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Definitely traveling. I seem to be enjoying a whole lot whenever I go on a trip by either train or car. Road trip sounds pretty cool but I need to earn all the cash to be able to afford rental car service first..
ここでウロウロはしてますが僕も改造自体はもう長い間やってないですね.. 創作意欲がまずないので。何か作ろうとしても3日坊主で終わってしまうのが見え見えでやる気が一向に湧かないというか..
It really all depends on what kinda gimmicks I use but I guess it also has to do with how much stuff I put in each, single screen. So I guess for most of my levels, the more linear (Like how most SMB levels are structured) they are, the more # of screens they each take up. Kind of to prevent things from getting too lopsided.
Display Case for Nes Boy!
Originally posted by 33953YoShI
Best friends for me are a group of individuals I find myself to truly respect. Not gonna list their names here for reasons but to get some kind of idea, they're pretty much users I can converse solely with crappy inside jokes that are absolutely nonsensical I don't even know whether or not they belong in any particular language.
This really is some great news, you definitely deserve it, and I am 100% sure that your continued hard work now as an administrator will bring loads of positivity to this website in the future. Absolutely something to look forward to.
File Name: Super Mario Hack
Submitted: 2016-09-04 07:06:17 PM by OmegaYoshi
Authors: OmegaYoshi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A hack I made as a side project from
Mario's Final Quest. This hack focus
was to make levels where each level
has a completely different gimmick,
using only resources found on the Central.

There is a plot, but it's basically "bowser jr kidnaps
peach so mario go save her" type stuff.

Anyways, got little time to spare, but want to
play a game in the meantime? Then this just might
be the hack for you.

>>IPS Link<<

Not a bad hack overall, but a bunch of things need to be solved/fixed before any of us can accept it.

A big portion of the removal reason comes from the level "Minecart Madness". Take a look at the screenshots and comments below:

I have no clue where you grabbed the DKC2 skull cart sprite from (or you coded it, whatever), but this still needs a whole lot of work. The main problem here is the poor clipping/hit box, where as seen in the left screenshot, Mario could take damage (The falling mushroom from the item box should indicate it) even though it appears in the game that he is not in contact with anything. This makes most of the enemy sprites difficult to avoid. The right screenshot should also show the flaw in object interaction. This kind of does too, although it may just be the incorrect positioning in the graphics routine.

Other flaws spotted:
- Mario's appearance while on the cart does not correlate with his actual power-up status (Small Mario while riding even though he's actually big, for example). Might want to fix that.
- Bad midway gate animation. Pretty self-explanatory here. Also, the bar reappears after re-entry. Avoid constructing levels directly from Direct Map 16 Access window. I honestly think the midway gate here is unnecessary though. The level isn't too long/complex (structure wise) enough for it to warrant a midway point.
- This could happen if the player steps on the red koopa quick enough that the released shell hits the cart. This should definitely be fixed, as it allows Mario to freely traverse the level, which I'm sure is not the intended to way to beat.

Some OW suggessions I thought would be nice for you to consider: You may want to make the level tiles appear upon events. I understand that this whole process could get pretty tedious, but it could be a good practice to always follow, so say in one of your future hacks, you actually have the way to hide a 'secret' level you don't want players to easily find.
Also something very minor, but I would get rid of the layer 2 path tiles circled in green in the right screenshot. Just so it looks neater with no overlapping.

I'm usually not too picky about big Mario discrimination, but at least make it beatable. The problem here is Mario must be small in order to get past this point without having to take the path underneath the ground (which sure, is 'beatable', but I'm sure that is not how you would want your levels to be played).
I'm sure you're aware of this as you attempted to prevent it by forcing Mario to lose his power-up (obtained from the previous level) at the beginning, but you seem to have forgotten the existence of the item box too. Do something with that, and you're golden.

You have to find a way to somehow spawn the throw blocks infinitely, so the player won't virtually get trapped here by running out of the blocks to attack the boss with.

I am not sure whether or not this was intended, but making every single ledge a block of turn blocks just doesn't sound like a good idea. It could be another form of big Mario discrimination where it pretty much forbids spin jumping, as it could break the blocks that are absolutely necessary to proceed. If this was meant to be a gimmick, then I would recommend having some kind of cement blocks once every 2-3 screens as checkpoints.

The final boss has quite an bit of issue too. Most of it, I would say, is quite similar to the one observed in the skull cart sprite I've pointed out earlier, where the hitbox is slightly off. The screenshot above should explain it all. Whenever the player tries to jump onto the boss, because of this issue, he could actually fall straight through it and instead take a hit from the side, which is kind of unfair. Also, not really a big deal I guess, but whenever the boss's vertical position aligns with Mario's, the boss turns around every frame, making the animation look messy. I have no idea who coded this sprite, but it just contains a lot of bugs that I think must be fixed so yeah, contact the author, get it tested by other users, e.t.c..

For the first level (where everything except the background is black), while there were no unfair situations (of where for example one of the objects was an instant kill block), I am still not quite sure if painting the status bar black too was a good idea, as it sort of makes all the important information like remaining time difficult to read for some players.

Anyway yeah, most of the issues in this hack come from the buggy skull cart sprite, so do fix it (and of course the other issues pointed out) if you intend to submit this hack again. Keep in mind that you've got the forums to ask for beta testing too, if you're not sure whether or not it's ready for resubmission.
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