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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and I already have a question:
I'm trying to insert the "Switch palace slopes" ExGFX into my Rom.
I pressed the yellow mushroom, then the red poisonus mushroom and set the FG3 to 80 (the name of the .bin file is ExGFX80.bin) and pressed ok. then I opened up the 16 x 16 Tile Map editor and pressed F3 in page 3. And here comes the problem. I get an error mesage saying:
"Couldn't load a page of Map16 data from file!"
But I have both the Map16Page and Map16PageG iles in my ExGFX folder.

What's wrong? :(
Yes, I renamed them the right way.

Now I managed to insert them, but they look glitched.


Edit: In the 8x8 Tile Editor they look OK.
Originally posted by Dinomar
do you inserted the ExGFX in the right place?

the switch palace slopes must inserted in BG1. the creator had to specify.

Now I understand! I putted it in FG3!!!
It works fine now!
Just edit the palettes.
Put Giygas as a secret boss.
Originally posted by NiGHTS88
Originally posted by Super Mario 64
Put Giygas as a secret boss.

But Mario wouldn't be able to grasp the true form of Giygas's attack!

What about a "pray meter", that fills up only when Mario isn't moving at all?

The battle would just be Mario trying to evade Giygas' attacks while filling up the meter.
Once the meter is full, Giygas is PWNed.
I would like to request the music from level 1 of Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (SNES, Genesis, PC.)
The PC version is the best one.

Originally posted by Doomdragon
Yes I'm making a custom boss based on a GFX edited Chargin Chuck (Like in mario oddysey).

What part of the code do i have to edit to

a). Change the HP, and

b). Change the x speed of when he's charging?

It's just not immediately obvious in the asm file.


a)You can find the hex code in the ROM Map section of this site.

b) I would like to know too, because I'm making a boss out of a chargin'chuck too.
Out of 10:

Power: 8
Defense: 8
Speed: 5
Agility: 3

Someone else had my idea!
I did a level like yours in my hack, I didn't copy, but you have the "surprise effect" now, and when my hack will be submitted, I will get lots of "OMG YOU COPIED F-MARIO!!!!!!1111ONEONEONE" comments. :(
You should make the last level take plaace in "the blue screen of death".
Aww... I need the beta goomba and beta koopa GFX...
I use this one:

Saitek P990 Dual Analog.
I know I already said this before, but could you send me your beta Koopa GFX? I need them for my hack.
I'll obviously put you in the credits of the game.
Thank you :)

How can I change that screwed-up palette pipe to a green pipe (NOT by changing palette)?
Ok, problem solved!