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Okay thnx for the reply :)

And how would I enable it?
Yeah.. I actually wanna enable the movement...
my bad :'(
Hey everyone!

I am trying to insert S.N.N's Hornet Hive theme to my romhack.
And it requires N-SPC patch..
But when I play the level with that music, sound CPU crashes (The sound mutes after all).

I will tell you guys what I've done.

1) download MORE.asm (and MORE.bin)
2) Drag and drop the files (MORE.asm and .bin) to the same folder as my xkas).
3) D&D the rom file (.smc) to the same folder as my xkas.
4) execute "as.bat" (oh yes, I have pointed out the freespace..)
5) Now insert it with addmusic (carol's addmusic.)
6) Ok everything is cool. let's play the level :D
7) What the...? Sound is muted :/

What have I done wrong?

-Thank you guys!
hmm okay. I will try and use xkas GUI.

I'm not sure :/

Edit: it didn't work...
Someone gotta help me... :/
k I'll try that :)
Search that keyword through this website.
It still doesn't work...

Can anyone tell me how to patch it by step by step? (I'm using carol's addmusic cuz it r0x0rz)

Sounds get messed after patching...

Thank you..
hmm... this is really odd...
It worked perfectly with a clean rom..
But it doesn't seem to work with a modified rom..
why is that?

When I start the game (modified one), the screen goes black and the emulator (ZSNES) leaves a message "SPC700 STALL DETECTED"

*sigh* is my rom corrupt or something?
I hope not ._. *sob*
Open your hex editor. (If you don't have one, go to the tools section and download one. I recommend you to use translhextion).

press Ctrl+G and type in this number: 6436
and press enter.

That should jump to the offset 0x1924.

Originally posted by ROM Map
01924 $00:9724 1 byte Music Intro screen music

Simply change the number to the number of your desired music. Don't forget to save it when you close the program :P

And test it.. That should work...

If you're still having trouble, let me know.
Ok.. so for example if you wanna play "water level" theme for your intro screen, all you have to do is: open up lunar magic and hit the "music box" and check the number.

^Right.. so our number is 03...

Drag and drop your rom file (.smc) onto your hex editor.

(After you Ctrl+G'd)→Now type in the number "6436"

Now check the bottom of the window. If it says: Offset 6436=0x1924 then, you're on the right track! :D

Replace "13" with "03" (Remember that 03 is the water level theme!)

Then save... and try it.

If the water level theme is played in the intro screen, then.. yeah! everything is cool :)

Unfortunately, I have no idea with the modification of the bowser musics... sorry..
Try looking through the ROM Map! you might find your answer :D

Problem Solved!: Silly Joey... XD
I forgot to convert the PC Rom offset to SNES offset XD

Thanks everyone for helping me! :D

See ya!

- Masashi27 aka Joey : )
I think.. There's going to be about 80 levels (at least) in my romhack..
I just wanna make sure but is there enough levels?

Thank you,
hmm.. okay

Thanks for the reply :)
which means, I can edit 95 levels..
oh cool :D
There might be a problem on your computer..
Yeah.. I had the same problem with this dude once..
I solved the problem by using a software called "System Restore".
Why don't you try using that program?
That software can be found in the "system tool" folder.
Hey legendaryMMAT, your .ips file is broken.
You should fix it immediately :P

^My latest level "Dead Sea" featuring brightness HDMA effect!

That's the entrance!
@GN: thanks :D
yeah.. I think I could have added more obstacles.
This stage is divided into 4 parts!
First Area: Ordinary water level
Second Area: Ghost water level
Bonus Area: Sunken ship
Final Area: Goal
Boocircle09: Wow! dude your hack sounds awesome :D
hey guys!

I have a problem with an overworld..
The problem is that Mario doesn't move automatically when the level is beaten.
Level number is 112.
This is the level settings:
Level 112 is in World 7..
Are there any other ways? :s
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