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It's honestly pretty amazing how you were able to port all these just for C3 considering your tight schedule outside the Net. They're all as great as I expected and kudos to you for managing to port more than one Touhou song lol (Oh boy I spent a whole decade getting my Touhou port for Summer 2012 C3 done lol)

Make me your little undi sister!!!!!

It would be cool to play a level that uses super bomb-ombs as its main gimmick though. Good job! You're winner!
Nice work Vivi! I never really knew much about the PM services for Vilela bot, but it definitely does sound pretty useful, and I'm really grateful for all your hard work put into all this to make things more convenient.

Thanks for the comments dudes. (^^)/

Welp, because I have been kind of busy IRL the past couple days (despite having days off) to where I didn't have enough time to even get all the samples at hand, I sadly will not be able to present the third port I had planned to finish up by today.

I however have something pretty awesome to show you guys instead though!

Check out the dank beers I've had today at a maid cafe/bar in the Akihabara district of Chiyoda, Tokyo!! (Feat. Anikiti)

"Chimay Blue", a Belgian dark ale beer with fish and fries. By far one of the best beers I've ever had, and it's definitely worth the bullshit price of 980yen (the bottle itself should be cheaper outside restaurants). The ABV I think is around 9% so a bottle could get you buzzed pretty quick.

ROUND 2 (and the final round, sadly. We both have work tomorrow.. :(). This one is called Primo Hawaiian beer. I wouldn't consider this to be that great, but I still enjoyed it with pork sausages that we ordered and were served a little bit later. Anikiti, just in case you're wondering what he had there, was drinking the new castle beer.

I hope this serves well as a compensation for the lack of port though! Happy C3!!

※Please be advised that you must be at least 21 years old to legally purchase and consume any alcoholic beverage. Drink responsibly. No drunk driving.
Japanese probably is the only language I feel comfortable with using. It's a pretty challenging language to master anyway, so no time for any additional language ;) I still do need to work on my vocab and stuff though. If I were to describe my limited vocabulary as a food, it would probably be soup-less ramen and 6646 would definitely kill me for that, so yeah..

As for the languages I'm interested in learning or becoming proficient in: English, Spanish and Korean.

Hacks Accepted: 0

Hacks Removed: 13
Return Mario World Luner Editon Demo 3 by toad64 (2016-07-18)
Return Mario World Luner Editon Last Demo (1) by toad64 (2016-07-21)
Super Mario Ghost Land by PMH (2016-08-01)
Return Mario World Luner Editon Last Demo (2) by toad64 (2016-08-02)
Bowser's Airship by PMH (2016-08-04)
Super Mario World: Awesome Edition by DanTheCreator (2016-08-12)
Super Mario XL - Test Demo by Official Zero (2016-08-20)
Super Mario World but with all the vowels by Nintendo, Veck (2016-08-22)
Super Mario World but 2: no consonants by Veck, ieo (2016-08-22)
Super Mario World but 3: OOPS NO LETTERS by Nintendo, Veck (2016-08-22)
supermarioworld-ish by uhhhhhseimmysimmy (2016-08-24)
I HATE YOU by Ersanio (2016-08-27)
Super Mario Hack by OmegaYoshi (2016-09-18)

Total Moderated: 13
Don't really got any preference for eye color. My brown eyes are kk enough.
First hack removal log in 3 and a half years.. v(^^)v

File Name: Return Mario World Luner Editon Demo 3
Submitted: 2016-07-15 04:42:05 AM by toad64
Obsoletes: Return Mario World Luner Editon Demo 2
Authors: toad64
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: World 2 Is Full Done. The Game Exit Is 1+10 = 11 Exit And the Hack More New Sprites.

>>IPS Link<<

Reasons for removal:

I am sorry, but this hack (or I guess this version) needs a lot of work to be accepted.

I would say the major reason for the removal is poor palette choice. The above are what I think should really be fixed. The title screen (very first screenshot), for example, has text with palettes that do not blend in well with the rest of the objects. Try a different set of colors that look more natural. Also, I think you overlooked this, but the "64" (The number in your name) is sticking out when the title screen menu is displayed.

Yeah, as you can see above, the fire flower and all of the toads (especially the one in the right) have palettes that just do not look right. By the way, the two info boxes in toad town (the left screenshot) contain the exact same message. I'm not sure if this was intended but I think just one would be enough unless there is any special meaning to it.

The overworld also needs to be fixed too. There are so many cutoffs (ones circled in red) that just make the landscapes look overall strange. The first world (submap) also contained some minor cutoffs I think would be important to fix. Check it here.
Not really a big deal, but most of the level tiles are already revealed despite them not being accessible yet. I'm not sure if it was intended, but you might want to learn how to make level tiles appear after beating a level in case you never knew how and that's what you actually wanted.

Also the level circled in blue (or purple, whatever) is nothing but Donut Plains Secret 1 with a slightly brighter BG (?) and the "Boss defeated" music played as background music. Please be advised that levels must be completely original.

The hammer bros in this screen can get up above the ceiling. Might want to lift the ceiling a bit higher there or make it concave shaped to avoid this kind of problem.

This donut block cannot even be jumped on properly. Mario will just fall through the block as the jump button is pressed, and this makes one of the Yoshi coins (located up in the top half of the level later on) extremely hard to obtain without a cape.
Also, the row of cement blocks placed right below the Yoshi coin in the right screenshot is on the bottom most row of the level, and this, although appears fine in Lunar Magic, is barely visible in game. Placing objects in this row is not a good idea for this reason. Lastly, this Yoshi coin is almost impossible to get without a cape (unless there is a proper way to get that I failed to find out).

This castle has quite a bit of issues too. If the player chooses to take the upper path, Mario will eventually end up with the great munchers of death just as shown in the above screenshot. It's always not a great idea to force players to take damage, so I would suggest you get rid of them, and also add coins up there to indicate where Mario is supposed to land on. I would also like to note that the player can easily skip this area simply by taking the topmost path above the cement blocks.

A couple of issues here. Firstly, just setting the "act as" value to 132 (brown block that turns into coin right when P switch is pressed) will not automatically change its graphics to coins. You will have to use ExAnimation for this.
The second issue is how the Bowser boss here can also be beaten with fireballs, but the only way to end the level is by hitting the P-switch. I recommend you either make the level end when the boss is offscreen (will have to know a bit of ASM) or replace the P-switch (the sprite) with this custom block, and use this sprite to end the level, so no ASM needs to be dealt with, hopefully making your life easier. It might be a hassle but I recommend you try the latter.

There are quite a lot of noticeable grammatical/spelling mistakes too. I am not sure if English is a language you're comfortable with, but try to proofread or get someone fluent in it to proofread before submitting anything.

Pretty interesting custom sprite here! It sadly has a flaw where it slides endlessly to the opposite direction it came from when spin attacked with a cape. This is a really cool sprite so do fix it!

The world 2 level "Ghost in the run" is pretty much a minor edit of Donut Ghost House from the original, and the info box at the beginning contains an incomplete sentence. Also, one of the two exits (I'm assuming it's the main exit) leads nowhere on the OW. Why bother having more than one exit if there is only one, single path available after beating it?

Also "Toad town 2" is side-exit enabled, making it a "resting area" (?)-ish level. If this is not a regular level, you should make the next level already accessible after being the previous level, so you wouldn't have to place any goal in it. It looks really out of place.

My recommendation for you would be to either make a thread about this in the WIP forum to gather as much feedback as possible or get at least a beta tester and perhaps a proofreader for any palette issues and all the info box messages respectively. Also, the correct spelling for "luner" is "lunar" unless it's meant to be like that.

Good luck!
File Name: Return Mario World Luner Editon Last Demo
Submitted: 2016-07-18 02:18:03 AM by toad64
Obsoletes: Return Mario World Luner Editon
Authors: toad64
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: World 3 Is Full Done. The Game Exit Is 1+20 = 21 Exit And the Hack Got New HDMA And A New powerup!
>>IPS Link<<

Reasons for removal:

The major issue here that pretty much explains the removal is how the player is not able to move to the second castle after beating its previous level "Sleepy Step", if and only if the secret exit of "Ghost in the run" is beaten. I have taken a peek on LM to see what was going on and it seems like the event settings for "Ghost in the run" were what caused the issue. Due to this, I had to move Mario's starting position to the second castle in order to test the newly added levels. Either get rid of the secret exit in the ghost house level or redo all of the event settings from scratch. You have the order kind of messed up.

Whoa... Am I fighting against a P-switch now? Yeah, the whole point of a boss fight is to beat the boss and end the level (..or advance to the next area, whatever). If you're using a sprite/Level ASM code that ends the level after completely eliminating all sprites on a screen, read the previous removal log and use this block.

I should have mentioned this in the previous removal log, but placing these chasing goombas behind the trees (or any object really) would kind of be unfair for those who are completely new to the game, as there is absolutely no indication (other than intuition I guess) of them being placed there, making players inevitably take a hit.

I see how you've edited the main OW but unfortunately there are a couple things that must be fixed. The left one I am not quite sure if that part was intended to be a slope but it just looks.. not right. I would just recommend keeping the height exactly the same throughout the entire island.
The screenshot on the right has a perspective error. Check the blue and red double headed arrows I've indicated on the screenshot. See how they have different lengths despite being part of the same island? It definitely does not look like a slope, so make sure the landscapes are all free of perspective issues that were quite apparent in this version.

Also, when Mario beats the second castle, this happens in the Overworld. Make the very first path in World 3 (Pipe to "Fire Caveren") already visible so no event needs to be triggered after beating W2 castle. This should prevent the weird path from appearing right in the middle of nowhere. And yes, the correct spelling for "Caveren" is "Cavern".

Be sure to have an appropriate tileset (SP4=3 or 5) when using an ON/OFF switch so the graphics shown when Mario hits it aren't anything weird like this.

Poor hammer bros placement. If you absolutely want him up there, place a ledge or something underneath the ground so he won't just fall down like this.

Okay 2 things to note here. First of all, pressing x to fly is not valid information unless you're playing it on a keyboard using ZSNES.. Yeah, make sure all the controls correspond to the actual SNES/SFC controller to avoid this type of confusion.
The other, not so important but would be nice to take care of, thing is the feather graphics, which I think should be changed to something else (possibly a cap using ExGFX or something) so anyone new to this game won't confuse it with a feather (cape Mario powerup). I also think it may be a good idea to remind players of the time limit for the cap.

Move the thwimp a bit to the right. Try to spot as many sprite placement issues as possible while testing.

Mario is able to penetrate that slanted pipe pretty darn nice and sexy..! 8) Nah, try to design levels using objects from the Standard/Tileset Specific/Extended objects menus as much as possible rather than the DM16 menu to minimize this kind of problem.

I am wondering what this little corner in "water world of beef" is particularly for. I wouldn't call this a problem or anything but just wondering. Also, I don't think you would really need 2 P-switches there (not visible in the screeenshot), it feels like just 1 would be enough to get up there.

After having tested this, I can conclude that you did not really test much before submitting. There are a lot of problems (palette issues, grammar/spelling issues, OW issues, so on and so forth) that just are not acceptable here. Please also read the removal log for the previous version over and over to get an idea of what you need to work on overall, too. Furthermore, consider using sprites other than hammer/fire/boomerang bros more in your hack, as I think 90% of the sprites that appear in your hack are solely them, and it's kind of lacking variety.

I will repeat myself but if you are uncomfortable spotting any errors/glitches on your own, you are always welcome to ask for help in the forums or even post a thread about not only this, but any of your hacks in the WIP forum to gather as much feedback and advice as possible.
Programming can get you tons of cash tho, but it is a pretty competitive field that you really need to know your stuff before even considering it as your career. ...but I guess it really all depends on what exactly you're doing and how the environment of your workplace overall is.

..I do major in Computer Science however so if I really were to go for IT related jobs in the future, I really need to start building up my portfolio of what I'm capable of to demonstrate my skills.. Not even 2 years till graduation so I better really start like right now >_< I'm currently all focused on college though so I am not sure yet as to what kind of career I would like to go for. Most likely IT companies perhaps in Japan but I just don't know yet. I might all of a sudden become interested in working for a company in an entirely different field so yeah.
Yeah that's quite a massive bump.. but this thread still sounds like a pretty interesting topic to discuss now with a whole new group of users so I'll leave it open.

I've got one big brother and that's it. I could have potentially been the only girl with 50-50 chance (Genetics 101 ftw).
File Name: Super Mario Ghost Land
Submitted: 2016-07-20 01:09:14 PM by PMH
Authors: PMH
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Mario adventure to Ghost Land. SPECIAL NOTE YOU MUST REMEMBER: When you complete the first level ( Level Ghost House ), you have to move to the next level manually. ( Secret exit also do it). Always remember this. I don't know how to fix that.
Be careful: Final level ( Screenshot 5 ) be careful with invisible "hand" of torpedo ted.
That is all note. Have fun.

>>IPS Link<<

Reasons for removal:

This hack has a lot of flaws which I think you should go and ask for feedback on the forums before resubmitting, if you seem to have any trouble fixing them.

Poor choice of palettes. Try to use ones that look more natural (By natural, I mean ones that go well with the rest of the colors used on the screen AND of course ones that just don't look.. weird at all). The one on the right I would say is borderline. If the hack is "ghost"-themed, probably make the background darker for better color coordination with the foreground. The palette for the FG right now just looks a bit odd given how bright the BG is so.

This goal sign and this mud/lava also are examples of 'poor palette choice'.

Glitched graphics for the upside down piranha plants. Make sure you have a tileset (ExGFX) that provides the correct graphics for them.

Yeah, you've got a lot of sprites with messy graphics most likely due to the wrong tilesets. Test your levels thoroughly to spot any graphical error like these.

Some of your sprites disappear just as shown in the above screenshots most likely due to the incorrect sprite memory values. The easiest way to solve this would be to apply this patch. Read the instructions carefully.

..neet? Does Mario have to be unemployed, untrained, and uneducated to get past this point? Yeah, you mean "need". A lot of messages in this hack had a good number of noticeable grammatical/spelling errors which I think should definitely be fixed. If English is not a language you're comfortable with, try to find someone proficient in it to proofread.

This is something very minor but I'm still going to bring it up since it bugged me a bit. As you can see in the right, Mario is still partly visible even though he is supposed to be descending the chimney. I know it's not really part of the removal reason but I still think it would be nice to, I guess, widen the chimney (or whatever it's called) object to completely hide Mario, so it doesn't look all too strange when going down.

What I find odd in this submap is how the palettes are overall 'bright' when the hack is supposed to be all "ghost"-themed, using mostly dark colors. Most of the levels here have dark FG/BG yet the submap is not designed in the way that fosters that kind of atmosphere. To explain this more clearly, think of a desert submap with snow/ice-themed levels. Quite a mismatch right? Definitely redesign your submap and also make it look less flat.

Also check out the blue circles I've indicated in the screenshot (Also the blue circles in this screenshot, and the red circle in this screenshot). See how the tiles are cut off? I know it's super minor but they could affect the overall quality of your hack depending on how often they appear, so do also keep those in mind while testing.

..and yeah an invisible platform starts vanishing after beating the second one. Doesn't look all that right so please find a way to fix this.

As I've mentioned in the beginning, if you find all or most of what I've pointed out here challenging to fix, you are always welcome to ask for help on the forums. I recommend making a thread on your hack in the WIP forum so you can easily get feedback and advice on what to do to improve. Also, for the issue of how the player has to manually move to the second level after beating the first, did you ask for help in this forum?
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