) The death of the boss..

LDA $1528,x
CMP #$00 ;If the boss's HP is zero
BEQ MarioWins ;then branch to "MarioWins"
;so on...

LDA #$02
STA $14C8,x ;the sprite's death
;and so on....

Is that the correct way to do it?

Well, sorry for posting a very long thread but I really have an interest to program sprites ;)

Thank you!

oh ok,
thanks for the reply!
I will try and use iceguy's ultimate n00b boss! :D

Edit: But nah.. I wanna program it by myself ._.
Note: I'm not a total ASM noob.

Note2: I won't be bothered to use "N00b Boss" sprites..

Note3: I really, really need a help for this... or else, I won't be able to modify next level and I will be stuck doing this forever.. So if you know what to do.. Please reply!! >_<
Ok, I'm currently programming a sprite.
In order to kill him, you need to throw a shell at him for 10 times.
That sprite has 10HP so I typed this below the initial routine.

dcb "INIT"

....random codes.. (PHB, PHK crap..)

LDA #$0A ;|
STA $1528,x ;| Sprite's default HP is 10.

Is that the correct way to set default HP? If not please correct me : )

I have another question..

I want the sprite to spawn green koopa and Sumo Brother's Fire in every 255 frames..
So the sprite moves back and forth for FF frames and spawns 2 sprite simultaneously.. (loop of that).

LDA $0014

JSR GENERATE_SPRITE1 ;Generate Green Koopa

Is that okay? If not.. yeah if it's wrong, correct it please : )

Ok last question... I want to decrease the sprite's HP by throwing a shell at him..
How would I do that? I've been searching through this website for a day but I couldn't find the answer...

Thank you!

- Masashi27
Thanks for the reply
oh that's right! thanks for noticing.
What about the other ones?
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