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Oh yeah! My hack hasn't been rejected!
I'm really, really happy :)

Super Mario SuperStar is my first SMW hack.
This demo contains the first world (I spent about three months on it).

Here's the Link for the hack's page. Screenshots can be found there.

Please comment, and report ALL of the glitches, errors etc. you find.
Thank you all :)

Oh, one more thing:
Originally posted by Mip

Is it supposed to be that dark? Also, bad FG palettes.

Yes, it is supposed to.
@Afrivan: That's not my fault, I used the castle levels entrance.
@Fuji-San: But it isn't a normal remake. That level is a collection of the first bits of the first levels in SMB, SMB3, SML, SMW and NSMB.
Originally posted by Doomdragon
I was impressed with the boss of ??? castle. 9Just so I don't ruin it for anyone ;D)

I'm curious. How did you increase the health of the sprite it's absed off? I've been trying that for ages with no success...

You can find the hex offset in the ROM Map page of this site ;)
World 2 OW map:


Zelda enemies!
You mean that you can't move?
Just input the same keys for controllers 1 and 2 to control P2 with P1's controller.
It's that stupid Luigi block's fault >:(
Originally posted by UnknownToaster
On the level: Mama Luigi lake, It wont let me take the yoshi through the pipe, i hold it and bring i through the pipe and on the other end of the pipe the yoshi dissapears o.o
That's because I don't want the player to take Yoshi with him in that level.
"Show me ya moves!"
"All toasters toast toast!"
Is it possible to start levels and die as big Mario?
I do not want normal mario to show up in my hack.

Also, can I make fire mario throw footballs like the chargin'chucks do?
The football power-up in the patches section is a baseball :(
The point is that I want the footballs to be 16x16, while the baseball is 8x8.
How can I make Yoshi's special mesage appear when a BABY Yoshi is on the screen instead of a regular Yoshi?
Problem solved :)

This thread can be locked.
Originally posted by Bloop!
Hmmm... I'm assuming that you don't know asm

And you're right, sadly :(
Anyway, i solved the Big Mario thing, now I need help on the football...
Sorry, but Super Mario Superastar is the title of MY hack.
I'm trying to create a cutscene, but I can't manage to do it right :(

This is how the level looks in LM and the tilemap I created.

And this is how it looks ingame!

the layer 2 letters seem to be 1 tile lower than the rest, so I tried to raise them up...


Please, help me!
I had to press the Change other properties button, not the Mario head :)

Thank you a lot, WYE!
I have a level that starts from level 105, then it goes to level 106 via a teleport block. Is it possible to restart the level from level 106 when the player gets a midway point bar? I tried but Mario dies immediately when I enter the level....